Friday, November 11, 2016

Random Fuzzy

I've said before that in trying to decipher what I think are their true intentions, I rely on "official" statements they've made through their reps as well as their actions

From the start, Angelina has been in control of "official" statements."  And I wonder if Brad's PR may be a just a bit jealous that it's Angelina's PR releasing the statements.


As I noted in my previous post, in poring over the 2nd statement I found what she didn't say just as important and even more revealing than what she said.

She avoided mentioning anything or using any term that could be upsetting to Brad.

She avoided directly mentioning divorce -- so "she took action" instead of she "filed for dissolution"

She mentions the legal agreement but does not mention again that she keeps custody while Brad has "therapeutic visitation"

She avoided directly mentioning the abuse investigation -- it was the "8 week involvement" of the DCFS instead of their "abuse investigation"

She doesn't give any indication of what she thinks of the safeguards put in place by the DCFS.  Only that she is relieved that after 8 weeks, they are satisfied.

She doesn't mention or make any reference to Brad's problems: weed, alcohol, and anger management,
She doesn't mention or give any hint of any conflict or any incident on a plane or anywhere.

The only thought or emotion expressed is that she is "relieved."

She is the only one mentioned by name but as noted above there is nothing in the statement that Brad would object to or might be sensitive about.

And perhaps that is why Brad did not release any statement of his own.  It was written in a way that it could tacitly be his statement too. 

This for me is a big hint on where they are in their relationship.

After 2 months of no direct contact there's a lot of ground they need to cover.  Explanations, apologies, clearing up past hurts and misunderstandings, catching up on each others lives.  But it seems from the evidence that they've made a lot of progress.

They are definitely not estranged.  They're clearly communicating and working together.

A lot of care and concern went into drafting her statement.

In avoiding directly mentioning past events that may have upset Brad like her filing for divorce and the abuse investigation she was showing not just sensitivity for his feelings but also a shared desire to move forward and leave those events behind.

And we can only speculate what Brad must have said and done for her to feel that way.


Brad looked better at the Allied premiere.  He seemed to have spent the day getting a tan because he was no longer pale.  His facial expression would still occasionally revert to a grimace but he was engaged when people talked to him and he was animated in the Q & A.  Like I said previously, he's a professional.  He knows what's expected of him and he does his job.

But he didn't look like a man who had just been cleared of abuse.  He wasn't in a celebratory mood.  The sadness is still evident. 

From reports, he only saw his children a handful of times in the 8 weeks that the DCFS investigation was open.  And Angelina, not at all.  That schedule should considerably improve now that there is just the agreement between them.   And that should hasten the healing of the family -- a goal which they've said they're all committed to achieving.

The 1st statement said, "We believe that all sides are committed to healing the family and ask for your consideration during this difficult time."

After 2 months of very restricted contact, it's only now that they are able to really begin the process of healing.

By agreeing to an open-ended legal agreement that holds him to therapeutic visits, Brad is showing his commitment to healing the family.

I have said before that in signing a legal agreement that has no end date, Brad was showing that he had a huge amount of trust in Angelina.  He could have insisted on making it renewable upon expiration with the agreement of both parties but he didn't.  He left himself open to being bound to a process that he was very unhappy with.  He trusts that Angelina will protect him and will do everything to help the process along and quickly move to end supervision when it is no longer necessary.

Renewing the trust and bond between them is the first step to healing their family.

Angelina showed that protecting his feelings was her paramount concern when she carefully drafted her statement.   It showed her concern for him and commitment to him and the renewed bond between them that would now allow her to help him reestablish his relationship with their children and thereby complete the healing of the family.

From very early on, Angelina saw her role as protecting her family and her children. 

I wrote after seeing his recent photos from Moonlight and Allied that Brad looked fragile and that Angelina probably needed to take care of him.  And it looks like she is doing just that. 

If Brad and the children are able to see each other more frequently and with some help and encouragement from Angelina, they could be free of the need for supervised visits before too long -- and their family would be finally healed.

But in the meantime Brad must continue to live alone -- hence the lingering sadness.


