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A reader - MelodyHarmony (Thanks!) - shares this:

Paris premiere live.


Event / meeting this sunday at 17 pm for live in live the scenes of the exceptional avant-première of the film Alliés, in the presence of Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard.

Random Fuzzy

I wrote yesterday about how Hello reported that the video she sent to the ICC  "has since been removed from Twitter."   While looking at my original post on her message, I realized that even the ICC's tweet on her had been deleted.  A still from her message that was attached to the ICC's tweet has been widely used in reports of her "first" appearance since she filed.   It is confirmation that the action to curtail the circulation of her message came from her since its unlikely the ICC would remove its tweet for anyone else.

Like I wrote previously:
The action is actually more a defense of Brad since they want to avoid reminding people of the abuse investigation and want to disabuse people of the notion that it is an issue between them.  The video itself just reinforces Angelina's commitment to children's causes worldwide and without the attempt to link it to Brad, she would have no reason to have it taken down.

The latest choreographed reports from Brad's side were all about how “Brad has been deferential on what’s best for them and limits their stress,” and "He wants to limit the fighting.”  They want to give the expectation of peace and so moved swiftly to nip in the bud attempts to create the expectation of war.


A reader (Agility) brought up comments about Allied and Brad's appearance and performance.  Like I wrote previously, his face looked puffy, he looked bloated.  Despite the sometimes pained expression in his latest photo ops, I think he looks better and healthier now.   He obviously lost weight but he has been thin before.  What he lost is the puffiness in his face -- probably a sign that he has cut back on his consumption of alcohol.

As to his performance, I've mentioned that he didn't emote very well and this is especially noticeable in the beginning when his character was supposed to be falling in love with Marion's.  The scenes are mostly wordless and he was supposed to convey his deepening love for her by looks and glances.  He didn't do a very good job.  He was OK in some parts, but overall stiff and far from his best.

I didn't see any unintentionally funny parts. 

-- Fussy


  1. Thanks Fussy for all the updates this weekend.

    So tired of seeing Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard in news/headlines! Allied events won’t be missed by me when they are over. How unlucky for B/A that Allied is part of their conversation right now.

    Fussy, on another site I was reading last night, a couple of reviewers wrote as if the movie was unintentionally funny and were disappointed that such a stellar director and top stars didn’t have better material. Neither had a good opinion of Brad’s performance or his appearance.

    1. I did not see any unintentionally funny parts. But like I wrote previously, Brad, in this role, didn't emote particularly well especially in the beginning when he was supposed to be falling in love with Marion. He wasn't convincing at all. Overall, one of his weakest performances of late.

    2. I've seen opinions that say when Brad's personal life is in disorder, it always shows up in his work. In the movie pictures I've seen he does 'look' different but thought he was just finally showing his 52 years.

    3. His face was puffy, he looked bloated. Not so much a sign of discord as a sign of drinking too much.

    4. Poorly worded on my part, but that's what I was thinking too.

  2. In late 2015 I found his face a little strange, especially in The Big Short New York Premiere
    I think that hair and color did not help much either, but his face was different.
    At the Golden Globe Awards 2016, he is still without much expression on his face, but I thought he looked better, but I do not like that look too young, I like Brad with the natural marks

    During the filming of Allied, the photos and videos behind the scenes did not find Brad so expressionless on the face, but in the clips I thought it was strange the performance of Brad.

    But after filming, when we saw Brad circling NY, LA, 24h of Le Mans 2016 he was already much better physically, more natural.

    Now though he has slimmed down enough, this look was good for him, and he's less bloated.

  3. check out the dvd he's signing, bottom line if nothing else they will forever be family.