Sunday, November 13, 2016

Random Fuzzies

A reader (MelodyHarmony - Thanks!) advises that "Brad will be in Shangai on the 14th and he'll do a talk show." And two other readers (neveragain and Bianca Rosa - Thanks!) add that there will be a premiere in London on Nov 21.


 I didn't try to look carefully at the 1st statement since it appeared to be fairly straightforward but after going over the 2nd and discovering that it was quite revealing, I thought I'd give the first a closer look.
"We can confirm that childcare professionals have encouraged a legal agreement accepted and signed by both sides over a week ago. In accordance with this agreement, the six children will stay in their mother's custody, and the children will continue therapeutic visits with their father. This has been determined by childcare professionals to be in the children's best interest."

We are not in a position to discuss the details. We hope now that it is clear that the events which led to the dissolution filing involved minor children and their wellbeing , there will be understanding of the sensitivity of the family situation.  We believe that all sides are committed to healing the family and ask for your consideration during this difficult time."
What is easily noticeable in the 1st paragraph is that it studiously avoids mentioning the DCFS.  It just mentions childcare professionals.  As I've said in previous posts, Brad appears to have been unhappy with the DCFS for some time and Angelina hints at similar sentiments in her 2nd statement.

It says they were "encouraged" avoiding the use of "recommendations" which is what the DCFS called the previous safety plan.

They delayed announcing the agreement for over a week while Brad mulled over whether he was going to file his largely symbolic response to the petition. The response was signed Oct. 31 but only filed Nov. 4.  The agreement was signed days before Oct. 31.  It is largely symbolic because:
 ET has also learned that Pitt has voluntarily chosen to have supervised visits with his kids, because he believes that it is what’s best for them. "His visits are monitored voluntarily because he has agreed to go out of his way for the kids," the source said.
And obviously, a person who "has voluntarily chosen to have supervised visits with his kids, because he believes that it is what’s best for them" is in no position to simultaneously argue for joint custody.
"Brad’s filing demonstrates that he’s going to fight for the kids," the insider tells Us. "His filing shows that he is going to stand firm on sharing custody of the kids. It’s a clear sign that he’s going to fight for his right for the kids."
The whole point of filing a response, as the verbs used by his PR indicates, was so he could have something to show his kids.  For a week, he mulled over whether he should file so he could have that on record against what he knew would be the resulting "Divorce War" or "Custody War" stories that would spring from it.  But as he is still working to heal his relationship with his kids, they decided having something to show his kids was more important.

We hope now that it is clear that the events which led to the dissolution filing
 They again did their best to avoid saying "divorce." So it was just "dissolution filing" instead of "filing for the dissolution of the marriage."

She refers to the previous paragraph re the legal agreement as being the events which led to the dissolution filing..  And of course while the agreement itself is just 2 weeks old, "childcare professionals" had determined that the children should "stay in their mother's custody" from the start -- i.e. when the filing was made.  This was what forced her to file, so that the children could stay with her.

The events which led to the filing or forced her to file are still in place because the children still must stay with her.

I just wanted to add that "now that it is clear" is actually a very funny line given how very vague all of her statements have been.  

The last sentence and a half should be taken together. 

involved minor children and their wellbeing , there will be understanding of the sensitivity of the family situation.  We believe that all sides are committed to healing the family and ask for your consideration during this difficult time."

The sensitivity of the situation is because it involves the children's feelings and emotions.

I wrote on how both Brad and Angelina appear to have already renewed the trust and bond between them.    They appear to be fine.   So "healing the family" is healing the relationship between Brad and the children.  It is a sensitive situation because it involves the children's emotions.

All sides are committed to healing the family involves Brad agreeing to what is deemed to be necessary i.e. the therapeutic visits, and Angelina helping bring him and their children together.  And since it's all and not just both, perhaps Maddox, who is old enough and mature enough, has weighed in too.

Brad only had a few visits with his kids while the investigation was open.   From reports,  he had one brief one with Maddox and two with the other five.  He may have had one or two more that wasn't reported, but stretched over 8 weeks, that's too few and too far between to really be of much help in healing.  And during that time Angelina may not have been allowed to talk to the children regarding their father.

