Thursday, October 27, 2016

Random Fuzzies

The lawyers who have had the most to do on their team are those with experience dealing with the DCFS.  While Laura Wasser should also be knowledgeable about this area of family law,  since the abuse investigation is the central issue here, she would defer to those with specific expertise in the area.  I would guess that Angelina's decision to file for divorce came after consulting with those lawyers.

Lainey previously reported that Brad was consulting with Blair Berk, a criminal defense lawyer, since both the DCFS investigation and the FBI preliminary inquiry could potentially be referred to a prosecutor -- unlikely but possible.  Brad hired divorce lawyer Lance Spiegel to represent him but Spiegel likely won't have much to do outside of collecting his retainer.

The divorce petition that Wasser filed had just enough to meet Angelina's needs and the filing requirements.   In the absence of both a response from Brad and any desire on Angelina's part to seek a default judgment, all that would be left for her to do is to file a Request for Dismissal.

The work that Wasser and her staff have mostly done is relaying to Harvey Levin and his staff in TMZ the info that Angelina and, lately, also Brad, want disseminated.  They would be working closely with both in the careful wording of the resulting reports. 

As for Bert Fields and his team, outside of sending letters to the various news outlets and blogs, they may be the "legal source with knowledge of the situation" and the "source with legal knowledge of the situation" cited by People.


They were eager to share news of progress but reluctant to discuss the setback.

It is easy to imagine how their actions reflect the mood behind the scenes.  Eager anticipation followed by crushing disappointment.



"Our sources say through various interviews with family members, DCFS has now expanded its investigation to other alleged incidents, including interactions between Brad and Angelina which were allegedly witnessed by 1 or more of their 6 kids."

They didn't say "arguments" between Brad and Angelina but "interactions."

"The Angelina sources say some of the children have been fearful around Brad, and Maddox in particular has problems with his dad."

This is probably the reason why the DCFS felt the need to look at the "history or pattern of behavior."  They wanted to have a better understanding of the problem.

From Brad's interview with The Telegraph:

"His father was 'very, very tough’, but not, he says, in the 'father knows best’ way. 'He could be a softie. But one thing my folks always stressed was being capable, doing things for yourself. He was really big on integrity – and that informed a lot of what [we] try to do now.’

Is Pitt the disciplinarian in the family? 'I am with the boys.’ He smiles. 'Girls do no wrong so I don’t have to be. I feel like my job is to show ’em around, help them find what they want to do with their life, put as many things in front of them, and pull them back when they get out of line, so they know who they are.’

How will Brad continue his role as "disciplinarian" after this?


Angelina and the children seem to have successfully kept the paparazzi guessing as to where they are actually staying. 

Angelina was photographed in Malibu last Oct 16. in what was described as a beach property available for rent.   Less cropped photos showed her and four of her children walking up the stairs barefoot, with her brother, James,  bringing up the rear.   X17 subsequently claimed that they were staying in  Ron Meyer's house and that they were photographed there.   But there is nothing in the steps leading to Meyer's house that matches the tall white wall of the rental property. 


I would guess the DCFS may end its investigation and release its final recommendations within the next 2 - 3 weeks given that the original period was for 3 weeks.

While I expect there would be specific recommendations on how Brad can deal with his problems, he has already had enough time to deal with them on his own.  It may explain why there have been no reports of sightings or photographs of him since the incident.  It may further explain why they felt the DCFS could end its investigation on Oct. 20.


If the DCFS closes its investigation before November 13 and things are settled at home, Brad may be ready to grant interviews when he starts promoting Allied in Shanghai.

CBS would be angling for the TV scoop but a print interview would probably be easier.


First They Killed My Father should be almost done.   Given Maddox's involvement, I would think they would want the whole family together for some sort of premiere to promote it even if its a Netfilx film. 

-- Fussy


  1. So grateful for your analysis and pray its spot on.

    Fussy, I'd be interested on your thoughts. Can they get back together immediately after DCFS closes the case? Do you think there are any legal or procedural restrictions going forward?

  2. Thanks Fussy.

    By now I just hope that the DCFS closes the case before Pax`s birthday. I think when Brad star to promote his movie we will have a better picture of where they are as a couple and as a family.
    Could Angelina file a Request for Dismissal the day after DCFS closes the case?
    Anyway whatever they decided to do I hope that things on the public eye star to be more amicable from now on.

  3. Although DCFS closes the case there still can be follow-up due up to 6 months so there is that to take into consideration as well.

  4. Thanks,Fussy. Since 2013, I am your faithful reader.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will continue to follow temporary DCFS plan as investigation continues
    7:45 AM - 26 Oct 2016 ------------- I think this article is from TEAM BRAD.
    ideally nearing a conclusion---- I think it means a joint custody.

    Brad Pitt -- Abuse Investigation Expanded to Family ... Angelina Sources Say
    10:37 AM - 26 Oct 2016-------- I think this article is from TEAM ANGELINA.

    In this situation, angelina seems to want to have sole physical custody.

    From TMZ article, Angelina& BRAD WANT A quick END.
    a quick end means divorce?

    I accept their divorce. ( I hope I am wrong)

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  5. Thanks Fussy... here's hoping and praying you and the rest of us optimists are right... hoping for a resolution and reconciliation before the holidays

  6. As much as I want them to stay together forever, to grow old together as a solid husband and wife team, I also refuse to ignore possibilities telling otherwise. I want to be positive. And being positive to me is being open to everything. Everything means it might go the way I want it. Or it might not. And I think I want to be very careful not to put myself in false hope situation :)

    Your blog is a great read Fussy. Kinda soothes my very, very broken heart.

  7. Once the case is closed I doubt there will be anything other than them not wanting to be together keeping them apart even with the follow ups by the DCFS. They can continue healing their family and release a statement about wanting to keep their family together and working on their marriage. I think it all depends on Brad's progress with his issues and with Maddox. Nothing I have read has stated that Angelina doesn't love Brad or vice versa.

  8. Oh Fussy, I`m sorry. It seems that the crazy people find out about your blog. It`s a shame because we were having level headed, no tabloids lies, team Brad and Angie together conversation among ourselves after reading your great analysis . Just Hoping for a loving family to be back together.

    1. That's why I moderate comments. ;-)

    2. Agree. Always found the lack of tabloid insanity here refreshing. Please, Fussy, even if it means I get put on moderation more than I would like, be selective with which comments you allow here.

  9. Saw it too. That, my friends, was a very bad case of too much imagination combined with a clear bitterness towards Brad Pitt.


  10. Fussy, thank you for keeping this blog sane. :)

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  12. I love your analysis Fussy, thanks for trying to capture the messages between the lines, you really make sense. I appreciate your positiveness! Hopefully they will rise above as a unit, strong, happy, loving family. Thank you!