Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Random Fuzzies

Out of the many quotes and claims in an Us or People report, there may be one or two sentences that are true and new.  We can usually spot the fabrications and outrageous claims, but there are many "reasonable" sounding quotes from people with bogus claims to inside access.

I don't think any true friend of either Brad or Angelina would ever say that Maddox didn't see himself as Brad's son.   Nor do I believe Angelina would encourage the idea that Maddox was choosing sides.  She wants to unite the family not have them split in two -- which is obviously what all gossip sites are praying for.

I am not confident that People's report regarding the second visit was really from an informed source.   People just hurriedly scrambled to put out a report after Us out-scooped it again.

Surprisingly, People seems to be having a harder time getting reliable info. They've been out-scooped by almost everyone and many of the quotes they've printed have turned out to be unreliable.  Of course many of Us' sources are probably unreliable too but sprinkled in there are one or two who have come through with info later proven to be correct.

At any rate, both the Us and People reports are based on info from two weeks ago, they don't have any update on how things stand now.  That should be coming up shortly once the DCFS has had a chance to conduct its review of the last three weeks.


Unfortunately it was as we earlier suspected.  Maddox is healing very, very slowly.

And it sounds like the meeting did take place in Los Feliz -- "one of the L.A.-area homes Pitt, 52, once shared with estranged wife Angelina Jolie," They also have a home in Santa Barbara but that is too open and visible.  Did Brad move out so Angelina and the kids could move back in?

Obviously, Brad behaved abominably on the jet such that a third party felt compelled to call ahead while the plane was still airborne to report him to the DCFS.  We know he was "physical" but what did he say that constituted verbal abuse?  It must have been very bad.

He didn't have a joyful reunion with the other five kids either -- "awkward at best." and  "It wasn’t full of joy and happiness.”

We don't know what steps Brad had already taken to address his problems before the first visit but the cool reception he received from the kids who did meet him should have convinced him he needs major help.

It will be a long, long road back for Brad to repair his relationship with his family.  Angelina is probably the first one to be able forgive.  But even with her he will need to work hard.  He needs to prove to her that he is a changed man and that the children will be safe with him.

TMZ - "Angelina, we're told, has a singular focus ... protecting her kids, not punishing Brad."

Which is not to say that she is no longer upset with him.

This is what I wrote when it was first reported that Brad met with just "some" of the kids and I feel the observations hold even more now:

Brad would surely have heard from the kids who saw him what the plane ride was like for all of them.  Even if they were not the target of his tirade, being stuck in a plane for hours with a parent yelling abuse and getting physical with one of their siblings would be very traumatic.

He was drunk for most of the ride and likely had a dulled sense of reality.  That may be why he seemed to be in denial about the severity of his actions. 

Whatever illusions Brad had about that plane ride -- his claims that reports were "exaggerated" or "fabricated" or that it was a "normal verbal disagreement" -- he now knows the gravity of the damage he inflicted.  His entire family will have to go though therapy and counseling just to recover.

When Angelina said her focus was to "heal" her family, she was likely referring to healing the bond between Brad and the rest of the family.  The problem was not between the two of them, in fact, it sounds like she may have already forgiven Brad.  The problem is between Brad and the kids.

The kids that agreed to see Brad are probably closer to forgiving him.  But Brad still has to work on rebuilding his relationship with them back to what it was before the plane ride -- so that they can forget the image of him on the plane.

And for Maddox he will need to work much, much harder.  Maddox has always struck me as being the cooler-headed and calmer of the two older boys.  At 15, he is the most intellectually mature, the one who would have been able to process deeply everything Brad said and did.  And he was on the receiving end of Brad's tirade.  His hurt and the accompanying trauma would run deep -- as we can already see.  Even after Maddox forgives, Brad will need to earn back his trust and respect.


As we've seen even with People, not all "sources" are reliable.  Us has already received Bert Fields' letters so they will be very cautious about spinning obvious fabrications.  Having said that, there may be people trying to project themselves as "insiders' who really have no clue what is going on.  As a reader (Bianca) pointed out below, Maddox has been very much Brad's son.  Whatever he said in the heat of the moment can't be considered a fair representation of the 12+ years they've spent together.

