Saturday, November 19, 2016

Random Fuzzy

I wrote in my previous post:
He's had time for 2 or 3 visits with the children since the case was closed, interrupted and limited by his Allied commitments.  That may not yet be enough, but with all the help and guidance they are now receiving, they've probably already made good progress.   The children themselves may be eager for a return to the family life they knew especially during times of celebrations.

"All sides are committed to healing the family."

The child experts are on hand and the legal agreement is in place to make sure that eagerness does not lead to a rushed process.

From the very start, their use of "family" has been a big clue.   Wasser, like Robert Offer and Geyer Kosinski, could have used "children" instead of "family" -- but they all used "family."  Brad is part of the family.

I don't think the whole family celebrating together goes against the commitment to supervised visits if all sides wish it.

It would just be part of the process to gradually ease him back into the children's lives. 


Hello reported that the video she sent to the ICC  "has since been removed from Twitter."  I would guess they asked the person who originally shared it to remove it because it was not intended for public release and there are nonsensical attempts to link it to the divorce case and the abuse investigation (such as the attention-grabbing lead from HuffPo below).   They are sensitive about allowing any such false perception to persist so they acted quickly to quell it. 

The action is actually more a defense of Brad since they want to avoid reminding people of the abuse investigation and want to disabuse people of the notion that it is an issue between them.  The video itself just reinforces Angelina's commitment to children's causes worldwide and without the attempt to link it to Brad, she would have no reason to have it taken down.


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  1. Fusdy, I wondered if you'd gotten wind of this. HP is a site I frequent daily and today put of the corner of my eye I saw the pic of Angelina Jolie and that ugly wrong headed BUT! "it'll get us some traffic" heading and needless to say I was livid. The implication was already there and so I went no further than the heading. It's jacked up that there are those who deem it more important to do harm first and only after consider the damage. So glad AJ shut it down.

  2. Didn't proof read this...duh. laptop got wet and on a itty bitty tablet.

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