Saturday, November 5, 2016

Random Fuzzies 2

Some readers have been asking why Brad filed a response asking for joint custody when the DCFS investigation is still open, and they haven't yet ruled that the kids are safe with him.  Here is one possible explanation via People

Divorce attorney Christopher Melcher, who does not represent Pitt or Jolie, says Pitt’s filing a response on November 4 was really an expression of intent, and not a formal request for custody order, it does mean he’s not prepared to let Jolie have sole custody.
“[Angelina] checked a box for sole custody, he checked a box for joint custody,” Melcher says. “It’s basically just giving notice to the other party of what their intent is.”

… or maybe she just insisted that he file a response [to the divorce],” he says.


I have relied heavily on what they have said through their reps and on their actions in trying decipher their intentions. And the operative word is decipher

They are both public figures with work that draws on public support.   Angelina, as a humanitarian and public policy advocate, would not want her statements to be seen as being misleading.  I have often said they are mindful of public perceptions and expectations.

Some of her statements had elements that caught my attention -- her consistent use of "family" in making formal statements instead of just "children," and some odd phrasing like "she is headed to divorce court."

When she filed, she wanted it out there that Brad was still the "love of her life" and that "she would never leave him if it was just a substance abuse problem" .. that it was "all about protecting the children."

But if she was filing for divorce to "protect the children" and she only wanted sole custody to be temporary and "wants them to have a relationship with him once their health and safety is assured”  then she was really only talking about temporary protection.  Which implied that the need for divorce would also only be temporary.   That further begged the question, why resort to something potentially permanent -- like divorce -- in order to obtain something temporary?

Her divorce petition itself -- merely listing "miscellaneous jewelry," not mentioning their other assets or the prenup and not asking that her name be changed back provided further clues.  So I arrived at the conclusion that she didn't intend to see the petition through and was only using the filing as a tool until the children were safe.

At first I thought her purpose was to stage an intervention to force Brad to address his problems.  Until I realized that as a result of the DCFS investigation, if they perceived that the children were in danger, they could take them and place them in foster homes -- unless she could show that she could protect them by keeping them safe away from him.

They hurriedly reported on Brad and Maddox's "turning point" visit because that could lead the DCFS to declaring that the children were now safe with him and close the investigation.   They added that Angelina "wants their family to function with a fully involved father and mother" to give you hints on where she wants things to go.   When Oct 20 passed and there was still no word, they explained why Brad had not replied and that Angelina would not seek a default judgement  -- passing up on the easiest and fastest route to a divorce.  Hint. They added that "the whole divorce case could settle privately...and on that goal Angelina and Brad agree" to give you more hints on what could come.

Again, they are mindful of perceptions and expectations. 

But then weeks passed and the investigation, which had expanded to other incidents involving the whole family, remained open.  The children were still not "safe" in the eyes of the DCFS.

In Brad's response, just as with Angelina's petition,  he too did not mention child support or their prenup -- but then he asked the court for "more time to figure out a property agreement."  Even though their unmentioned "iron clad" prenup already is a property agreement that has everything figured out and would have made "divvying all that up simple."  Because just as the purpose of her petition is to keep the DCFS from taking the children, the purpose of his response is so they can buy time to wait out the DCFS while the investigation remains open. The DCFS investigation could be "ideally nearing a conclusion" or "is now going to continue for at least several more weeks."

And that is as best as I can decipher everything that has transpired in a way that makes sense to me.

What is clear is the DCFS is central to the divorce and central to all of their actions since the plane incident.

Everything revolves around the DCFS and they seem to react to what the DCFS does or failed to do. 

-- Fuusy


  1. Fussy, do you know what happens when respondent answers with filing his own divorce petition - does that start some divorce proceedings? Why would one party request of other party to file response? To get the ball rolling so the things wouldn't drag? Does the six month waiting period in California starts when both parties file, or something else need to be done? Thanks!

  2. I don't know, man! I think the facts are right there. He gave up already and doesn't want to be married to her. Maybe he was waiting for her to dismiss the petition at first and she didn't so he has to take action now before she actually gets to have the sole custody like she originally requested (and technically won)? Maybe we were all too hopeful that she'd change her mind about the divorce so we were reading in to things so much? Maybe she got so tired fighting for him for the longest time and she really meant the divorce when she filed it? Or maybe he's been playing her from the beginning of this investigation - to strike back when he knows the investigation is about to end and he knows he has better chance on gettting the joint custody that he wants? Or maybe they both got tired with this investigation and their lack of communication and decided it's not worth fighting for anymore which sucks. I think it's for us to accept it. They are over.

    1. Bianca....."I think it's for us to accept it. They are over."

      Yep, I've been in serious denial about it but I think reality hit like a sledgehammer after reading this latest. I've avoided all blurbs and anything pertaining to them until it was brought to Fuzzy Eye and then tonight while on Huffington Post; catching up on political news, out of the corner of my eye this latest story jumped out and I hurried here to get some clarity and I'm so disappointed that they've obviously tossed in the towel. I just don't get how they dropped the ball on this or why they went through the marriage ceremony "for the kids" and two years later they're communicating through lawyers. I'm now wondering how long they truly have been unhappy and who wanted out first.

    2. He had no choice but to file. He waited until the last minute and has asked for more time too. The fact is if he let ange get what she wanted (full custody) he would look like a dead beat dad. I feel no matter what Angelina will have full custody but perhaps all of this will put thinks in perspective for Brad and he'll realize that he's messed up and need to be there for his teenaged children. Anyway I see it Angelina will be there for them. Brad is an if question mark. Does he care more about his kids or carreer?

  3. I don't know why he wanted joint custody. He works and likes to travel a lot. No time for him to take care of the kids if he really wants what is best for them. He probably just wants to make sure he appears to fight for them in public eye. Sad but they both give up at this point. Both have different agendas and interests.

    1. Yep, all those stories of her wanting to be in the U.K now may have some validity. I doubt either will marry again but then again, I never expected they'd part. So sad.

    2. Cara you're right. It's all for appearances. It's about how he looks in the public eye. Who in their right mold would want to look like a dead beat dad?

      Mija, I think that was a damn lie from brads team he works more in the U.K. Than Angelina does. Even his upcoming movies will be filmed there. It was a big lie to make her look bad. Ange and children have been on la for some time while Brad was filing on the U.K. On his own and most liked cheating with hooker and partying

  4. Fussy, I still love your explanations, but it's harder and harder for me to keep the faith. I think now (like I've probably always known) that all those "quotes" were never hints released by them and their reps, but just speculation from the various TMZ, People, etc. It's always been like that :(