Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Random Fuzzies

To continue from my earlier post looking at their most recent statement, I will repost here some of my late thoughts.

Since this was signed "over a week ago" they released the info only now to allow Brad time to file his response without people immediately questioning why it was even necessary.   But they want us to know that Brad was never concerned about custody which is why they told us when it was signed.

ET's source said "one issue is now off the table for them" - but as far as the divorce case is concerned it is the "only" issue.

AP notes that "The agreement has not been filed in the couple's divorce, and may not be the final custody arrangement governing the actors' children." -- I believe the agreement was not filed in the divorce case because the divorce case will not be having a role in their future.  This agreement will likely out-live the divorce case.

ET adds that "the 52-year-old actor will not be withdrawing his petition for shared custody, as it “preserves his rights in the future.” --  Brad isn't going to withdraw his response because custody was not the reason why he filed.  I believe it had all to do with the DCFS investigation remaining open.

AP - "A representative for Pitt declined comment." -- I have noted that for over a month they have completely shut down the flow of info and even while they were dealing with TMZ, it was Angelina's reps giving the reports.  This now is a continuing sign that Angelina's reps will be the ones reporting  on developments -- and that perhaps from now on they will be releasing official statements to all sites.

Angelina has been in control from the start when she filed so it makes sense that her reps would continue to take the lead in releasing information.

The statement also serves the additional purpose of putting an end to the "divorce and custody war" narrative that almost all gossip sites have been eagerly promoting.  

Even People is so wedded to the "custody fight" story line they promoted just hours before that they continue to raise doubts the report is true, first noting that Brad's rep had not confirmed it and then later referencing TMZ's tantrum post:
However, a rep for Pitt — who filed for joint custody of their children last week, and has not withdrawn his petition — did not reply to a request for comment or to confirm that a new deal had been reached.
edited later to reference TMZ's post:
In a new statement, a rep for Angelina Jolie says she and Brad Pitt have reached a legal agreement about the custody of their six children. But other sources close to the situation maintain the two have not reached any new agreement, nor have they permanently settled their differences and Pitt still plans to push for joint custody.
But again, it was not Mary Green who wrote this and I think as People later inevitably tries to repair its relationship with them, she will probably lead the effort.

While the statement was released to all outlets, Smith seems to have been willing to give additional "unofficial" info,  but on condition that it be without attribution:

ET has learned that this agreement is separate from the voluntary safety plan implemented by the Department of Child and Family Services that was extended last month

 “This is what Brad and Angelina have decided between each other for the children,” the source added. “The agreement is also indefinite, so there is no time frame to it, it is in place until they decide to make a change... This is a good sign, it is the first step. This means one issue is now off the table for them.”

So right now, all the sites that quoted "sources" elaborating on the "war" are scrambling because they, like TMZ and People, have been embarrassed:

Us earlier posted: 
"Brad’s filing demonstrates that he’s going to fight for the kids," the insider tells Us. "His filing shows that he is going to stand firm on sharing custody of the kids. It’s a clear sign that he’s going to fight for his right for the kids."

Lainey (who also has a fair amount on egg on her face after yesterday's post) contends this morning Brad's "sources have gone to US Weekly, E Online, the Associated Press, PEOPLE, and more, including TMZ, of course, to dispute Angelina’s version of the story."

Let's look at her claim:

I will post TMZ's first because others seem to be referencing it:

 In fact, the couple agreed to extend the temporary arrangement ONLY until the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services closes its investigation....As TMZ and other outlets reported, Brad and Angelina agreed she would have physical custody during the DCFS investigation and Brad would have visitation monitored by a therapist. That agreement was extended last week, but it is NOT a settlement.

E! --  "a separate source explains to us that the couple didn't "settle" on anything regarding their children and that there is no change in the status of their previous voluntary agreement."

Smith's statement never used the words "settle" or "settlement."  As a practical matter, it is the status quo.   This line seems to be based on TMZ's report.

People -- as noted above also references TMZ.  Although it later says:
Another source involved says that the deal referenced is not meant as a permanent custody agreement – it is in fact an independent step Pitt and Jolie agreed to while they attempt to work on a more permanent settlement.
Which is an acknowledgement that the agreement does in fact exist.

