Monday, November 14, 2016

Random Fuzzy

A reader, Cara, wrote
FYI, I called DHS and asked a hypothetical question regarding if parents allowed to communicate while under investigation for child abuse and are divorcing. The personnel said as long as there isn't a no contact order or restraining order they should be fine to communicate with counsel as needed.

I previously posted:
 From Us
The protective order against the actor, 52, has been extended as investigators look into whether there are additional incidents or a pattern...

Noting that DCFS glossary defines an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) Restraining order as
An order issued by the court, which enjoins a person from engaging in a specified behavior or activity, limits the distance a person may approach a specific location and/or person, or excludes a person from a specific dwelling or place of business.

 And if there is a protective order the courts would be involved.
An ex-prate temporary restraining order issued by the Superior Court following a determination by law enforcement that a child is in immediate danger of abuse by a member of a child’s family or household. An EPO may exclude any parent, guardian or member of a child’s household from the dwelling of the person having the care, custody, and control of the child. EPO allow children to remain in their home while allegations of child abuse by the restrained parties are investigated and allow the non-offending parent time to seek assistance from Family Law Court.

And I recalled the ET post:
In the wake of child abuse allegations leveled against Pitt, the Department of Children and Family Services reportedly implemented a child safety plan. ET confirms that, given the safety plan, it's unlikely the 52-year-old star has been in contact with Jolie directly, as any communication would likely need to go through both parties' attorneys.

So IF there was no restraining order, they could communicate with counsel as needed.  And that sounds like the situation described by ET, "any communication would likely need to go through both parties' attorneys." 

But there was a restraining order.  There would have been additional restrictions even with communication with counsel.  There may have been rules on what sort of messages they could send each other through counsel.  And with a no contact order maybe not even that much.

That means the earliest that Angelina could explain what was happening to Brad thru her attorney to his was after Brad hired Lance Spiegel on Sept. 22.   Things noticeably quieted down after Sept 23 so Weeser probably got to meet with Spiegel around that time. 

Over 8 weeks, Brad had 3 supervised visits with his kids and allowed very limited indirect communication with Angelina.  Is it any wonder Brad looks like he went through a very miserable 2 months?


Let's look again at the original report on the temporary agreement they agreed to last Sept 30:

Here are the terms of the temporary agreement:
-- Angelina gets full physical custody of the 6 kids.

-- Brad gets visitation, with strings attached. The initial visit is with a therapist present and the therapist then has the power to either allow Brad subsequent unmonitored visits or insist on being present whenever he's around the kids.

-- Brad is subject to random drug/alcohol testing. As we reported, Angelina believes Brad has issues with alcohol and weed. Our law enforcement sources say Brad's first test was negative for drugs and alcohol.

-- Brad and Angelina will each submit to individual counseling. In addition, Brad, Angelina and the kids will undergo family counseling together.

We're told Angelina agreed with recommendation because her focus is to "heal" her family and her children.

Brad has not yet advanced beyond supervised visits so while Angelina and Brad may have had individual counseling, it looks like they haven't yet been ready for family counseling.

I think when the plan was drawn up, everyone expected that Brad would progress to unsupervised visits and the family could then have counseling together and perhaps be healed by the end of the period.

Clearly, they are behind schedule.

Part of it undoubtedly is because the plane ride was traumatic for the children and Maddox especially needed more time to heal.  But supervised visits typically run for just an hour  -- less for Maddox's first  -- and having just 3 over 8 weeks isn't going to help very much with reestablishing their bond.  

I wonder if perhaps the DCFS was too strict.  Because if Angelina and Brad were free to communicate directly and there were no restrictions on her, Angelina might have been better able to help the children and Brad get together and "heal" the family much sooner.

At any rate, they should finally be able to start the healing process subject to whatever is in the legal agreement.


I have begun to wonder: what is in that agreement?

Right now, Brad still can't talk and Angelina is still in hiding giving very cryptic statements. She can't talk either.

And I thought back to her first statement.

"We can confirm that childcare professionals have encouraged a legal agreement accepted and signed by both sides over a week ago. In accordance with this agreement, the six children will stay in their mother's custody, and the children will continue therapeutic visits with their father. This has been determined by childcare professionals to be in the children's best interest."