The healing really just begins now.

So to help summarize where I think they are now, I will just copy over from my last post:

I have said before that in signing a legal agreement that has no end date, Brad was showing that he had a huge amount of trust in Angelina. ...  He left himself open to being bound to a process that he was very unhappy with.  He trusts that Angelina will protect him and will do everything to help the process along and quickly move to end supervision when it is no longer necessary.

Angelina showed that protecting his feelings was her paramount concern when she carefully drafted her statement.   It showed her concern for him and commitment to him and the renewed bond between them that would now allow her to help him reestablish his relationship with their children and thereby complete the healing of the family.

From very early on, Angelina saw her role as protecting her family and her children.
I wrote after seeing his recent photos from Moonlight and Allied that Brad looked fragile and that Angelina probably needed to take care of him.  And it looks like she is doing just that. 


I have been asked repeatedly when I think they might file a request for dismissal.  Unfortunately, there have been no hints I can see that can help me guess.   Since the "events" that led her to file are in the legal agreement, we may have to wait until there is no longer any need for the agreement. 

There are many hints that the petition will not proceed and there are strong signs that things are fine between them.

According to the info on CA divorces below, "you are required to file certain documents, including income, asset and debt disclosures" and "If you fail to file any of these forms, the court will not enter a divorce judgment. Continued inaction will ultimately lead the court to dismiss the petition for divorce whether or not the six-month waiting period has passed."

As we know, they both did not mention their prenup and both said the info on their property and assets was presently unknown or uncertain at this time.  So per the paragraph above, just failure to provide that info will already get their divorce dismissed eventually.

But of course we would prefer to see them be more proactive.

-- Fussy

Can You Stop the Divorce Process in California After the Waiting Period?

California law mandates that the divorce process take at least six months, and this waiting period does not begin until your spouse is officially served with the divorce petition. The waiting period may be inconvenient for those in a hurry to put their marriages behind them, but it gives the parties time for reconsideration. If you change your mind about finalizing the separation before or after the six-months, you can stop the divorce process in several different ways.

California divorces are no-fault divorces. That means that if you wish to terminate your marriage, you need not show that you were a victim of your spouse's violence, infidelity or even bad manners. A claim of irreconcilable differences is sufficient. You initiate a divorce by filing a petition and supporting papers with the Superior Court in your county of residence or your spouse's. When a sheriff or third party serves the court papers on your spouse, it triggers the mandated six-month waiting period.

Time Frame

Some people file for divorce in California expecting their marriage to end exactly 180 days after their divorce papers are served. But this is not the case. The six-month period provides a minimum term before which a divorce cannot be granted but California divorces can and often do take far longer. Serving a petition for divorce is only the first of many steps you must undertake before the court will sign your divorce judgment. You are entitled to a divorce either when all of your paperwork is complete or after six months, whichever comes later.

Paperwork Requirements

Failure to complete your divorce paperwork will stop your divorce proceeding. Whether or not your husband responds to your petition, you are required to file certain documents, including income, asset and debt disclosures, a judgment form and notice of entry of judgment. If your spouse doesn't respond at all, you must also file documents asking the court to enter his default. If you fail to file any of these forms, the court will not enter a divorce judgment. Continued inaction will ultimately lead the court to dismiss the petition for divorce whether or not the six-month waiting period has passed.

Request for Dismissal

You don't have to wait for the court to dismiss your petition on its own initiative to stop your divorce proceeding. As the party who brought the petition for divorce, you can file a Request for Dismissal at any point before judgment is entered irrespective of the six-month waiting period. Once the court receives a proof of service establishing that your spouse was served with your dismissal request, it will dismiss the petition of divorce and terminate the divorce proceeding. If your spouse filed a response, he must also sign the dismissal request. Find the forms on the court website or through an online legal form provider.


  1. Source Brad in Shangai on the 14th

    1. Regarding the rest of your comments, no there would be no reason for the response to be sine qua non to the agreement. The agreement was already executed and valid for over a week. Joint custody runs counter to what he agreed to. They are totally unrelated but the agreement renders his response moot.

