Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Random Fuzzies

In my previous post I discussed how the DCFS' safety plan and a protective order on Brad would have meant they were only allowed very limited indirect contact.

I also noted that even after the DCFS ended the investigation, they were both still not free to talk.  Brad's press exposure on his Allied tour have been very tightly controlled.  Angelina, who has yet to make a public appearance, has issued two cryptic statements.  Evidently there is a lot she would like to say but can't discuss openly.  Which is why what she didn't say in her 2nd statement in a clear effort to protect Brad, was more revealing than what she did say.

I presume most of the restrictions on contact that had been placed on them have been lifted.  There should no longer be a protective order on Brad.  But there still seem to be restrictions that extend beyond Brad abiding by therapeutic visits.  We know they signed a confidentiality agreement in connection with the legal agreement.

Now recall:
Another source, however, tells ET that  "just because the DCFS investigation is over and Brad was cleared, doesn't mean they didn't necessarily find anything. There is a reason that Brad and Angelina are still sticking to the safety plan originally put in place by DCFS. His visits are still monitored with a therapist."
ET has learned that this safety plan is officially over, however, the custody agreement Pitt and Jolie signed last week is still in place. 

While the DCFS is no longer officially involved, the legal agreement they signed still has some of the provisions of the safety plan.  Recall that it was because of the requirements under the DCFS' guidelines re persons the children may stay with (the other parent if they are separated or divorced) that forced her to file.  So in her 1st Statement, she said:
childcare professionals have encouraged a legal agreement .... the six children will stay in their mother's custody...
We are not in a position to discuss the details.  We hope now that it is clear that the events which led to the dissolution filing involved minor children ...understanding of sensitivity of the family situation....
The events which led to the filing, i.e. that the children needed to stay with her, are still in place thru the legal agreement.  While safety is no longer an issue, they may have been "encouraged" to keep the filing in place so there won't be any pressure to rush the children's healing in order for them to move back in together.   In her 2nd Statement she said the "DCFS is now satisfied the safeguards are put in place that will allow the children to heal."  The filing is the safeguard.

As I wrote earlier, while the DCFS was involved, she had to show that her loyalty was only to her children.  For so long as the therapists feel that Brad cannot yet live with the children and has to have supervised visits, her loyalty has to remain with her children -- but it appears she can now make some room for Brad.  

And since there are still rules or conditions they need to abide by, they are still in a "sensitive" situation with their children and "ask for your consideration during this difficult time."

Their ordeal isn't over yet.


I saw Allied and I thought it was good.  As others have noted, Marion Cotillard and the cinematography were very good.  Brad, both in his looks and performance was just OK.  His face looked puffy and I didn't think he emoted very well.  I thought Marion was far more convincing.  But the film was engrossing, exciting in parts, and technically very well executed.


As I was updating the timeline, I noticed that what I thought was a relatively more civil exchange between her PR and his was actually not even an exchange at all.  Brad's PR, likely Matthew Hiltzik,  was actually quoted in an earlier article by ET, it was not in response to her PR.  He did not respond at all to her PR's quote.  So after his testy response  to Judy Smith after she emphasized that the legal agreement was indefinite, it appears Brad may have reined him in.  And Angelina may have done the same with Smith, who apparently did not share her sensitivity to Brad's feelings.


IMDb has moved First They Killed My Father to 2017


Maleficent 2 is now listed for 2019

In the grand scheme of things, and now that Disney has staked out a number of release dates through 2019 (namely July 28, 2017, April 6, 2018, Aug. 3, 2018, Dec. 25, 2018 and Dec. 20, 2019), we fully expect Jolie to make her return as the gleefully dark fairy at some point before 2019.
So Maleficent 2 looks like its set for a Christmas 2019 release.

Which means she will probably start filming this next year given the amount of VFX required.

Elle Fanning, Juno Temple and Brenton Thwaites will also be back.

-- Fussy


  1. Thanks for the JP updates. I know it's probably so nuts for them and weird to not have that freedom to speak'; that ease of conversation they share. They'll get there again, I'm certain of it. On the subject of connections, I've wondered what the communication set up is with the Pitt grandparents. I'm beyond certain they've maintained contact with the grands and wonder if they've had any mediating influence on the parents. Some have loved to project a less than friendly relationship between his mom and Angie but that's on record as false and in fact, Jane Pitt has said how much "Angie" is loved by them. Family is family is family.

    Thanks for the Allied review. It will probably be out of the theater before I see it. The last movie I actually saw in a cinema was Jolie's UNBROKEN and that was two years ago!

  2. Once Allied promo is over, I think it's gonna be family time for Brad without DCFS over him. It must have been hell for them not being able to communicate directly. Now, I really hope the healing process will begin. Your family needs you Brad.

    They will be very under the radar until FTKMF promo which is to be released February/March next year??

    So plenty of time to focus on what is important, their family.

    1. I also believe it's getting on the other-side of Allied when hopefully they have time and privacy to further figure going forward out. I'm a pragmatist who tries to leave sentimentality to others but since we're so close to a time of family celebrations, I DO hope this holiday season reminds them of how happy the previous twelve together probably were for them.

  3. Fussy, you say:
    Evidently, there is a lot she would like to say but can't discuss openly.

    I agree. I don't think Brad is going to say anything, she might say something after time passes. Was confidentiality agreement signed so she wouldn't talk about the legal agreement they signed? His side seemed to be angry that she issued statement and that her representative tallked about the legal agreement anyhow - from their reaction we found out that they signed the confidentiality agreement in the first place, and I even commented that that was weird and asked you, at that time, if you think the agreement is signed by them or just by their legal teams.

  4. Brad still has that 'A' tattoo. He could've had it 'changed' by now.
    I know he still can but it made me happy seeing it.

    Fussy,I know I said that I will sit Allied out but if you can, can you tell me if the love scenes are 'mild' or not? It's silly,I know, but if I do end up going to see it, I want to know what to expect since it's rated R.

    1. Where did you see it? I wanna see it too.

    2. Here


      You can see he still has it :)

    3. I saw it, thanks so much. Brad is so polite and cute!

  5. Fussy, have you heard on the TV show in China Brad talked about taking a long vocation , seems like after the promotion for Allied wraps up he is taking much needed family Time. To hear that is good as it will give them all time to heal and him to have his as much visits as possible.

    1. Yes, it was during one of his interviews. Think after this is over we will not being seeing Pitt for a while seems he knows he has a lot of work to do regarding his family.

    2. Hearing that news actually made me happy and hopeful

    3. Anybody have a problem with me asking for a link to him saying this because so far I can't find one. I'd love to read for myself what I'd consider a reassuring sign that "maybe" his saying this may mean he AND Angelina will have chosen to take time to and shut the world out so they can to truly focus on healing.

  6. Fussy, there will be a Paris premiere this weekend and after that the London premiere on the 21, and the final one in Madrid on the 22. The promo is over after that.

    From Paramount Spain: