Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Random Fizzy

This, from my previous post, summarizes where they are:

They want people to know that supervised visits is not something she wants, there is no fight between them, nor are there issues Brad needs to work on.  They have to live apart because childcare professionals decided that the children were not yet ready to live with their father and that they need safeguards to allow them to heal properly.  Like Brad's response, the petition is there merely to act as a safeguard.   The children's healing is the only issue.  They want to keep things calm and quiet as they work with child experts to bring their children back to a normal relationship with their dad.

Some additional impressions:

- She wants Brad and the children to be together as much as possible.  An indication of just how much she wants it is she bristles when reports such as TMZ's suggest otherwise.  It was a similar report that got Perezhilton a letter from Bert Fields. 

- She is very protective of Brad.  She is protective of his feelings, she is protective against suggestions that he still has substance abuse or anger problems, and she didn't want him to be associated with the ICC.

- Brad trusts her.  In the video posted previously from Paris he said "This was more a universal story about love, and I would say trust.  Trust in the person you love.  Trust in your intuition."  But there was no reason for him to mention "trust" in relation to his character's story in Allied -- not in terms of his mission or his relationship with Marion.  Nor was it even that much of love story.  It was a spy mystery -- his character confronting the truth.  So "love and trust" refers to his own emotions.  Trust factored a lot in helping him cope with their 8 week ordeal.  And he trusts her now that she will help the children to see him again as a loving father.  

- They don't want any talk of a fight between them.

- They are being very careful.

- They are being very patient.


Guest (Thanks!) shares this:

Brad Pitt has shut down bodyguard Kris Herzog's claims that he was ever employed to work for the actor.
"No, not true," a representative for the 52-year-old movie star told Be when asked if The Bodyguard Group Of Beverly Hills founder had been part of Brad's security team over the years.
"He [Herzog] has not been affiliated with Brad Pitt or his security team".


People posted a story
The 52-year-old actor was in Turks and Caicos over the holiday, enjoying a weekend getaway with a friend at the popular celeb resort the Amanyara Villas.
“Brad had a very restful and relaxing stay in the company of an old friend,” the insider told PEOPLE.

Let's first of all bear in mind that that Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving weekend are not the same.   If he spent Thanksgiving day plus the entire weekend in Turks and Caicos that's a long time to just be with one male friend.

Four years ago, the family as well as his whole family from Missouri spent Christmas in Turks and Caicos, staying at Donna Karan's house.   If he was missing them and miserable, those memories would just haunt him.

Whatever arrangement they came up with still left him happy beforehand -- because he had to have known how he was going to celebrate Thanksgiving while he was in Europe and he was clearly happy.   He spoke thoughtfully about love and trust.

Everything Angelina said and did pointed to wanting him to be with their kids -- she made it clear that it was childcare professionals that wanted therapeutic visits not her -- and her latest actions were all about protecting him.


We haven't heard from her rep.   We don't know if any of the "sources" was his rep.

Louisa (Thanks!) shared a link to a report on the Turks and Caicos trip that said "A representative for Brad had "no comment."

The decision to confirm that he spent Thanksgiving weekend at the Amanyara Villas in Turks and Caicos had to have been done after a lot of thought and has a part in their overall strategy. 

Like I wrote earlier, they are being very careful and being very patient.  They are protecting the kids from any outside noise and pressure.

The same People article said:
“Every event is cherished,” Plan B exec Dede Gardner previously told PEOPLE. “Every birthday is cherished. The holidays are cherished. Events are made of every moment in the most positive way.”

We know from past experience that we have to look at what they say as well as what they didn't say.


For such an important family holiday, the reports are all devoid of any drama: she didn't call to invite him so he quickly packed his bags and went to Turks and Caicos with a buddy and had a "very restful and relaxing stay."  He didn't even opt to spend it with his family in Missouri.  There was no hint that he was sad to spend a big family holiday away from his family -- like it was totally OK with him. There is something missing here

-- Fussy


  1. Fussy 100% ITA with what you wrote. Yes there is trust between them despite what the media is trying to portray the "so called war"the reality is quite the opposite. Angelina has from day 1 showed where her loyalties lay and that's with her "family"and family isn't just kids but her husband too. No matter how blindsided Brad may have been especially the first week when he wasn't in touch with the family due to legality issues doesn't mean he want nervous or fearful at one stage of the "unknown". Since that specter was removed by Angelina he knew he could trust her and like you said there was /is trust between them,it has showed in their actions. Angelina has fought his corner and he knows it and so does his team of people. She is protective of him and he is showing the same to her too. She didn't need to pull her ICC Video or the wrongful message that the media tried to pain Brad in via her. Her actions speak like a spouse who would fight tooth and nail to protect not only her children but her husband against the world. Fussy I know we might be in the minority wishing and hoping for good news and I truly hope we are right and they are able to come out of all this with grace and dignity as a couple.