From the start, the DCFS wanted Angelina to show that her loyalty was only to her children.  That was why under the DCFS guidelines, they only allow custody to the other parent if they are separated or divorced.  She no longer has the DCFS looking over her shoulder but the children still need therapeutic visitation so her loyalty must still be to her children -- but there is some room now for Brad.


I actually don't believe that much "rebuilding" is necessary in their relationship because I think when Brad finally understood why Angelina had to file, he would have supported her decision.  The DCFS was the cause of his misery, not her petition, because they were the ones who imposed strict restrictions on contact between him and his family.  That is not to say there were no ruffled feelings and he apparently doesn't want to be reminded about the petition but they still love each other and I am sure missed each other while they were apart.

It would have been more a matter of clearing the air, and picking up where they left off.


My advice to all the commenters complaining about media bias is your really have to be selective about the outlets you follow and the articles you read.  I don't see much of what you are complaining about and I get feeds from all the major outlets -- NY Times, LA Times, EW, Time, Vaniy Fair etc.  I ignore the rabble rousers who are just there to incite and have little to no credibility.

If Angelina's legal team was concerned that it was a credible outlet with a large following making slanderous or libelous or otherwise objectionable comments they would move swiftly. 

And again, a reminder that I will not condone hateful comments towards anyone.  I tried opening the comments to facilitate communication and discussion among readers but I was not very happy with the result.  So I am returning to fully moderated comments.

-- Fussy

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  1. Fussy, if both sides are communicating as you said and that things are progressing as expected toward reconciliation, we hope, so who are these sources coming from? Just b.s from tabs and actually not from BRAD people? These quotes from sources are really slanderous toward Angelina.

    1. I think they are getting sources wherever they can unfortunately. I even saw that creep Ian Halperin on shows like he knows anything about the family. And with TMZ, just not sure due the connection with Wasser muddies things. But even in the onset with how TMZ mentioning the split it was somewhat unsettling to me and after they went negative towards her.

    2. If you think that your post will be deleted and you don't agree with fUZZY or anyone else. Why are are you here spend your time write this longs posts. Don`t you have anything else to do in your life? Because that would be just sad for you.

    3. I think people forget that before the plane incident, tabloids make up stories with sources close to BA for 12 years. That`s what tabloids do. I`m not saying that everything is made up but the vast majority is.

  2. At this point I wish they would reconcile just so people(EVERYONE) would eat crow and stop blaming Angie for EVERYTHING.
    But that's silly and selfish,and wishful thinking because she'll continue to get blame for everything under the sun.
    Brad and his PR have nothing to be jealous about. He'll continue to travel for 'work' every week without his kids and be called the best and 'hottest' father that ever was. Angie will be with the kids '24/7' and be called the worst mother ever. >:(

    The lack of 'public' support from his side/his family(parents,siblings) for Angie and the kids is disheartening :(
    I'm guessing Brad isn't the only one with a 'missing sensitivity chip' in that family.
    Who would have thought that Jon Voight would show more concern and support for Angie/the kids?

    1. " The lack of 'public' support from his side/his family(parents,siblings) for Angie and the kids is disheartening"

      THIS! #twothumbsup

      It proves how strong and smart our Angie is.

    2. Anon, I beg to agree and disagree with you :D

      Yes. I hope someday she will sit in an interview and clear things up for herself. Because other than her in the family, nobody will do that. At least that' s what I see in this case.

      " He never defended her against Slander and lies "

      To be fair to him, I think he did. I remember reading it in his magazine interviews years ago. I think two times but I can't recall which interview. And I also remember Lainey was surprise he did that because it's kinda not him :D

      Why he is so silent in defending her this time, only Brad can answer that ;) It is frustrating, no doubt.

      " He's dispospicable and has a lot of bad karma that I hope gets him soon."

      If I hope for him to be better and wish no harm shall come upon him from this incident, it's because it's better be that way FOR THEIR CHILDREN :)

    3. Oh yeah and I means despicable lol

    4. At this point I wish they would reconcile just so people(EVERYONE) would eat crow - Oh my God that would be my dream. Mainly I want I family of 8 who love each other to be back together. I know that the chances are tiny of a reconciliation but it doesn't hurt to have a little bit of hope.

  3. Yes. She does this and that to protect everyone and that shows how compassionate and selfless she is. She is undoubtedly the front and center of the family. My respect for Angie has increased in so many folds.

