Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Angelina Jolie and her kids were interviewed Tuesday by 2 FBI agents ... primarily to determine where exactly the incident between Brad Pitt and 15-year-old son Maddox went down.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... 2 FBI agents paid Angelina a visit at her Malibu home and spent more than 3 hours there. Well-placed sources tell us there is not an official investigation ... the agency is in a "fact-finding" stage to determine if there's evidence to warrant an investigation.

We're told the agents wanted Angelina and the kids to walk through the incident step-by-step, but they spent a lot of time trying to pin down the location of the airplane at the time it happened.

We're told it matters if the plane was not in U.S. airspace when the argument went down. The FBI also asked numerous questions about what happened on the ground when the plane refueled in Minnesota. There's some question as to whether Minnesota officials might have jurisdiction.

Sources tell us Angelina was cooperative but her endgame is for the whole thing to just go away.

As we reported, it's highly unlikely the FBI will press the case.


  1. Fussy, in reality TMZ Us and People know nothing about DFCS and how they operate let alone FBI investigation.The tabloids are reaching.I know since Angelina Litigation lawyered up TMZ has been quite but know that Us is outright naming Maddox and others are following like People they will be getting letters for publications too. PS thank you for your hard work Fussy.

  2. TMZ had already given up the FBI, but now that they say the FBI interviewed family .... they know nothing. LOL

  3. TMZ has contradicted themselves plenty and even People magazine was caught in lies.TMZ already had posted their FBI version 2 weeks ago which was pro Brad and now all of a sudden they change their own story yeah whatever. Also I believe Brad Pitt closed his sources to People because it was harming his relationship with Maddox.TMZ knows NOTHING.

  4. It`s troublesome if true that Brad and Angelina are not speaking with each other. They are adults and should put the kids first. They have to be unite and friendly with other to make this transition period easier as possible for their children.

  5. Fiorella, that to me makes me think Angelina is done with him for real. She did the same thing to Billy Bob and her Dad when they broke her trust --- she dips and doesn't talk to them until she is over the situation and can be cordial.

    1. But that`s not the right thing to do. this is a totally different situation. Angelina and Brad have children together and can`t really afford to put their own issues before what`s best to the kids. Their kids deserve that their parents are respectful and talking to each other to make this whole situation easier on them. Like I said Brad and Angie are adulds and should act like it.

    2. They probably have to very careful while DCFS is still involved.
      So communicating their representatives is probably best, no misunderstandings and no recriminations while the their children's future is in the balance.