Monday, November 7, 2016

Angelina Jolie is ready and willing to fight Brad Pitt in court over the custody of their children and "until he gets his s**t together" she only wants him to have monitored visitation ... sources connected to Angelina tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story, Brad filed legal docs Friday, asking for joint custody of the couple's six children. Angelina has drawn a line in the sand, asking for primary physical custody, with Brad getting visitation ... our sources tell us she wants the visits monitored.

Angelina's wish list is basically what she and Brad agreed to temporarily while the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services investigates a confrontation between Brad and Maddox. As we reported, DCFS is looking more broadly at interactions in the family.

Our Angelina sources say she ultimately wants the family repaired so she and Brad can resume a "normal" parenting regime, but until then she will fight hard for sole physical custody. She believes Brad has substance abuse and anger issues that must be addressed.

Sources connected with Brad tell us ... the custody arrangement is riding on the conclusions of DCFS, and they believe the agency will determine Brad is a good parent.

One Angelina source said this is looking more and more like "War of the Roses redux."


  1. Just when you thought things might calm down we have another set of round of BS.I very much doubt anyone who is close to this case is allowed to spill details especially this sensitive with DCFS. Again Angelina is singled out and painted as the bad guy and no one can say boo to Brad, hence all the support for poor old Brad.

  2. Fussy, I really don't know what to make of this new news, its just heart wrenching either way.Seems like the camps are still divided.Oddly there's is complete silence and shut down of Brad sources and every media outlet is blaming Angelina openly or shading her via sources SMH.

    1. Fussy another thing is as per this new report " she will fight hard for sole physical custody" IF that were the case the why didn't she take the golden opportunity when she had the default of him not replying and she had 2 weeks why not act upon it then??

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  4. Think TMZ is playing with words here to sensationalize. If you reread what there saying about her wanting monitored visits well he is has that now which was information already released.
    The only new tidbit of info here to me is that she is reiterating again that her ultimate goal here is to have the family repaired and he needs to get his act together.

  5. The last sentence is a bit dramatic and unnecessary. And TMZ needs to stop with the ``source close to Angelina``. It`s damaging and if Angie has anything to do with them she has to stop it. They don`t want what best for the family with those sensationalize headline.