Monday, November 7, 2016

Random Fuzzy 2

TMZ's report also had this from "Brad's side"
Sources connected with Brad tell us ... the custody arrangement is riding on the conclusions of DCFS, and they believe the agency will determine Brad is a good parent.

Note first of all that there is no dispute on "getting his sh*t together" or the need for monitored visits.

But perhaps more importantly, this is an acknowledgement that despite the flashy headlines and what they both checked in the petition and the response,  custody right now is dictated by the DCFS.  

And the DCFS may be dictating almost all other facets of their lives right now.

I posted earlier on Us using the phrase "protective order"

The protective order against the actor, 52, has been extended as investigators look into whether there are additional incidents or a pattern that may suggest a history of abuse that involves more than one of Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s six children.

Noting that DCFS glossary defines an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) Restraining order as

An order issued by the court, which enjoins a person from engaging in a specified behavior or activity, limits the distance a person may approach a specific location and/or person, or excludes a person from a specific dwelling or place of business.

 And if there is a protective order the courts would be involved.
An ex-prate temporary restraining order issued by the Superior Court following a determination by law enforcement that a child is in immediate danger of abuse by a member of a child’s family or household. An EPO may exclude any parent, guardian or member of a child’s household from the dwelling of the person having the care, custody, and control of the child. EPO allow children to remain in their home while allegations of child abuse by the restrained parties are investigated and allow the non-offending parent time to seek assistance from Family Law Court.

And I recalled the ET post:

In the wake of child abuse allegations leveled against Pitt, the Department of Children and Family Services reportedly implemented a child safety plan. ET confirms that, given the safety plan, it's unlikely the 52-year-old star has been in contact with Jolie directly, as any communication would likely need to go through both parties' attorneys.

And then today Lainey posted
sources for each team maintain that Brange aren’t speaking,

It seems from all of the above that Brad may be prohibited by the DCFS from having any contact with his family -- including Angelina -- outside of monitored visitation.

In my previous post I wrote:
Until the DCFS closes the investigation, Angelina needs to be seen as unwavering in her loyalty to the children -- that she will "fight hard" for them.  She cannot be seen as being torn between her husband and her children because she needs to assure the DCFS that she will defend her children if they are in danger from him.  That is why the guidelines specify that the child may be placed with the other parent, if they are separated or divorced. 

Therefore as a condition for allowing the children to remain with her,  Angelina may have been required to sign a safety plan wherein she and Brad are not allowed direct contact -- in other words, in keeping with the guidelines, they have to behave like a divorced couple.

The DCFS is not trying to make them divorce and it did line up family counseling wherein they will all be together -- but since visitation is still in the monitored stage, that may not yet be on tap.  It is the DCFS' policy to help families get back together after situations like this and down the road the DCFS will help them "heal."  But for the time being, the DCFS apparently feels that Brad needs to be kept away from his family and they all need to comply with the DCFS' wishes however and whatever that may take.

And perhaps that is why a "Pitt source" said he: 
“has been absolutely devastated and heartbroken by the events of the past several weeks, both in terms of how those events have been wrongfully portrayed and how they have threatened to jeopardize his family’s ability to heal and move forward.”
which I've long thought was a dig at the DCFS

and he
“can’t believe this is what his life has become and he’s in bad shape."

I think Angelina feels sorry for him which is why
Angelina Jolie will not cooperate with law enforcement if there's a move to file child abuse charges against Brad Pitt ... TMZ has learned.
 Angelina, we're told, has a singular focus ... protecting her kids, not punishing Brad.

And they all must be getting very weary and impatient for it to be over
Sources tell us Angelina was cooperative but her endgame is for the whole thing to just go away.

And since they can't communicate directly, this line is also likely intended to reassure Brad:
Our Angelina sources say she ultimately wants the family repaired so she and Brad can resume a "normal" parenting regime

Once the DCFS determines that the children are ready and safe to be with him AND he is ready to be a "good parent."


While Brad is the sole cause of this mess, his position is also the most painful.  He is all alone and the restrictions on him are quite severe.   If this doesn't close by the end of the year he will be having a very miserable Holiday season. 

TMZ wrote "until he gets his s**t together" she only wants him to have monitored visitation"  But the continuation of monitored visitation is at the  therapist's discretion which in turn is based on the children's reaction to him.  So I don't know if that was what Wasser actually told them.
And incidentally, sources close to her have used that phrase before.  Right after the filing was announced, Lainey wrote, "The way one source put it, she “wanted him to get his sh-t together”
Are we to infer that after two months, he still hasn't gotten his sh*t together?

Three paragraphs later they wrote again "She believes Brad has substance abuse and anger issues that must be addressed."  There were reports that he passed two drug and alcohol tests but could he have flunked one recently?  What other reason could there be for them to bring up his problems -- unless they're just avoiding mentioning the kids, which is certainly possible.

It has been almost two months and the therapists still haven't cleared him for unsupervised visits with their kids which gives an indication of the depth of the problem he created.

As far as I can tell, the investigation hinges on 3 main issues:  1) Brad getting effective help for his anger and substance abuse problems, 2) the DCFS completing their interviews on all the incidents involving Brad that were brought to their attention, and 3) the children healing enough to feel safe alone with their dad.

While they may not be allowed any direct contact, they can still communicate through intermediaries and the emotional connection is still apparent.  "Sources connected with Angelina" were excited about Brad's first visit with Maddox which they called a "turning point."   And they showed mutual trust when Brad did not immediately file a response and Angelina in turn did not seek to take advantage by asking for a default judgement.