We are not in a position to discuss the details. We hope now that it is clear the events which led to the dissolution filing involved minor children and their wellbeing , there will be understanding of the sensitivity of the family situation.  We believe that all sides are committed to healing the family and ask for your consideration during this difficult time."

When you have cryptic statements, simultaneously dense and vague, some things pop out on another pass that seemed less clear before.

I wrote that she seems to be referring to the previous paragraph re the legal agreement as being among the "events" that led to the filing.  And of course while the agreement itself is just 2 weeks old, "childcare professionals" had determined that the children should "stay in their mother's custody" from the start -- i.e. when the filing was made.

The implication here is that there is still outside pressure on the family.  The "events" that led her to file are still present and embodied in the legal agreement.  For so long as the children still require therapeutic visits, the family remains in a sensitive position because they are difficult rules it must still follow.


Here again is the 2nd statement:
 "The job of the DCFS is to make sure the children are in a safe and secure situation. As we said earlier this week, childcare professionals encouraged a legal agreement accepted and signed by both sides that was in the best interest of the children. Angelina said from the beginning that she felt she had to take action for the health of the family and is relieved that after their 8-week involvement, the DCFS is now satisfied the safeguards are put in place that will allow the children to heal."
Her relief implies that the end of the DCFS' prolonged involvement means there is less of a threat to the health of the family.  But she doesn't say that the threat and the need for the action is over.


So if the "events" that led to the filing are still present, then we are not going to see a dismissal until those "events" are gone.

-- Fussy


  1. Fuzzy, is there any information of Brad in Shangai and Brad on the talk show?

  2. It's all so sad!!!!Yes, we can literally see thay he's miserable. But time will pass, I hope they will put their issues on the table, discuss it and get over. I bet they still love each other. It's just a matter of time, dedication and wanting to be together. That's healing.

  3. Yeah Brad looked like crap he's looking better now. I decided reel in my criticism of Brad. I been getting on him about not defending his family maybe he wasn't allowed to talk about Angelina and the kids because of the investigation. I suppose he can't now either since he promoting his movie so we'll.

    If they decide to stick with a December release for FTKMF then the dismissal will be filed soon because I doubt she would want that to be a distraction from her movie she made with the help of Maddox. I think they will push it back January or February too soon to put on the we're a happy family image.

    1. I remember reading that the book edition of FTKMF that accompanies movie is coming out in February. Those editions are always attached to the date of movie's release. My guess would be that FTKMF will not come out before February.

    2. FTKMF is schedule for a February or March 2017 release. I believe one of the VFX editors had made mention they were still working on it.

  4. There`s absolute no release date for FTKMF yet. By People magazine Angie cancelled all her professional committed in order to stay with the kids. She feels this moment the kids need her to stay home with them all the time. at the moment she is a stay home mom, She`s Not even doing her humanitarian work. So don`t expect the release of this movie any time soon. Her priority is her family now not work.

  5. I believe the past two+ years have become for the Jolie-Pitt clan a whirlwind so much less manageable than the previous ones. Six kids entering into their own as tween's and teen's and maybe not that interested in being so nomadic. Angelina's growing career as a filmmaker, her continued and ever expanding role on the world stage, medical issues and familial responsibilities. Brad's travels, business ownership, acting and producer duties and family responsibilities. I've never thought them some fairytale couple without issues and both Angelina and Brad have at varying times in the past said as much. Something broke and its obvious a fissure developed and widened and out crawled an ugliness that pushed Angelina into making a choice she probably wouldn't have if not for the seriousness of it. I recently saw the interview they gave just a year ago with NBC's Tom Brokaw and I could hear and see the immediate fear he had when Angelina called him in Paris to tell him the doctors wanted to take her ovaries. He was thousands of miles away and all he could think of was getting back to her and being there for her and being scared of the unknown and losing her. All this on the heels of her double mastectomy and its seriousness and I don't doubt there were many private conversations on how to support each other but nevertheless, I've wondered if his drinking and smoking inched up with each crisis. I'm not given excuses but human reasonings. I've wondered if the pressure to be strong outwardly gave way to his consuming more and more alcohol and marijuana and on that plane, he lost his control, Angelina called him out on it, he retaliated, Maddox stepped in and between. Brad became enraged, said things he shouldn't have along with physical contact that felt threatening and he did this not only in the view and hearing of non-family on that plane but his other children. Brad in that inebriated state allegedly urinated, attempted to hijack an airport truck and God knows what else. I've come to the conclusion that Angelina did what she had to do or felt she had no other choice to do for all of their sakes. She did what was needed to "heal her family." I've also come to my own conclusion that Brad is not a man living without shame, remorse and great sadness. He hasn't left his family to return to life alone. He had no choice but give space to this; a lot of it. These two people have loved each other through much and I contend that they still deeply love each other and that's whether or not they remain with each other.