    1. I agree. Brad once said that Angie is the heart and soul of the family.

    2. Aww...sweet Brad, isn't he? Of course she's the heart and soul. Angie is strong. She can be in the most front, back, center, side, up and down of everything, by herself.

      Epitome of girl power.

      Go Angie! :D

  4. Fussy, I want to remain hopeful but it’s getting harder. I come for your analysis which sees beyond the emotional.

    The timing coincidence of the news that Brad was cleared just hours before the Allied RC is interesting. So maybe there will be more good news prior to the actual movie release date which I believe is November 23rd. If the result means the family is healed and back that would be awesome. Thanksgiving is the next day on the 24th and Pax has a birthday around that time too.

    I’ve thought about what the holiday season would be like for the family if they are separated. Sad, I think.

    Brad, make this right.

  5. I get that some feel Brad is behind this but I'm not buying that. There's no proof beyond personal opinion Brad sanctioned his people feed negative information to gossip sites and especially the likes of a TMZ. I just don't understand the bent towards that mindset by "fans of this couple" or even if one's just a Angelina fan. As much as he's mucked up and in my opinion his actions are what has broken his family, he's not this evil being trying to extricate himself from Angelina Jolie and destroy her in the process. I don't even long-shot that. He's not going to do anything to jeopardize any mending that has began with his kids let alone his estranged wife. People must know that even if he and Angie DO go through with the divorce - something I hope doesn't happen - he still will be a father trying to earn back the trust of his kids and badmouthing their mom would not help to that end. I know already know I'll be shined on without response one way or the other but I still needed to voice what I think.

  6. So he shouldn't defend his son who the tabs placed blame on as well?!..... Got it. Her statements to TMZ early on was more of a message to Brad himself on why she did what she did since they weren't able to contact each other directly and the fact she was still very much upset with him at the time. She didn't leak anything, the news about the DCFS investigation was going to hit the media whether she stayed quiet or not. Let's not forget his team trying to tell his side of the story to People which made him look even worse. Saying him and Angelina was arguing and Maddox came to his mother defense. Mad had to feel like his mother was in danger to come to her defense? Another saying how he wasn't drunk when the incident happened so you mean to tell me whatever hurtful things he said to Maddox he was sober saying it? That's bad! Let's not forget there are reasons there are still safeguards still in place and his kids are still in therapy so those allegations wasn't exactly false. Angelina's hands are clean with this one shes been the one looking out for their family while he's looking out for himself. His kids sees and hears these things it's on him.

  7. TMZ&People have no power to affect Angie.
    They are empty vessels with a vacuum to fill, and it's filled with rubbish.
    The people with real power in Hollywood&in the political world,that Angie works in know who she is.
    She has always shown courage,strength and integrity and those things are not affected by gossip.
    She will emerge stronger, she has as always, right on her side.

  8. Fussy, what do you make of the statements so far in one had they give information and in other they still are holding back I knwo you are deciphering them to the best of your ability LOL.Things sure do seems to have calmed down since their agreement and now with Brad going to China more time him apart from the whole family will make him remorseful ever so more.Its not easy for the family too, all of a sudden one parent just not there especially how close knit this family has been. I pray they find a way back and forgive each other and remember their love.

    1. Hopefully distance will make the heart grow fonder. Unlike previously where Brad took short trips knowing the family would be there waiting. Now he will go home to a big empty house where he will only have sheduled visits with his children. Sad but this is what his future will be even with joint custody. He won't have them all the times. It will only be different if he and his wife get back together like before. So it is up to him to try to earn the family trust again. It's in his court and the balls are in his hands.

  9. " I tried opening the comments to facilitate communication and discussion among readers but I was not very happy with the result. So I am returning to fully moderated comments."

    Dear Fussy,
    I apologize for causing you inconvenience in moderating some of my strong comments and if it in any way causing you to moderate your comment section.

  10. " I tried opening the comments to facilitate communication and discussion among readers but I was not very happy with the result. So I am returning to fully moderated comments."

    Well, no one ever engages me here for discussion one way or the other and so on this one I'm innocent lol.

  11. Hello, Brad will be in Shangai on the 14th and he'll do a talk show.