Thursday, November 3, 2016

Random Fuzzies

Some readers have speculated that in the aftermath of this whole episode, Brad and Angelina will be even more selective in the outlets they interact with.

Since late September, they apparently totally clamped down on the flow information and decided to only use TMZ as their outlet of choice.  TMZ had access to Angelina's side from the start through Harvey Levin's friendship with Laura Wasser but now they release info for both.  And you can probably look at the timeline and figure out when Angelina finally got to talk to Brad and explained the situation and her reasons for filing.

They want people to know that only TMZ has access to both of them.  They are now obviously working together with "sources close to Angelina" a.k.a. "sources close to the case"  also giving updates on Brad and Brad's intentions.  And only TMZ can issue reliable reports on what is really happening.

People seems to have been the biggest casualty as it struggled to find a single reliable source to provide them with a story.  All quotes from "family sources" and "friends" on events after the clamp down have been misleading or false.

For example,  around the same time that TMZ revealed Brad had his first visit with Maddox and that he wasn't filing a response and she wasn't seeking a default judgement on the petition, the People story was:
One month after she filed for divorce, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are still locked in divorce negotiations — with disagreements over child custody their primary issue.
“Things are still strange and strained between them,” a source close to the family tells PEOPLE. “They are still working on issues that they can’t agree on. It seems their issues still involve the kids.”

At a time when they were telling the world thru TMZ that "healing the family is the priority" and "there's a chance the whole divorce case could settle privately" People was exposed as peddling a false "strained divorce" story line.

Coming not long after the hugely embarrassing false visit report, the People editors may have finally realized that dubious sources were seriously undermining their credibility.  And so the subsequent story on the expanded DCFS investigation just safely quotes "a legal source with knowledge of the situation" and "another source with legal knowledge of the situation"  -- likely members of Bert Fields' team.

As I noted previously, none of these stories were written by Mary Green who has interviewed both repeatedly in the past and who is usually the main writer for their big cover stories. 


Lastly, a note:

This is a tiny blog.   I am not out to attract traffic.  In fact I avoid posting attention-grabbing headlines.

As the blog description notes, it is "Highly Selective and Opinionated."

You will know quickly if this blog is for you.
But I welcome having others point out things I missed or challenge a conclusion or piece of speculation and ask for supporting evidence.

I moderate the comments here to make sure it does not become, like other comments sections, a toxic pit of hate and venom.  Comments that give vent to hate will be removed.  Comments that seem designed to upset other readers will be removed. 

This is a fun exercise for me and I want it to be fun for the readers of both the blog and the comments.

-- Fussy


  1. Thank you for your posting. Fussy.

    I respect your moderation.


  2. Fussy your blog is great. I always followed but never commented. To see that even in difficult moments arise excelent opportunities. If it was not this whole situation a lot of cool people would not comment.


  3. And just as many fans in the beginning, did not yet have the notion of gravity that was to have the DCFS involved in this family drama. Many publications followed in the common narrative of celebrities, or want to blame Angelina. I think even many not thought about how delicate is the situation, for example the letter of lawyers Angelina sent to Perez, he made a whole drama in a letter only asked him to correct the false story about Angelina prevent visitation of children . That's because it was only about 1 reports that he published and that this news had caused problems for Angelina. No one knows what she passed and is passing these days. So even when she asked in higher education that does not speculate about something that involved children and the
    investigation withDCFS because her focus was on these headlines. So I think it will change a lot .

    And Angelina to have children adopted from the beginning has always been concerned that a simple false accusation of someone closest could take something serious happen to the fate of the children: Look what Angelina said on her fallout with father Jon Voight in 2002 after he went on TV to claim she had 'serious mental problems.'
    "I need to be very strong and healthy and can't afford emotional drama. Also, to [go on TV] considering I have a child - this person could have had my child taken away. If this is taken seriously that I am disturbed... what would that do to Mad? Where would he go? The idea that he would do that for... I don't know. "

    1. Good point. Excellent memory on Voight and Maddox.

    2. Yes. Good point, Bia. Thank you for pointing that out. Hopefully over time people will understand why Angie did what she did. It's sad to see her being accused of so many evil things.

    3. This blog has really been a wonderful discovery for me.

      Truly hoping for a family united again and your thoughtful insights has provided a calmness. The way you have dissected circumstances caused me to see them in a new light. And yes, I am grateful.

    4. Fussy please keep posting good news you are calmness in the midst of madness.

  4. I also remember her mother releasing a statement on her behalf not too long after her father made those remarks.Thanks for bringing that up Bia. The divorce filing can be looked at as a two birds one stone type of thing where Angelina shows the DCFS people that she's serious about keeping her kids safe and a wake up call to Brad about his behavior.

  5. It`s weird how they cut ties with People. After the first two weeks they had a bit of information but after that nothing. I still wonder why People did not report that Brad did not respond the divorce petition. It`s like they only want report bad news.

    I hope that by next week the investigation is over. It`s taking so long.

    1. If Fussy is right on her take about Brad and Angelina working on the reconciliation and healing of the family, then they might have decided to go with TMZ as their go to "sources" instead of giving it to People. Unity speaking.

  6. The reason that People did not report that Brad did not respond the divorce petition is because it didn't fall under their hateful narrative of spin they were doing about JP's and they were concentrating on all bad news only , they have no interest in seeing a family of . young kids reunite.

    1. Agree. People is just like Us but more subtle in their attacks on Angie. They are top tier in the tabloid ranking.