    2. It looks like he will do only LA and China then. Minimum promotion while Marion and the director will Carr the load.

    3. Think Zemeckis will be in China with Pitt. Marion also is scheduled for 1 talk show. Just think the promo in general will be low-key. There is a UK premiere scheduled for 11/21 where a couple of things will probably be done there to promote it but that's probably it for the film. Marion has to start promoting Assasin Creed with Fassbinder soon.

    4. There's going to be a premiere in London next Monday, Nov 21. He is probably going to be there.

      Apparently Marion Cotillard, costumes,and the cinematography are the only good things about Allied,someone said that the movie is unintentionally hilarious.
      I don't wish that Allied would bomb or anything but seeing/hearing Brad and Marion laughing about taking dance lessons(Mr. and Mrs. Smith,anyone?) and how she 'helped' him with his French(like if By The Sea never happened, like if his children/wife don't speak french), it's painful. So I'm gonna sit Allied out.

    5. Perhaps he`s not allow to talk about the kids yet or he did not wanted bring up his family so journalist would feel free to ask questions. Otherwise I think he would at least mention that all of their kids speak french . If you watched By the sea you saw that Brad and Angie french it`s very good too.

    6. @Bianca Rosa, don't upset yourself about them discussing the film that's normal for any film being promoted. I think it just hits close because of everything that is going on with the family. I feel for the kids now since its Pax b-day and the holidays coming up. Probably will be tough but this all will past.

  2. I'm sure the kids will heal from this my concern is for Maddox because he's older and he's the one who Brad flipped out on.

    Fussy, going with your theory that they will remain together when do you think the divorce dismissal will be filed?


    1. And Maddox is the only one we have not seen since then. He's the older, teenager, how it must be getting complicated for him. He is not famous, but his parents are. My fear is what will be the reaction of photographers near the children ..... they talk the bullshit openly ..... it was very difficult for Angelina and the children to be able to move around the city.
      But I think the filming of FTKMF in Cambodia did a good thing for him ... we saw him more calm and smiling ... when Angelina went to NY with Maddox, Knox and James ..... we saw a girl together with them , Probably a Maddox girlfriend, whom the family went to meet.

  3. Bianca,there is notheing wrong in Marion talking about her experience working with Brad its part of teh promotion for Allied and sure Brad will be asked the same questions. Marion is a good friend of Brad and Angelina and she shares the respect for them equally. Of course she can't mention Angelina due to sensitive time but that does not mean she disrespects Angelina.At the moment Marion is teh one asked to carry teh whole promo comapierd to Brad due to his circumstances, and the studio is gearing Marion up for awards season.So far the movie has had good reviews.

  4. I decided to get away from the news about Brad and Angelina. I'll wait and see what the weather's going to say .... Just like everything was very strange from the start
    The announcement of the divorce, the plane incident, the involvement of the DCFS, the FBI, the speculations, the statements, the "sources" ...... and Brad's responses to divorce .... and that he and Angelina followed The recommendations of professionals so that the children continue with Angelina and Brad would have therapeutic visits with the children .... the announcement on the day of the premiere that Brad was clean of the accusations.
    I do not know if the investigations with the FBI also ended.

    I seem crazy giving opinion .... every hour I think of a way .....
    Well, I do not care about Allied ... it was a film made to try to protect and prove that Brad Gray should continue commanding the Paramount studio.
    Normally our family sees a side of ours that nobody sees .... most of the time we discount our frustrations in people next, for being the Family our decisions are stuck in the trust. Often we are great with friends and work colleagues, we deal more professionally ... and with the family conflicts happen.

    In the professional we have contracts to fulfill that we follow. The family is based on trust. If Brad decided to make this movie after having made War Machine, while Angelina was doing FTKMF with the children in Cambodia, they were separated some time again. And Brad decided to help his friend without regard to what the family thought, but once conflicts happen because we think the family can handle everything.

  5. Allied was made after FTKMF finished filming, so the family were together while it filmed, except for the bit done in Spain.


