Thursday, November 24, 2016

Random Fuzzy Thanksgiving

Sometimes, as I go over my post, I see things I had overlooked.

This is carried over from my previous post:

She acted swiftly and efficiently to remove all official trace of her message to the ICC -- which indicates she was alarmed and upset that it was being twisted as an attack on Brad.

The conclusion is, she does not want people thinking she has any reason to attack Brad over child abuse.  Perhaps more importantly, she does not want Brad associated with the sort of crimes the ICC investigates.   This effort is about defending and protecting Brad and moving away from the abuse investigation.

They want to be very quiet and careful.  The children -- including Maddox -- have started to warm up to their dad.

They don't want anything to disturb the calm and threaten their progress.


There was a question on whether she was also concerned that gossip was going to affect the new OTP policy on children.   The ICC has had to weather direct attacks in the media from nations unhappy with their work.  They are used to working through open hostility.  So mere gossip i.e. being associated with Brad and child abuse would have absolutely no effect on the ICC or their work. 

The ICC would not have removed their tweet because of concerns about how gossip would affect them because they and Angelina know there is no reason for concern on that score.   The concern was on the implications for Brad.  The crimes the ICC investigates are far more serious than what the DCFS investigates.


After going through a lot of trouble to defend Brad and after taking great care to protect his feelings earlier, I am very sure she would not allow him to be miserable and alone on a family holiday like Thanksgiving because of the legal agreement.

I'm certain she would have found a way for all of them to be together with the approval of the child experts even if the agreement prevents them from saying so publicly since he's only supposed to have "therapeutic visits."

That is why he has "trust in the person you love."  It probably accounts for his happy demeanor in Europe.

He had a difficult 8 weeks but she is able to take care of him now.

-- Fussy


  1. Thanks Fussy. I really hope that they celebrated a happy thanksgiving together as a family. If that happened it was a big step for them. If not there`s a chance for the family to all be together on Pax` birthday in a few days. And a happy belated thanksgiving to you and yours.

    1. Thanks.
      And in reply to your earlier question, I think the celebration probably took place in their LF home. Brad "inviting" all of them over.

  2. I thought is was the other way round?.That the media was using something serious as the ICC message a subject she is passionate about,& using that for gossip & that's why it was removed.

  3. Fussy, you're not kidding when you write they want to be very quiet. Checking my email and there was NOTHING in my alerts. I checked to see if I'd turned them off but no, they're on.

    Thank you for your work and updates. They are much appreciated. Such a relief to read your interpretation, every place else seems to have written their relationship off.

    I also read someplace else that Brad was not in Missouri yesterday as some speculated. This was supposedly written by a family member in a social media post, but I can't personally attest to seeing that post myself.

  4. Fussy, how do you think they would manage a roll-out to the public of a reconciliation?