Saturday, October 15, 2016

Random Fuzzies

I've explained in various posts why it looks like she only intended the divorce petition to be a temporary aid and did not intend to see it through.   I though I'd explore now if it has already served its purpose.

TMZ's original report on the petition said (bold theirs): 
Angelina became "fed up" with Brad's consumption of weed and possibly alcohol, and mixed with what she believes is "an anger problem" ... felt it became dangerous for the children.

Has the "danger" subsided completely? Would she still feel the need to keep the petition in place? 

We assume that Brad has been working on all the issues she cited but there is no word on any treatment or rehab.  A series of negative drug and alcohol tests would obviously help his case.  But I think she would also want the opinion of a medical professional. counselor or therapist who is working with him.

If Maddox and Pax stayed away because they were still too upset with their father, then it is highly likely the therapist will want to be present when they do meet with their father for the first time.  Maddox's first meeting with his Dad would obviously be the most critical meeting of all.  I think her next steps would be based on the results of that meeting.

This of course assumes all went well with his visit with the rest of the kids and he is allowed subsequent unsupervised visits with them.  There is no report on any other visit.

I speculated previously that she may have also been worried about what the DCFS might do if it finds that Brad was abusive.  The DCFS handed her temporary sole custody so it seems they're satisfied that the children are safe with her.  But the case is still open and perhaps she wants to play it safe.


No, I don't think there is enough evidence yet that the "danger" has permanently passed.  There is still too much that needs to happen.

She made the decision on her own to file "for the health of the family" but before she does anything further I think she will want to listen to her children's wishes.  (Brad is obviously part of the family but she probably already knows what his wishes are.)

A reader (Agility) pointed out that the younger children may already be getting restless and might wish to have their old lives back.  That would be especially true if they had a good visit with their Dad.

But they all have to wait for Maddox.  They all know what he went through. And while a little sibling pressure is unavoidable, I think Angelina will want to make sure he heals at his own pace.


A reader (Bia) points out that if there is a silver lining in all this it may be that it forces them to reevaluate their "super busy schedules" and focus on their family.

With all the therapy and counseling they are or will be undergoing, they will have a lot of opportunity to identify areas in their family life that they could improve on.

One thing that is certain is that they've both never had this much time to devote to purely family matters before.  Everything else is taking a back seat -- she was reportedly scheduled to join the UN refugee summit in New York last month and he had to back out of the Voyage of Time premiere.

Maybe they felt they were doing a good job juggling their various commitments but there is always room for improvement.

It used to be they never worked at the same time so they were never apart for long but when she did Unbroken, he was away filming Fury, and while she was filming First They Killed My Father, he was working on War Machine and Allied.  Even when they were home together they frequently had individual out of town trips -- business for him, humanitarian for her.

Perhaps they need to go back to their original arrangement.

More  time to quietly observe each other, more attention to little details, being more sensitive and aware of the other's needs and problems.


Last Oct. 5, TMZ reported that Angelina was looking for another house to rent, "one more spacious and safe than the one where she's currently living" in Malibu. There may be a lot of estate-sized properties in L.A. but probably not a lot available for short term rental.  And I thought about their house in Los Feliz.  It's fortified and paparazzi-proof.  What if Brad moved out so that they could move back in?  In would be far easier for him to find alternate places to stay. 

So when I read the Daily Mail report on Brad's visit, while I am skeptical about it's authenticity,  the detail that they met in "his former family home" caught my attention.  That "Miss Jolie was in the house" seemed to imply that she was living there.

An intriguing possibility even if it turns out the report was a product of the Daily Mail writer's imagination.


Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton have received a lot of attention because of the perceived influence they've had on Angelina, their ubiquitous presence in her family's life, and reports that Brad Pitt didn't get along very well with them.

I think Angelina's socio-political activities beyond the UN expanded after she got to know and hired the two.  And while they are all worthy activities, they added to an already full plate.  At the end of the day, it's Angelina's call whether or not to accept their recommendations but perhaps there are times when she can't bring herself to say no even when she should.

It's another of the many issues she can ponder now that she's able to focus exclusively on her family.


-- Fussy


  1. It's so hard to know what is happening with them. After the shock divorce news , early speculation, the fact Brad was being investigated by the CPS because involve one of his children.
    I do not know how it will end this story, but I hope that despite this difficult time no matter what , their family becomes stronger. They all get their way to overcome and learn from all this.
    And in the end I see a positive side to all this. Maybe they needed to go through it to reflect and maybe change something that was not right. They have a super busy routine, only 6 children already is a huge responsibility, even the two not acting in movies so constantly.
    Angelina as a director takes a lot more time than being only an actress and Brad besides acting has a production company that is also very laborious.
    and not counting on humanitarian projects, and UNHCR, projects that Angelina created or help. She is involved in one more with these two Englishwomen (do not know anything about them, but both seem to have no children or partners, and with the retirement of William Hague, I think they ended up on a lot in life of Angelina and her family. ) I think Angelina now has to focus on her family.

    And Brad also have to focus on recovering from a problem he's having. And spend more time as a family without much interference.
    We saw James brother of Angelina more times this year with her and the children, and although he was the uncle of the children, he did not have children or a relationship at the time ... so I think as uncle it must be wonderful ... but that's all. ..Brad isthe male figure should be close to them, especially now with Maddox is a teenage years and the other three to get next.

  2. It could also be that the reason for the delayed visit with the kids is because Brad has been in counseling and rehab. We don't really know what's going on behind the scenes, and the reports we hear are not as reliable. We just need to keep them in prayer that they will overcome and remain a loving family and a stronger couple.

  3. As Bia said, we don't know how their story will end. On the one hand I'm hopeful based on what I perceived was their true and abiding love for each other. On the other, Angie's reputation is she can be quiet stubborn (mamma bear). I choose to be more hopeful than hopeless. Every day I'm looking for good news about these two.

    Their schedules did change this year in that from the outside it appeared there were more trips apart. The cumulative of their various projects and work must bring maximum stress. As the song goes, 'mo money, mo problems.'

    Next week brings the 30 day deadline for Brad's response to the petition. I'm not a lawyer but I think the options include 1) he responds, 2) asks for a continuance or 3) doesn't respond. If he responds, is it hopeless? Are Options 2 and 3 good signs?

  4. Liz Taylor and Richard Burton divorced and married twice....never hopeless