Thursday, October 13, 2016

Random Fuzzies

If Maddox (and possibly Pax) missed the reunion, this may indicate just how badly Brad behaved towards him on the plane.  That despite therapy he hasn't yet completely forgiven his father three weeks after the incident.  And why Angelina had to have sole physical custody at this time.

Brad now knows just how traumatized his family was after his outbursts on the plane.  That because of him, his family will have to undergo many hours of therapy to recover.   He now knows he needs to work very hard to repair his relationship with his eldest son -- and possibly with his other children as well.  Angelina may have already forgiven him, but the family can't heal until Maddox does.

It's also embarrassing for People to have been caught with a faulty source on a story they know is being widely followed.


A reader (Fiorella) asked if I thought the silence now was a good sign.  I think until Oct. 20, no news is good news.

I've pointed out in various posts the signs they've given that indicate they both don't want to divorce.  She said her hand was forced and the decision weighed heavy on her heart.  Brad didn't want her to file and he was pleading with her afterwards that he would change.

And now they've both stated clearly they want their family to heal.

They may have a lot to discuss but it isn't in relation to her divorce petition because they have a prenup and he seems to understand why she wanted temporary sole custody.  He has yet to file his reply to the petition.

Rather, the discussion would center on Brad's problems.

What needs to happen and what I believe is happening is Brad is working on the issues that drove Angelina to file.  He is well-motivated to solve them and, to start, there are many programs on substance abuse and anger management available to him.   A full rehab program takes about a month and even if he isn't severely addicted, a "steady recovery" takes time.   Some people are able to kick their habits cold turkey and Brad may be one of those but he would still benefit from help "to identify high-risk situations and triggers, and develop relapse prevention skills to maintain sobriety."

Perhaps the DCFS believes 3-weeks is enough for him to show sufficient progress.  The random drug and alcohol tests would help assure his family that he has cleaned up.

Another reader  (delta02) pointed out that Angelina said she would never leave him if it was just a substance abuse problem.  I think if he just got drunk or high and it didn't affect his behavior with the kids it wouldn't be a problem.  But apparently, lately, it has made him more prone to outbursts  -- initially just verbal and then on the plane it became physical as well.   She believes substance abuse plus his anger management problem combined to make him volatile and aggressive.  It's been a problem that has been building over the last few months.  But now with the involvement of the DCFS, it was no longer entirely in their hands.

Brad needs to work on everything that contributed to his behavior on the plane. He needs to assure Angelina that it won't happen again.  Because without his outburst(s) they wouldn't be where they are now.

The rest of the family has been tn therapy to help them recover from the trauma of the plane ride.  I imagine there would be a heavy component of forgiveness there.

The DCFS also lined up family therapy for them with Brad.  A healthy family environment is best for the children and unless their safety and welfare were really threatened, the DCFS would want to help them stay as a family.

And that is where I believe they all want to go.

Everything Angelina has said from the start points in that direction.   She doesn't want her children to grow up in a broken family.  She mentioned in the past that they would get anxious when their friends' parents got divorced.  The children were the ones who pushed for them to get married.  She and Brad don't have a problem with their relationship.  Even after she filed they still professed love for each other. 

To go back to what TMZ's Harvey Levin said, "“This is about Brad Pitt, weed, alcohol, his anger problems and how the combination of those things affect his interaction with their six kids...It is about the kids and that’s why she did it, that’s why she did it abruptly.”

So Brad needs to work hard because it all hinges on his progress.  His family and the DCFS will be watching and waiting.

-- Fussy


  1. Thanks Fuzzy. Great analysis as always. I really Hope Brad is willing to work hard and get his family together( wife and Kids)again.

  2. I don't know Fussy about Levin's comment. Remember TMZ then turned around and stated it wasn't about a substance abuse issue, if it was Jolie stated she would not leave? So that makes me questions if it was really about substances and anger. I think it was really about protecting her kids once DCFS got involved. Don't think they were headed for divorce either and purely based on the fact that People mag claimed that reason before the news broke from TMZ about the incident. Something tells me they were grasping for a valid reason and use the standard of they had been problems and different parenting style. US mag tried to have one up on People and claimed she had been contemplating filing but the incident was the final straw. Its all murky waters but I agree about the silence and hopefully things work out positively.

    1. Yes, it's not about substance abuse alone but about how all that combined affects his behavior with the kids. He had never been physical before but he was on the plane. Plus, yes, the involvement of the DCFS probably had her worried.

    2. Fussy Thank you for keeping positive and being realistic on both sides and giving actual very thought provoking take on teh situation of JP's at hand. Magazines and media can speculate all they like they knew nothing , they knew nothing when major operations were happening so now all of a sudden they act as if they have insiders spilling all sorts which In my opinion is bull.I have a theory and its similar as yours its all due to DCFS.