Monday, October 24, 2016

Mon Oct 24th, 2016 6:00am PDT

AMAZING! Angelina Jolie is holed up in one of the most exclusive, most expensive, most admired mansions in all of Malibu -- the massively impressive oceanside estate of Universal head honcho Ron Meyer.

The two have been buds for years and when Jolie and Pitt split, Jolie rented a beautiful home on Pt Dume in Malibu, but on Sept. 31, she had to be out. And she didn't move to Denise Richards' Hidden Hills home -- she went to VISIT Denise (who knew they were friends?!) -- she was really living at the Meyer's Malibu manse. That's where she and the kids have been photographed twice recently, heading in from the beach on the private staircase that leads up the bluff to the expansive, environmentally-friendly home on a huge long lot with various smaller buildings and tennis courts near the entrance.

Wanna play a quick game of six-degrees of separation? Well Meyer is Jennifer Meyer's dad -- of course she's just announced her split from hubby Tobey Maguire. Meanwhile, Meyer is part of a celebrity poker ring that includes Ben Affleck (who famously lost $400K to the studio head one difficult evening), Tobey himself, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Rick Salomon and Leonardo DiCaprio and some of his pals.

So anyway, Jolie's in hiding at the home with her kids and they are, apparently, starting to visit their dad on occasion. It remains to be seen when Angelina will actually make an appearance in public


It doesn't look like it's the same property.  There is no sheer white wall leading up from the beach visible in Meyer's property.


  1. She went to visit Denise Richards?? Oh please! Too much speculation, not buying this at all.


  2. If the house has an owner, how to explain that Angelina was there to look at the house for rent .... a joke these gossips wanting to create non-existent facts. and Angelina know him a long time.
    She must have be visiting him

    "Angelina Jolie's connection to Meyer dates back to her childhood. He Represented her father, Jon Voight, at CAA." The interesting thing about Ronnie is he's so straightforward, very levelheaded, and he's Ronnie to everybody, "she says." I don 't associate him with the stereotypes one has about people in his position. He's clear and honest-you never have a problem with ego. "

    this interview it is recent Sept. 28, 2016.

    and the photo used is pictured in front of his photographer Wang Qingsong's Follow Me, in his home office in Malibu.

    so he still lives in Malibu.