Us quotes a "a legal source familiar with the case" who said:
"This doesn't make sense in light of the fact that Brad filed for joint custody on Friday," the legal source said. "It had to be a temporary extension of the previous voluntary agreement in light of the fact he filed on Friday. His motion was actually filed with the court."
"It had to be a temporary extension"  -- "had to be"  in short he doesn't know.  He is in the dark about the agreement because otherwise he would have said it is an extension.

Us further quotes
Another source tells Us that Jolie “will retain temporary sole physical custody of the children until the investigations are closed and then they will workout custody from there."
 Which does not dispute the agreement.

Lainey also cited AP, but as earlier mentioned, AP said "A representative for Pitt declined comment." -- which is basically a tacit affirmation and not a rebuttal

Recall again that ET posted:
ET has learned that this agreement is separate from the voluntary safety plan implemented by the Department of Child and Family Services that was extended last month

So Brad clearly did not send his  “sources” to dispute Angelina’s version of the story “unofficially” or otherwise. Three of the "doubts" are all referencing TMZ and TMZ is apparently throwing a hissy fit because now they've lost their line to Angelina.

Lainey notably ignored the ET post that Brad and Angelina spoke directly more than a week ago because she wrote yesterday that they were not speaking.  She obviously went to all sites but ignored what didn't support the continuing war story. Which is not the first she has done so and it damages her credibility.

But then, gossip sites need  the "war" narrative to go on.  The statement is a big let down for them just as they were gearing up to churn out more "custody war" reports.   They are still trying to find some dispute where none exists.

Lainey is at her weakest when she tries to advance a "war" story.  She does have her sources and I still think one of them promised her a scoop that led her to hold off writing anything about them for a while, but perhaps the source reneged and now she's as much in the dark as everyone else.  Because clearly whoever she spoke to recently was not giving her accurate information.

There is no question that at some point Angelina will not need sole custody and the children will be deemed safe to be with their father without restrictions.  The big question has always been when the DCFS would rule that way.  Again, the three things that I think will determine when the DCFS closes the case are:  Brad's dealing with his problems, the DCFS completing their interviews on all incidents involving Brad that they are investigating, and the children being deemed by the therapist as ready.


  1. They could have issued a joined statement at this point if they are really on the same page - pen it together that they reached that temporary agreement and that they both have the best interest of children in mind. They didn't do that, and please, there is no way that DCFS would have any objections to that. His attorney also didn't want to comment. I guess it is what it is, if they are talking that's good thing that came out of this.

    1. They can issue a joint statement when it is all over. But as it is, the DCFS investigation is still open and the divorce is still pending. Brad still has limits on contact with his children and by extension Angelina. They may agree but they're not together.

    2. Fussy seeing Brad is out doing Moonlight screening I guess he is attending the Allied premiere after all, as we'd believe The Sun LOL, looks like he has lost quite a lot of weight but I had noticed he was already doing it maybe in the preparation of WWZ2?

  2. Lainey even went further saying that her team maybe is just making this up and accuses her of making sure she released this info a day before the Allied premieres. And thinks it would be classy of Brad to walk the rc as a rebuttal for releasing this statement. Wthell? Told ya, she's always been pro Pitt, anti Jolie.

    I never read Lainey's post because i know she's FOS but since Fussy and some people here are referencing her, i did read her last post about the War and i wanted to see how she'll react to this new info because it contradicts everything about her post on friday, and i was right. Blames Jolie for it. Still pro Pitt. So i think we all can stop acknowledging her made up source. She knows nothing just like the rest of us.

  3. Lainey is just like every other tab Pitt basically can do no wrong when though it was his actions that caused this big mess for his family while Jolie is forever the bad one. Her sources is as credible as mine and I have none.

  4. I actually don't see Lainey kissing Pitt ass this time . She's questioning why Pitt can't put out a statement and instead uses sources. She seems to be on the fence and not sure what side to take

  5. they would not make so easy to tabloids and sites if they start releasing joined statements. Come on Brad and Angie it`s time to be a team again.

    1. People magaine said Angelina wanted to release a joint statement right from the beginning but Brad did not want that.

    2. Fussy you are getting a lot of trolls posting under the disguise of fake JP fans, please just be careful.

  6. Uggh, I can't think clearly about this news. I feel like a pretzel...twisted!