So we have their actions and their words to guide us.

Hopefully, the investigation will close and they can start to heal together very soon -- like before the end of the year.   And I can go back to having more cheerful posts.

-- Fussy


  1. Still, sources for each team maintain that Brange aren’t speaking - this is sad if true. This DCFS investigation has got to come to an end.

    1. Thank you again, Fussy for your analysis.

      For the case to be open these many weeks, it seems apparent there were other serious incidents that warrant investigation, not a one-off. What do you suppose triggered such serious issues for him? A slow build on substance abuse? Stress, lifestyle (maintaining their many high-end properties) work or family (please no)? Does weed, or weed combined with alcohol make one volatile? My guess is Angie was probably the primary target, not necessarily the children. The children could be fearful of him based on how he treats their mother, especially Vivi. It makes me sad to think his perception was so altered of someone he loves so much.

      Also sad to read they are not communicating. If love still lives, imagine how painful that would be. Many appear to think Brad is in denial of his problems. He’s on the edge of losing what he valued most so he better recognize before it’s too late. If there is any chance to repair their relationship they’ve got to talk, time is slipping away.

      I was trying to envision how joint custody will work with their many commitments. Isn’t Brad scheduled to film in England in 2017 (WWZ2)? Just a mess!

    2. WWZ2 doesn't even have a director despite being scheduled for next year I don't think it's happening.I know the studio wants David Fincher and he's Brads BFF so who knows?

    3. David Fincher is a old friend of them both and he was the best man in Brad and Angie`s wedding.

  2. It is tough for both of them if they can't even talk to each other... I hope Brad is going thru rehab and Angie is taking good care of herself through all these atress.

  3. You're right they are not allowed to contact one another unless its through the appropriate channels. DCFS is 100% against the non-offending parent to interact with the accused until they think its fit and the children is safe. I know people want to see this as a huge war but some of this is being played out incorrectly when its really DCFS calling the shots here regarding communication, visits, and etc.

    1. JP's are stuck in a rock and a hard place due to DCFS and people should acknowledge that, but sadly press will make drama of things that even they know about just to create news.

  4. Well, Brad better give out some statement that will let her know or assure her that he's still in the plan. That they're both on the same boat. Because i'm not hearing anything from him or his sources that suggests he still wants his wife back and become a family again. There's not even an effort on his part to change his bad habits. You'd think if he cares for his image, taking a break and going to rehab would be a good thing for him. He'd still come out as the good guy for addressing his problem. Maybe in the beginning they both have hope to save the relationship and the family but it's been more than a month without contact? Who knows what his lawyers are advicing him? His friends? Him not addressing his problems and not even sorry for what he did to his family is a sign. Maybe they both realize it's not gonna go back to how it used to be. She's hopeful it still sounds, but him, not so much anymore like he did earlier with his statements. I don't know. This is all too much. It's exhausting already.

    1. Bianca Brad never does statements never has never will, that's not the way he rolls.As much as you want that to happen it's not going to happen.

  5. Fussy I know you say time and time again Angelina by the statements coming out that she may be reassuring Brad from a distance due to the lack of communication between them due to DCFS rules as you rightly pointed out,but I do wish Brad would reassure her too via his statements. Because its not a bed of roses for her too is it.So far her statements are positive including him and whole family ,whereas his are clinical about him and then family.While She is getting crucified via trail by media, him being praised for hiding and ready to be accepted back in the bosom of Hollywood and everyone is waiting for him by the likes of Lainey SMH.

    1. There was not a single statement from "his sources" that said that he was sorry for the situation. What they said is that he takes situation seriously, that events were "wrongfully portraied", and in the newest one, that they hope "the agency will determine Brad is a good father". That indicates to me that he feels like a victim in this situation. He knows, very well, from these past 12 years that Angelina is the one who always takes blame in public eye for everything related to them, and he is letting that be a perception again. Honestly, I would love to believe that the case is different and I would love to eat my words, but so far, I don't see any evidence to the contrary.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Sarah I was thinking the same thing but I also keep going back to him being the alleged perpetrator and with this still being with DCFS if he in anyway admits to anything it will be considered a form of admitted guilt so he could then be criminally charged. I'm sure his attorneys have told him this numerous times. Which is why it baffled me when one of his first sources with People mag went into detail about what happen on the plane. I'm sure after that his attorneys told him to zip it because it could be used against him. This situation is just bad all around so I just really don't know.

  6. Again thanks, Fuzzy for the amazing analysis. It`s really unfair what Angie and the kids are going though. But thank you for also seeing Brad`s side as well. He`s not a monster. The family are all in hurt. Well Brad made the mess and he`ll have to be the one who clean it up. I think and hope that when the investigation it`s over and BA are able to talk things will change for the better.

  7. One more thing : why are they talking, if that's them talking, through TMZ? The language, photos and titles TMZ uses are disgusting! Like, really, if they want to convey their messeges to the public (and to each other) couldn't they choose classier outlet?! It really saddens me that they are at that level.

  8. His situation is the most painful? And he's all alone? Wtf?

    His kids =the most painful situation. Pitt is a joke and will be a ok his kids are the ones who Will suffer.

  9. Facts- Angelina's "side" would not put this out if it wasn't true. I don't trust Brad side.