    1. FTKMF ended in February and War machine Brad still filmed in January in Paris. And filming for Allied began in February. Angelina as director still has post production. For me the time between one film and another was very short, Brad never did that, even more that the two films he was the protagonist, so demands more of him. Not that he was not going to do Allied, a lot of people did not even think the film would be ready for this year ..... But I think they anticipated filming on Brad Gray's behalf, I think he saw that his job was at risk and he thought about Have the most movies to be able to try to save his job .... or else if Brad Gray loses his job that movie would probably not be made If they waited.

    2. I`m sorry but I don`t think that it`s the correct timeline. War machine wrapped in earlier nov before Angie began FTKMF. He had to do reshoot for War machine in jan tho. I do agree that they should not do movies so close together. Do one movie and then go take a vacation with the kids. That would have been better. But one of the problems for both BA it`s that they are workaholic.

  6. If I`m not mistaken FTKMF wrapped two weeks after Allied started to shoot. And then Angie and the kids went immediately to London to be with Brad. Brad spend most of the time on the set FTKMF with Angie and the kids from Nov through the end of jan. With the only exception of a couple of days of reshoot for War Machine and to attend the golden Globes. And I agree with with I don`t understand what`s happening in the last two months.

    1. @Fiorella your timeline is correct. Not sure why its keeps being said they spent all that time apart. That just isn't the case. Also, after he wrapped the WM reshoots and did pre-production for about a week he headed to Cambodia before she wrapped up production. Pitt was there taking photos and there was even photos of their resort they stayed in for Valentines. They all left together from Cambodia and headed to the UK so he could start filming Allied.

  7. It’s sad that the children are so injured that they need this much time for healing, and maybe much more time yet to come. I wonder if all the children are still traumatized or just Madd. The photos taken at the park before we knew they were separated didn’t give a hint of trauma, but that’s my own photo interpretation.

    I’m still disappointed he took his ring off, as to me it reinforces a family breakup message to the kids (and the world). Wouldn’t that message traumatize them yet again? I’m sure those children don’t want their parents to divorce.

    So, I’m confused by the messages sent; mostly Brad’s side of the messages. Does he want his wife back because frankly I’ve haven’t gotten any sense of that? Or does he just want 50% custody?

    I do think the days of Brad being underground are over. He’s dipped his toes into public waters and they’ve are warm with Allied.

  8. I believe she filed for dismissal before 6 months waiting period expires.

    LOS ANGELES, Nov. 13 (UPI) -- A Los Angeles judge has granted Jillian Dempsey's request to end divorce proceedings against actor Patrick Dempsey, her husband of 17 years.

    Jillian initially petitioned for divorce on January 2015, citing irreconcilable differences, but the couple reconciled late last year.

  9. As much as I'm not liking Brad right now...I hope your theories/opinions are right,Fussy :) I would not understand going through all the trouble of healing the kids from this incident just to have them be shuffled between divorced parents every week.

    I know they would not be the first nor the last family to go through a divorce but it's never easy nor is it something that will just be in the 'past'. Angelina knows this with her parents' divorce. It affected her greatly. 6 kids :(
    They need to get it together :(
    They celebrated their anniversary,less than a month before this happened,at a hotel.
    To let it all go to sh*t in mere days/weeks,I don't understand :(
    It's all confusing, exhausting, and heartbreaking </3
    I'm legit dreading a joint separation statement :(

    1. I agree with you Bianca. Fight for it Brad and Angie

  10. FYI, I called DHS and asked a hypothetical question regarding if parents allowed to communicate while under investigation for child abuse and are divorcing. The personnel said as long as there isn't a no contact order or restraining order they should be fine to communicate with counsel as needed. So I don't know if that applies to Braden's Angelina case or not. Food for thoughts.

    1. You'll recall that Us wrote that the "protective order against the actor has been extended." A protective order is a restraining order.

      What you were told "fine to communicate with counsel" is in line with what ET said: it's unlikely the 52-year-old star has been in contact with Jolie directly, as any communication would likely need to go through both parties' attorneys."

      But since there was a restraining order, what you were told implies that even communication through counsel may have been restricted.

      At any rate, it confirms that there would have been no direct contact between them and that possibly even indirect contact was limited.

      My most recent post on this topic:

  11. Bur communicate through counsel means through attorneys or other representation. So its not direct communication between one another, its limited.