  6. Fussy. I wish Brad didnt have Allied Promotions at present as this is keeping him away from the most important things to get his family back. I know he's committed and under obligational contract with the studio, but I wish he was able to get out of it. Him being away and all this ring off and giving a vibe that he's free and single not saying that he is,but I just wish i'd see him more trying to get his family back. Even via his PR its all about the kids nothing hints about Angelina as family, compaired to her statements she is equally including him. Its discouraging as morr time passes as I think he's actually moved on and just concentrating getting the kids only back and not Angelina, as sad as it makes me.

  7. I hope Brad after lone time apart actually see's what Angelina has doen is to safeguard the kids instead of taking it persoannaly. I just want to see some hint from him even a tiny one that he misses her I know he's in a difficult position but why can't he hint via his PR that he's counting on her.

  8. I am sure both Brad and Angelina have had time to really think what is important for them individually and as a family in the past two months. Brad with lots of individual time to reflect on his past behavior, his personal issues I.e alcohol and drugs and what are his priorities at this time in his life. Same with Angelina but probably not as much time as she should have since she has all the children to look after.

    I know it's frustrating to try to read in the tea leaves to see if Brad is trying to get his children back only or also with Angelina. He is a man of few words and even more so in cases of negativity. It's maddening annoying. We really don't know the absence of both the ring and the necklace mean anything except that he doesn't wear them now. Since there is a divorce filing that signal the end of their joining it seems to be the right thing to do. Wearing them would seem even more weirder and presented a contradiction to what they are going through now, if that makes any sense. I think we will know more after the movie is done with promo and such. Then we will know whether they are trying to get back together or moving on as couples. Just be ready and accept whatever they decide and support them as fans. Life will go on for them and for us, eventually.

  9. I hate the picture of Brad in front of the movie poster of the characters about to kiss. Why did he agree to a romantic lead movie? He was always careful about that before, at least as a consideration of the children if not his wife.

    1. Why did he agree to a romantic lead movie?

      Actually, I had the same reaction when I read that he signed to make this movie, and thought to myself: this is a change. I remember Frank Pollaro's quote about Brad and Angeluna's relashionship (the one where he said how Zahara asked Brad: are you going to make out with Mommy again?) where he said: this is a man who's refusing to do any movies with love scenes since being with her.
      It could be many different reasons why he took this job: he wanted to work with the director, he liked the script, he was doing a favor for Brad Grey...It all could be coincidence. It is just that this came to my mind long before there was any hint that they had problems.

    2. Its was mentioned in the Sony leaks that his agent thought it would be a good role and it now being said that he did it as a favor for Brad Gray.

  10. Post 1 of 2
    All were posted September 21, 2016

    Brad thinks Angelina is a great mother," the insider says. "But he is also a great father. There is no way he is going to be absent for any part of his kids' lives."

    Me: Brad has been missing from his kids’ lives for 8 weeks now.

    Angelina was in Syria last week. Multiple sources tell me that before Brad left for Croatia, some major drama went down (nothing to do with cheating). Angelina’s allegedly been frustrated about some of Brad’s habits. The rumours about the drinking are consistent with what I’m hearing. The way one source put it, she “wanted him to get his sh-t together”. They say that when he left, however, even though the issue was far from resolved, he went away thinking that no definitive decision had been made about their marriage because there was still a lot of love there.

