Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Random Fuzzies

This afternoon People posted that Brad had already visited with the children.  I think the visit(s) probably took place shortly after it was reported that they had moved to Hidden Hills (10/3).  They had successfully fooled the paparazzi into thinking they moved "overnight" when in fact, per the TMZ report, they were still in Malibu.

And I think the visit and the last box item in People that discussions had "intensified" are probably related.  Did they also have their first meeting since she filed?  Stands to reason that she would want to be present to be sure the kids were OK.


This line was added to the TMZ report that she was looking to stay in Malibu:

As for a permanent home ... we're told that's up in the air while she and Brad hammer out their property split.

The original report only mentioned her plan to have multiple rentals to throw off the paparazzi -- which begged the question as to why she wanted to keep renting instead of looking for a place to buy.

(And if she really wanted to buy, I don't think she needs to wait until she and Brad have split properties.  She should have more than enough in her personal bank account to buy a sizeable property on her own.)

The TMZ report was obviously designed to throw off the paparazzi by sowing confusion on where she was currently residing --  Bryan Singer's house in Malibu or Denise Richards' house in Hidden Hills or another house in Malibu.

By the time TMZ came out saying they were still in Malibu, it's likely that they had already moved out -- staying a couple of steps ahead of the paparazzi.

Laura Wasser may not be talking with TMZ for direct attribution but the site is evidently her preferred outlet when she wants to put something out there.

"More spacious and safe than the one where she's currently living"?  That sounds like their place in Hollywood Hills.  If the paparazzi are scouring L.A. searching for them, it's the last place they will look and it's been fortified and made paparazzi-proof.


I have been discussing in past posts what I consider obvious "hints" that they want their family to stay together.  But why is it that there is not one hint from any "friend" or from any report that a reconciliation is even possible?

The word "reconciliation" hasn't appeared in any report I've read.  Not even as speculation from sites that are happy to speculate about everything and whose reports include a lot of speculation about what happened to cause the split.

At best there is this in the latest issue of People from a source "close to the situation",  "She wants what is best for the kids and so does he. Things will eventually work out."

So I will indulge in a bit of speculation myself on why.

I would think the biggest reason is the continued involvement of the DCFS which suggests the incident on the plane was serious and they are still concerned about the safety and well-being of the children.   Reconciliation while the issues before the DCFS have not been settled to the department's satisfaction would be irresponsible and be tantamount to endangering the children's welfare. 

It would only be realistic to discuss reconciliation when Angelina and the DCFS are in agreement that the children can be safe alone with Brad.  When she filed for divorce, TMZ reported:  "Angelina became "fed up" with Brad's consumption of weed and possibly alcohol, and mixed with what she believes is "an anger problem" ... felt it became dangerous for the children"

So if the children's safety with Brad is no longer an issue, the road should be clear for them.


The latest issue of People quotes a Jolie friend, "This wasn't because he was drinking.  This was more serious than that.  She felt she had to do to protect the safety of the kids."  Another said, "Angelina ... felt her hand was forced."

Those quotes from Angelina's friends, especially the line that she "felt her hand was forced", indicate clearly that she filed reluctantly.


An interesting line in the People issue (which otherwise had little new info) was this: a "source close to the situation says Jolie didn't make the call to DCFS herself or ask anyone to make it."   I am sure it was something people wondered about but I had always believed it was the pilot at the behest of the crew. 


Spurred on by a comment (from Bianca), I thought I'd explore further why Angelina "did what she felt she had to do to protect the safety of the kids."  and  "felt her hand was forced."

A question that had been nagging me was: why do something potentially permanent (by filing for divorce) in order to obtain temporary protection for the children (via temporary sole custody)?

While it's true the children needed time to recover, she could have just taken them on a prolonged vacation.  A divorce filing does allow her to keep the children with her but the protection the filing affords is for a very short duration and she apparently did not wish to have permanent sole custody anyway (per E!).  And since the DCFS was on the case, they already had additional protection. 

Was it the fear that Brad would explode again?  That was almost certainly a factor.  And she may have decided an intervention (via the shock of a divorce filing) was necessary as his outbursts were getting worse and she genuinely feared for the children's well-being.  Although the shock of a DCFS abuse investigation should have been sufficient to force him to clean up. 

Could she have been "forced" into filing by fears the DCFS would take the children away from both of them if they concluded that Brad had been abusive and felt she wasn't able to do enough to protect the kids? That would almost certainly have been a huge fear for her if her lawyers couldn't totally rule it out.

The filing then may have been at least partly to convince the DCFS that she could and will do everything to protect the children.

So a combination of all of the above,  with probably a bit more weight on the last.

And since she was still upset after what happened on the plane, it's likely she didn't get a chance to fully explain to Brad why she felt she had to file -- hence his initial angry response.

Again, just pure speculation.

-- Fussy


  1. It is in interesting to know that she felt like she was "forced" to file a divorce and that she didn't call the DCFS and didn't asked anybody to make the call for her. Maybe the person who called informed her after that they made the call or she found out somebody made the call or maybe the DCFS called her to question about the authenticity of the report and that she admitted it and so that's why she was forced to file for a divorce to protect herself and her kids cause she knows the DCFS will find the truth and if she would deny it, the DCSF would think he's abusing the kids and she knows and isn't doing something about it?! Just a thought.

  2. That was the first thought of a friends of mine when news of the DCFS investigation first broke.

  3. That she may have been worried DCFS would take the children away from both of them

  4. I enjoy reading your blog especially your analysis about this couple. I,too, believe that they are working together behind the scenes to keep the family intact and will move toward reconciliation.... I don't believe all the sources that People and these other rags are saying.... no one really knows the truth except these two---the rest are just blurbs and speculations....