Thursday, December 1, 2016

Random Fuzzy Notes (Part 2a)

Seal and RFO



Sept. 26, 12:11PM

9. In accordance with the provisions of California Rules of Court 2.550 et seq., the following portions of the file Marriage of Pitt, Los Angeles County Superior Court Case No. BD646 058, are ordered sealed and shall not be disseminated, disclosed, published in any way, or the substance thereof otherwise communicated in any manner other than the Court herein, the parties, the parties' respective counsel of record, and the parties' respective experts or the Court's appointed experts, whether through informal discovery, formal discovery, and whether produced by the parties or any third party:

a. Records relating to all child custody issues and orders, including, without limitation, records relating to the mental and physical health of either party or the parties and any and all of heir minor children;

b.  The identity of the parties' minor children, their location, including without limitation, their places of residence, school and other activities; and

c. The location of the parties, including, without limitation, their places of residence.

10.  Only those documents and pages or, if reasonably practicable, portions of those documents and pages that contain material relating to child custody issues shall be placed under seal.  All other portions of each document or page shall be included in the public file.

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