  2. Fussy, I want to thank you for your always encouraging comments. I agree with your assessment that the goal for both of them is a completely "healed" family. May that be the case very soon.
    God bless them all..."We believe all sides are committed to healing the family."

  3. Truly hope they come out of this stronger.They are really being tested as a family & i wish them all the best & hope they are ok?. The way the tabloid media has behaved is a disgrace.Thinking only of cashing in from a awful situation. The smear campaign against Angelina is so blatantly obvious, yet public participate in every bogus story written. Angelina will rise above it & show what class actually is & prove haters wrong.

  4. Thanks Fussy, for always remaining so positive and upbeat for the family's future together.
    Hope Pax had a wonderful birthday with both his parents, as well as siblings there for his special day.
    People mag unnamed "source" has Brad on vacation in Turks and Caicos over Thanksgiving weekend.


  5. These gossip sites and magazines are copying a fake news from the other posting as "sources." That Brad was at Turks and Caicos for Thanksgiving, Brad went 2 months without being seen, only went out to promote the movie and after staying so long away from the children even if he still has the restriction regarding visits with children with the therapeutic visits .... do not think he would be traveling, restful so far from where the children are and as the children can not have the Same freedom.
    Then we realize how much their family is attacked.
    They do everything to look like Brad does not give a damn for the family, they are nothing to him, they have always been a burden .... he needs something calm, peace, smile and that never Angelina nor the Children were able to bring that happiness to him .....
    And Angelina is the crazy, manipulative one who is doing everything to ward off the children, that she caused all this, that all the fault is hers ......

    We do not even know where Angelina and the kids are ... or where Brad is.

    And many of these gossip sites have not even realized that today is Pax's birthday.

    1. Bia, rest assure People Magazine know nothing and even if they did, they are not putting great light on Brad despite throwing shade at Angelina for keeping the kids away from him hence she is a bad mother for keeping kids away from their father.It also shows Brad in a bad light too who'd rather than have a long vocation with his friend David Fincher than stay in LA to sort his family issues out. Tabloids are just fishing and they can't catch anything despite putting bait out for JP's to bite, they are juts ignoring them all. Also for Brad to leaving Madrid on first available flight out back to LA doesn't not scream a guy dying to go on long leisurely holiday with his BFF, but a father and husband dying to get back to be with his family.

  6. Being in Turks & Caicos on thanksgiving with and old friend seems so surreal, why would he go to a place he went with his whole family for a Happy Holiday some years ago? It does not make sense.

    I'm not american, but thanksgiving is all about being with family right? He could have asked Angelina to spend it with the kids for a while during the day, maybe have lunch with them. Even though she has sole custody I'm sure she wouldn't deny that to him.
    But the freaking media wants to make her as the devil witch, they may try. But for those who know her and her fans they will fail big time.

    Still praying for their 'healing', whatever they mean with that.

    I hope Pax is having a lovely day. Another teen in the JP household! Yay

  7. Maybe he did and maybe he didn't. I personally find it kinda out of sorts under the circumstances. It seems an odd pick logistically speaking but I won't judge if true. I reiterate that this is a time for them that's unlike any other in the last twelve years. Can't imagine how hard it is losing the freedom of constant physical contact of who you love and they're still in the world.

  8. Well Brad did say in China he will go on a long vocation maybe this Is sit LOL.

  9. I do not think anything abnormal Brad spend a holiday away from family, after all father's day he spent in France away from his children this year. But now after all that happened he would not be able to stay away in another country from the children .... if it were true, it would be another strange item from all those events that happened to their family ... would be the most Strange divorce that I've seen ....... lol 2016 the year that everyone gone crazy

    1. His fathers day was work related no? I'm sincerely asking the question because I honestly don't know. I seem to recall a blurb about him in the midst of Allied at the time. I don't fault him for doing whatever he's doing at present anymore than I would Angelina. Truth be told we're in the dark mostly but hopeful their light at the end.

    2. No, it was not work related.....
      Rev Up! Brad Pitt, Patrick Dempsey and Keanu Reeves Set to Accelerate the Star Power at the Le Mans 24 Hours Race

      I do not know if he got money to be there .... I think he was because he likes to watch car race, then he took the opportunity to visit a motorcycle collector, he rode a motorcycle with the guy ......

    3. Thanks because I really had no idea and it's cool if he was. I now doubt it was much more than a chance to exercise his passion for cars and motorcycles. Thanks for the info

    4. Brad was guest of honor to open the race at Le Mans it was widely publicized and he had to stay for the whole 24 hour race start to finish due to contractual obligations also there was a rumor that it was a father day gift from Angelina to him knowing his passion in motor racing and motor cycle racing and the visit to the motor cycle collecter was part of what Angelina planned for him.

    5. I remember when she set up a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater" house saying how hard it was to buy for him. Le Mans sounds like something he'd love and appreciate.

  10. Just hoping things are getting brighter for the whole family.
    Mirror (UK tab) apparently contacted Brad's rep re Thanksgiving vacation
    'A representative for Brad had "no comment".'