I think Angelina will do everything to help all her children heal individually and for the family to heal as a unit.  She said so herself that her "focus is to heal her family and her children."

She will give Maddox all the support he needs, but she also knows that he and the rest of the children need a good, strong father.  After all, she had said that Brad was a "great" father  - at least when he was not abusing weed and alcohol and erupting at the children.

“… She wants them to have a relationship with him once their health and safety is assured.” 
In short, she will want proof that Brad has solved his problems.  She will want the opinion of professionals on top of any assurance Brad could give.

She can help the children recover and guide them to forgiving him.  But Brad has to convince them that the abusive man on the plane is gone forever and the father they knew for most of the past 11 years is back.

And "once their health and safety is assured,” she will have no need to continue protecting them -- or for the petition.

Unlike physical wounds, it is harder to predict the progress of emotional healing.  It can take forever -- or it can happen suddenly.

The meeting took place two weeks ago and within that span of time, they all would have had a chance to heal further.

But perhaps not enough for them to enjoy the coming holidays together.

-- Fussy


  1. If he's sincerely hoping for forgiveness then he should be willing to wait. Maddox is the eldest and he was the one Brad tried to attack when he was drunk - it's very understandable that he's still mad or hurt or not physically nor emotionally ready to have a talk with him. But the younger ones are probably just happy to see him. I hope Angie gives it more time. It's going to be a hard decision- 1 child who doesn't want Brad or 5 other kids who wants him back. But of course, Brad has to do his part - changing. Btw, I know Mad is probably Angie's favorite and he'll obviously go with her, but I don't believe the comment that Mad never felt like he was Brad's son. I don't know. I could be wrong.

    1. I agree. Mad was close to Brad too. I can see him saying "I never want to see him again" in the heat of the moment immediately after the plane incident. But the emotional bond there is deep. He just needs time to heal.

    2. Brad practically brought up Maddox from age 3 on wards he's as good father as ever be.sadly his drunken created a mess and being intoxicated has brought out the worst and Maddox took the brunt of it. Maddox and Brad need time and space to work things out , things like these cant be rushed. I pray the family heals and forgives and gets back together.My heart goes out to them all.

  2. And it seems that the meeting with the other 5 kids didn`t went that great too. I don`t know if I believe in US weekly. What happened with the family therapy? Maddox it`s 15 years old and probably read a lot of things in the last month and the fact that his father only defend himself and didn`t apologize public to him and the rest of the family made things worse. Brad should have defend Angelina in public and the kids would probably warm up to him. It blows my mind the tone that US weekly uses - Brad is the one under investigation, one of his kids doesn`t want even to see him, the other five didn`t have a nice meeting with him and they implied that Angie it`s somehow the bad one. Unfortunately I think it will end up in divorce. As a fan of them for 12 years it`s just so sad.

    1. Us and People both can't keep up with their own web of lies, one week the kids are so over joyed in seeing Brad next they were not, so whats it to be happy or not? Tabloids keep contradicting themselves, they know nothing no source is telling them anything yet they have to churn out weekly covers to keep making money off someones misery.Since AJP's lawyers letter the tabloids have nothing to spin on so they make out stuff they have no clue about.Brad is teh one in wrong yet tabloids are intent on painting Angelina the evil witch keeping the kids away from their drunkard verbally abusive father.Brad still comes out smelling of roses and will get some young starlet fawning over him and people will still stalk and troll AJP.

  3. Us Weekly can no longer blamr Angie for Brad not seeing the children, so now blame Maddox

  4. Sadly tabloids hate Angelina and they will carry on hating her and making money off bitter trolls who buy their magazines. Remember women hate other women.Despite Brad being the person who is clearly in teh wrong , yet Angelina is getting the blame, double standards yet again.Men get a free pass and women get hung.

  5. DCFS requires at least 2 face to face visits per month with the parent and child so People mag may be correct or they finally researched DCFS practices LOL. I am also starting to think that this behavior from him wasn't normal and if anything it probably scared the kids. So when they saw him it probably was somewhat scary for them.