Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Random Fuzzy

In going after Perez, Angelina's lawyers cited a specific story (see below) that he posted.  Perez doesn't try to argue that the story is true, only that he "believed it" when he published it.  The lawyers did not send out blanket cease and desist letters. They went after specific instances when false or fabricated stories were printed and disseminated.  If they have sent out "a lot" of letters it's because a lot of false stories have been printed. 

So just to state the obvious, there is no comparison between this and the brouhaha over her lawyer's attempts to control the press before they had written anything for A Might Heart.

Judy Smith, her crisis manager, is working in tandem with the lawyers to smooth ruffled feathers like Perez'.

-- Fussy


Speaking to KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O on Wednesday, the father-of-two confirmed that he had received a 'rude' letter from Angelina's lawyer regarding an article published on his site.
The article claimed that Brad Pitt was 'wrecked' after Angelina refused to let him see his children since the divorce news broke.
'Is Angelina Jolie really going to sue me? Most likely not. They're just trying to intimidate me, bully me, threaten me,' said Perez. 
He continued: '[Angelina's] publicist revealed to me that the lawyers have been sending out a lot of aggressive letters demanding people to stop speaking about the Brangelina split,'


  1. Fuzzy, in one week the agreement with the Cps ends. What do you think it will happen? It seems that the war of words ended and everything went silent. no new information. Do you think this is a good sign and the result of the therapy that they are all doing? Still hoping for a reconciliation but start to accept that they will most likely just co parent together.

  2. In misrepresenting the letter which wasn't about the split but was specifically about the children,he shows who he really is.
    He is no supporter of anyone,except himself.