Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Random Fuzzies

In a few hours we will have photos from the Allied premiere

But first, let's look closer at the photos from yesterday's Moonlight screening


For comparison on his appearance, here is the last photo I have of him before the incident.

There are fans who are hating on him for showing up at the screening and smiling.

That film, Moonlight,  was produced by his company and he is listed as the executive producer.  It is widely considered an Oscar contender.  He is a professional.  He knows if you make an appearance you should be ready to fulfill what is expected of you.  As the executive producer and the biggest name associated with the film he was expected to help promote it.  And he did.  And I for one have no problem with that.

During the past two months that the DCFS has been investigating him, there was a safety plan in effect and a protective order against him that imposed strict restrictions on any direct contact or communication with his family, including Angelina.  Outside of the closely monitored visits. there would be limits on the physical distance he can approach them and he would not be allowed near where they live.

Those two months have clearly taken a toll on him.  He is thinner, paler, and looks older.  Brad normally has a tan.  That tan has faded.   Even when he is smiling you can see the difference between the sparkle in Julia's eyes and his. 

When the DCFS closes its investigation and if they do not recommend charges or any further action against Brad, many of the restrictions they all had to live under will presumably be lifted.  They will then finally be able to resume some semblance of a normal life and start to heal their family.  

The custody plan they agreed to may have the only remaining restrictions they have to abide by and those should be much easier for them to live with.

Among other things Brad and Angelina should now be free to have contact with each other.  They will finally be able to start to repairing their relationship.

Right now, there is no relationship.  On paper, they are a couple headed to divorce who have been separated for two months and had no direct contact for much of that time.  There's a lot they need to talk about and work on.

"We believe that all sides are committed to healing the family"

I believe that they will be able to "heal" their family and bring it back together.  But I also believe that Angelina will help Brad get his life back on track.  He needs her help.  He looks quite fragile now.  If we can notice the difference in his appearance, Angelina, who has probably not seen him in two months, will notice them even more.

When she filed, she wanted it out there that he was still "the love of her life".  She will not abandon him at this time if he is serious and is making an effort to solve his problems. 


I wrote yesterday that we will likely only see their rings (and whatever other jewelry carries meaning for the two of them) after they have healed their relationship.  The rings are symbolic of their relationship and as I noted above, right now they have none.

The same is true with the necklace that was apparently symbolic of their family.  We will likely only see that when their family has "healed" and is again a "family." 

That gives more meaning to those jewelry and the act of wearing them.


-- Fussy


  1. He looks thinner, paler, tired and actually older. He's definitely lost weight and his cheeks from before are telltale. I have been so curious but there's no way to know if the kids and Angelina are communicating with his parents. There's a seemingly close relationship with the grandkids and his mom is on record about how much they love "Angie" and proud of her. Its all so sad but hope springs eternal.

    Thanks for the updates (and positivity)

  2. Fussy, you are the best
    What do you think about "no ring, no necklace"?

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    2. Blade Runner, may I offer an opinion about that? We don't really know if the necklace is or isn't there because of the shirt. It may very well be under his clothing or even in his pocket. The ring? I think it's about sending a message more to the media than anything else. A divorce has been filed whether or not the relationship ends in one and so the removal of his ring or hers for that fact isn't something I find surprising at all when trying to keep focus on their family at a minimum. I think the presence of the ring(s) and what it symbolizes publicly remaining on their finger's contradicts so much happening in their lives right now. They aren't together, they aren't communicating directly with each other and a mixed message is just not something I think they want the media to run with. JMHO

  3. I can't believe how his appearance has changed in such a short time. That tells me he is indeed miserable, and not as so many says... happy, trying to be hollywood king with a young new starlet. Please, his family is falling apart, his looks are really showing that. I hope he and Angie can solve their issues, both deserve happiness.
    Very dark times for all involved.

  4. I`m sorry Fussy, I`m too disappoint in Brad. I just hope that his kids see this pics of their father smiling like a fool to the cameras while their mother is the one at home raising and protect them. Making them her priority. I`m not one to think Brad is a monster but the victims here are Angie and the kids. And No I don`t think Brad wants a reconciliation. A week ago I did now I don`t. For me it`s clear he does not care for his wife and quite frankly for his kids.

    1. One of the necklaces she gave him was about their kids, says a lot if he even took that one off :(

    2. He's angry and maybe thinks its all Angelina's fault so his anger has is blind of any sentimental ornimants now. I just hope he doessnt go on a rebound and start dating within a month that will be painfull and disrespectfull.

    3. Fiorella, he's still a member of a profession that requires exposure whether someone wants it or not. He's promoting something and besides that, Julia Roberts is his friend and I actually feel through that pic, this is probably a needed "lighter" moment for him. I don't disagree that its been his actions that have contributed the most to their split but you're wrong if you truly believe he doesn't care for his family. On the contrary, I believe the guy is in some serious pain right now. Maybe he does and maybe he doesn't want to be married to Angelina anymore and maybe she doesn't want to be with him as a wife anymore but, that does not mean they don't care or even still love each other. JMHO

  5. Fussy
    I'm going to say this thanks for making the past weeks good for me with your positive and hopefull posts and what you posted did make logical conclusions sadly by seeing Brad with out his wedding ring brought it back to reality. I still wish your version were true. That alone made me belive in JP's I still belive the love is there and hopefull they can get back maybe that's my wishfull thinking.