    Me: Fussy, do you think this is true? I do, just based on Brad’s physical appearance the last few months before the split.

    Every source I’ve talked to today maintains that she was still in love with him but that for her, she doesn’t think he’s in a place where he can be “positive around the family”. All sources tell me that he was blindsided by her decision to file. And that the decision to file was made very recently. Like inside 10 days. When I pressed on what the urgency was, most of the sources declined to specify, with one source saying only that it was “very delicate, a really sensitive thing” and another explaining vaguely that she “would only have done it this way if it was a priority”. My response to that was, “Yeah but it’s not like she’s being quiet about it”. And the answer I got to that observation was that “she has her reasons”.

    Me: Again, what could have happened on that plane? Brad’s been cleared by DCFS of what as there are different types of abuse; however, he’s still needs therapeutic visits. The kids are still traumatized. Are there other agency investigations that are still open?

  11. 2 of 2

    "Things built and built over time – it wasn't any one thing," a source close to the actress tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story, on newsstands Friday. "She's loved this man for several years, and [divorce] is not something you do impulsively."

    Meanwhile, a Pitt source tells PEOPLE: "There was clearly a breaking point, where she'd just had enough," says the Pitt source. "He may have been broken himself and said he couldn't go on, and she reacted. This has been difficult for a while."

    Me: He was broken because she wanted him to get his sh*t together? Didn’t like her bugging him about getting help?
    A Pitt source says Jolie told Pitt she was moving forward with the divorce just two days before she filed papers in an L.A. court on September 19 – and Pitt was "wrecked."

    "He was appealing to her to do this quietly – not to save the marriage but to consider the well-being of the children – and it was ignored," says the Pitt source. But Jolie – who said in a statement the decision was "for the health of her family" – did "what she needed to do," says a source close to her.

    Me: This is the statement I hate the most, appealing to her but not to save the marriage, meaning he wants a divorce? I can’t tell. Fussy, do you think these words are said from pain and/or anger?

    Still, both sides say Pitt and Jolie still love each other and expect them to find a way to "move forward in a dignified way," as a Pitt source puts it. Says a Jolie source: "They have six kids together and are always going to be in each other's lives."

    Me: Fussy, you’ve been rock solid in your reporting and analysis. I come for your wise counsel but Brad is making it harder to believe. He’s obviously doing much better now since his first public outing, rather amazing to since it’s been one week. In fact, I’d say he looks quite pleased that he’s accepted by the public. Crisis averted! Meanwhile his wife and children don’t have the same benefit of a studio managed crisis strategy; they are cloistered away somewhere figuring out how they can move forward.

    I pray you are right that Brad wants to work this out as I too think Angie is open for that. But my sense is screaming that may not be the case.

    Oh, have I mentioned I’m not seeing Allied? I kid…

    1. @Agility, I don't think this People story has much validity remember it was published before People knew about the incident. I think they just pieced something together to make it seem as though the had some incite when they actually didn't.

    2. Agility, I also hope they come together and I see a lot of sense in Fussy's reasoning. The thing is that we don't know how long were they struggling and where were they emotionally before the incident happened. Should be believe all these sources, you quoted, from the magazines? I don't know. I kinda don't want to believe them, because they paint a hopeless picture.

  12. All this ``sources`` you mention are from People magazine first cover since the split. They didn`t know about the plane incident yet. So they were using the standard Hollywood couple break up story. They knew nothing. Every piece of information since contradict what they `reported`` on their first cover. People it`s very much on the out hen it comes to this.

  13. Brad took Allied to save his friend's job it's not like it's can't pass up oscar bait it's MAMS set in 1930s.
    As far as Brad and Angelina relationship before the incident I think they were going through normal couple things. The reports when the filing was announced all crap everyone was scrambling to piece together a story as to why it happened. Then the plane incident became public which shot all their theories to hell. If the plane incident never happened there wouldn't have been a divorce filing. If there were real trouble before I think they would've did everything to save their marriage well I know Angelina would've tried to.