Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Random Fuzzies


What happens on or after Oct. 20?

She filed on Sept 19 --- would Oct 19 have any significance?

Did Brad pass all his drug and alcohol tests?

What is he doing about his substance abuse and anger management problems?

How did his visits with the kids go?

Was he allowed unsupervised visits?

How did their family counseling session(s) go?

Could they say their family has already partly healed?

What will satisfy Angelina and the DCFS that the kids no longer need protection from Brad?


Assuming the reports were accurate, why was Maddox not with the rest of the family last Sunday in Malibu?

Have the grandparents seen the kids?

Have the kids and /or Angelina been back to their home?


Now for some speculation:

I am sure Brad would want to show both Angelina and the DCFS that he has made progress on his problems.  The last three weeks would have been boot camp for him to get his act together.  I would be surprised if he failed any of the tests.

And despite the lack of any public expression of regret and remorse, I am sure he would be very contrite in front of his family.

If all Brad's visits went well and all the kids are now comfortable with him, would Angelina and the DCFS still feel the kids need protection from him?

She filed to protect the kids.


Robert Offer:   "the decision was made for the health of the family."

TMZ -  "Our sources say, Angelina became "fed up" with Brad's consumption of weed and possibly alcohol, and mixed with what she believes is "an anger problem" ... felt it became dangerous for the children.

TMZ "Angelina reached her breaking point last week over Brad's consumption of weed and alcohol, and combined with what she says are Brad's anger issues ... his interactions with the kids created a deal breaking problem for her

TMZ -  Our sources say this incident triggered Jolie to separate from Brad the next day and file for divorce just days later.

Us - “The final divorce decision was only made one week ago,” the insider tells Us ... “An incident took place and prompted [Angelina] to act and file.”
She still says Brad is the love of her life, and the decision has weighed heavy on her heart,” the source adds. “Her priority now is the children."

Us - "Angelina is devastated that it has come to this but will do everything in her power to protect her family."

TMZ -Brad Pitt crossed a line he had never crossed before by lunging at his 15-year-old son on a private jet and making contact with him
A source connected with Angelina says this is not about alcohol ... she would never leave Brad if it was just a substance abuse problem. The source says this is all about protecting their children.

TMZ -  "Angelina, we're told, has a singular focus ... protecting her kids, not punishing Brad."


You know something will be coming down in the next day or two.

I like to look for hints from them on what their motivations are and what their next actions might be.

The last thing we have that is concrete are their statements that they both want their family to heal.

We're told Angelina agreed with recommendation because her focus is to "heal" her family and her children.
 Brad) “has been absolutely devastated and heartbroken by the events of the past several weeks, both in terms of how those events have been wrongfully portrayed and how they have threatened to jeopardize his family’s ability to heal and move forward.

Since then all we have is confirmation of the first visit.

And then the brief sighting last Sunday.

Not much to build a possible scenario on.

But I have not seen or read anything that leads me to doubt my earlier conclusions:

That the primary factor behind her decision to file is to keep the DCFS from taking the children.

The secondary reasons are to force him to deal with his problems and to give the children time to heal.

When all of the above are settled to her satisfaction,  there would no longer be any need for the petition in order to "protect" the kids.


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  1. My take on it

    1- Yes
    2- If not mandatory by DCFS - Nothing
    3- I assume it went fine at least with the 4 youngest children. I believe that all the kids love both their parents very much and most of them have already forgiven their father. And I`m sure want their parents back together.
    4- If the first visit went well I would say yes.
    5- That`s difficult to know. Most of the press don`t even refer to them as family anymore and still insist they are not speaking to each other. But I would say that the family counseling sessions were probably painful but very healing.
    6- It will take them a while to be Fully heal.
    7- If the DCFS closes the case then that would be it.
    8- Difficult to know. He could be hanging out with his friends.
    9- No. I don`t think they even been to LA to visit Brad. Or at least there`s no reports of that.
    10- I don`t know.

    There`s also the matter that in theory Brad is suppose to respond to Angelina filling for divorce in the next couple days.

  2. I have a feeling this sighting / them being seen means something. Like there's going to be something that is going to be announced in the coming days. I don't know if it's about DCFS announcing that everything went well with Brad and the kids. Or if Angelina is going to withdraw the divorce petition, or just Brad finally having it and responds to the divorce filing and moving on. Or also could be that Brad has been forgiven by the kids but Angelina don't want anything to do with him beside co-parenting. At this point, anything could happen. And i think we are getting close to the conclusion of this issue.