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  1. "It's really nice to have all the support." - Brad

    The the 1st priority ;)

  2. It's all about him, isn't it. His wife and children know the truth and that all matters. All the adorations from the fans wouldn't keep him warm at night. Good luck with the movie, man. You are gonna need it. Because that's all you will get from now on.

  3. t times like this, I do not know how anyone can be professional. For me there is no right way to do things, right moment. I still expect some manifestation from Brad or some representative of him, trying to restrain these speculations from the slanderous names of Angelina and Maddox .... because Brad is protected, divorce only helped him further.

    I firmly believe that divorce will be the best thing for Angelina, that she find someone who knows how to protect and love her. I think now she must have realized that she was never part of the Brad team.
    I find it so sad that she had to keep trying to justify her actions, and the media distorting everything and using it to make her narrative even worse.
    I think Brad did not understand Angelina's motives, I think he feels victimized.

    I will believe and pray that Angelina will overcome all this, that she does not close herself even further, that she learns that she does not have to take all the responsibility.

    That she has consciously made what she thought was right and what was best for her children. No thought of reputation, movie or what the others were going to talk about.

    But the truth is on her side, if not Brad would not have to have them visit supervised at the recommendation of the therapists.

    You can tell that Brad is thin, sad ... but his attitude does not change, even after having been the cause of all this instability in the family, he does not admit it, and when he goes to admit it, it's been a long time and opinion Of others on the facts has already turned the truth.

    Many say that Angelina does not need her to defend her, that she is strong, that she can handle everything .... they are only blaming everything on her, and attacking mainly her family, her and the children ....

    Brad always circled more alone, without the kids, I want to see him deal with it, take care of everyone, see how much Angelina set aside or adapted to incorporate the children.
    Brad is just professional, nice guy for friends, colleagues, fight to the end for a movie .... what's left for his family .... the frustrations, the drunk, absent ...
    Brad is someone who agreed to date Jennifer Aniston because the two of their agents thought it was going to be a good one ... maybe he needs it from something that is combined, controlled from the same agency CAA .....
    I may be talking nonsense, but Brad's attitudes do not let me see another thing.

    I just hope he can be the father that Angelina always admired for her children and that he does not disappoint the children even more.

    1. Bia, Thank you for your comment.
      I think I am not an emotional fan.

      But your comment make me crying.
      I am crying for Angelina& Maddox.

      Fussy, Thank you for giving us a wonderful comment board.

    2. You couldn't have said it better, Bia. I think what you said are some of the root causes of frustration against Brad.
      Not so much because he didn't wear any jewelries or walked the red carpet.
      It's this indignified silence of him.
      It's just sad seeing Angie fighting public perceptions,not only for their children and herself but himself too.
      Seeing her had to keep trying to justify her action, as you said.
      Seeing her being attacked left and right for protecting THEIR children.
      And this attack against Angie just few hours before Allied's premiere? I don't know... :(

      My pray that Angie is and will always be in good health to take care of their 6 children and herself. We all know she's strong. But still...
      Lets just pray for her and kids.

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  5. He looks weary, a bit gaunt, and he has cleary lost weight. He looks apprehensive to me; quiet. I really find issue with this idea he's a jerk or monster or doesn't still love his estranged wife or his kids. Do people really expect to see him publicaly blubbering and inconsolable anymore than we'd expect to see Angelina doing any of those things? He's on his job doing what is required of him as an actor promoting a film.

  6. Have you seen the video of last night premiere? Because he doesn`t look anything like you describe on camera.

  7. This. He looks like he's been through hell compared to how he always looked like. And I am starting to get uncomfortable with these he's a monster guy. Yes, he's an a*hole for breaking her and their kids heart but you all need to calm down. He's out doing his job. He's so supposed to act like he actually wants to be there to promote the film. If he was there looking all sad and crying - y'all would assume he's asking for public sympathy so it's a no win situation. I highly doubt Angelina is crying and mopping around everyday feeling all alone in this world. I'm sure she's fine. And in this situation, she's the one who has leverage - she's got their kids and that's the only important thing for her right now.

    Like I said, we all just need to PATIENTLY wait and see how they'll go forward with this divorce once the new agreement is done. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt, after all, he stood by her when she was depressed over her mother's death and never left her after having all those surgeries.

  8. "we dont know nothing, in what way the surgeries changed their life, their relationships even their goals"

    Exactly. So, why are we jumping in to conclusion that he's a monster who dumped his family over his career? These Jolie fans who's accusing of Pitt as monster because he only cares about his image is as bad as Pitt's fans who's accusing of Jolie as monster trying to brainwash her kids away from him. If you believe all these rumors of him and Cotillard and all these other young women you are posting, let me ask, did you believe all those rumors of Jolie and her bodyguards? With Hauge and other actors that were linked to her? I don't think so. So, why are you believing the rumors about him?

    I know how upsetting this is to the fans, but y'all need to calm down. Fussy never promised that they will get back together. She's just trying to express her opinion from what she's reading. Once the FBI is done with him and they decide they still both want to go forward with the divorce, then that's the time we all can judge and let out our frustrations.

    1. Bianca, I wish I could look at Brad differently. Sadly now, I couldn't. Some people believe in rumors which I don't. I believe in what I see. Being a man of few words and more action as he was said to be, I see action involving image building MORE than action of protecting his family. And Brad's action so far don't let me think at him in other way.

  9. Way to go Bianca, I couldn't have said better. #claps


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