Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Daily Mail is not the best source.  You would be rightly skeptical about what they say since even People stumbled badly in a rush to report on the first meeting.  But for what it's worth, here are excerpts from their report on the first visit that have not appeared in other reports I've read:

Pitt had to be supervised by a therapist when he saw at least two of the six children he has with Miss Jolie on a visit lasting just one hour.
Pitt's visit occurred on October 8 at his former family home in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.
While Miss Jolie was in the house, she did not speak to him, reports said.


  1. Oh, the same narrative that they are not speaking with each other. If she was at their house why would they not talk with each other. It would be good to the kids and they always put the kids first. But you know the press, they have to always implied that Brad and Angie are at war with each other.

  2. Major eye-roll on DM. Why would a first visit for the younger children occur in their LF home? Would that not be more traumatic than on neutral, safe ground in their current residence if Brad was such an anger monster. Pffft. As they always do, take one kernel of news such as Brad had his first visit, then create a story around it. Nobody involved gave out these details.

  3. Would visitation take place with Angelina around? would that be fair because the kids might get distracted from the visit and want to go see what mom or other kids are doing? doesn't make sense for her to be there, and if it was just for 1 hour wow that's no time at all if you haven't seen your kids in weeks, but what do i know.