Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Random Fuzzy

Last week, they sounded hopeful and eager to leave all this behind.  But in interviews with the DCFS the children may have spoken about previous outbursts including those they witnessed directed at Angelina.  And now the DCFS wants to look at everything that may have affected the children. 

The Brad Pitt child abuse investigation has been expanded to the entire family, including Angelina ... sources connected with Angelina Jolie tell TMZ
DCFS has now expanded its investigation to other alleged incidents, including interactions between Brad and Angelina which were allegedly witnessed by 1 or more of their 6 kids.

We've known that his problem with weed, alcohol and anger management wasn't a one-time event but as TMZ previously reported:

Brad has never acted aggressively toward his kids in the past -- other than verbally -- and Angelina felt the incident on the plane was a deal breaker.

Apparently those previous verbal outbursts have had a deep effect on the children -- including but not limited to Maddox.  

The Angelina sources say some of the children have been fearful around Brad, and Maddox in particular has problems with his dad. We're told during the meeting Brad had with Maddox last week, the meeting ended quickly because Maddox didn't want to be there. 

The DCFS investigation will likely establish that he has had problems for at least a few months.

The DCFS will likely require that Brad show proof that he successfully underwent treatments to address those festering problems before they declare that the children are safe with him.  Those treatments will likely take a few weeks to complete -- but he has already had more than a month to work on them.

The previous TMZ report last week made it sound like it was the DCFS that was being very cautious in delaying Brad's meeting with Maddox, but apparently once they were face to face, Brad wasn't able to make Maddox comfortable.  But then again, it was just the first meeting.

More visits with everyone and continued counseling and family therapy will all help,  A truly contrite and reformed Brad should be able to win back his children in time.

In the face of all this, I don't think there is any question that the DCFS would have taken the children if Angelina had not filed for divorce and asked for sole physical custody.

Last week, it seemed like they were close to emerging from this.  Now, it looks like they may have to wait a while longer.

But more time for counseling, therapy,  visits, and further treatments for Brad will be better for everyone.


People's quotes a "legal source with knowledge of the situation" and "source with legal knowledge of the situation" while TMZ, which now seems to have exclusive access to both of them,  typically quotes "sources close to the case."


There is still a month to go before Allied opens and there is still a chance this could be settled by then.  But if it isn't and the studio won't let Brad off,  he could sneak into the theater to pose with the Marion Cotillard before the official photographers.

-- Fussy


  1. Bummer. I really thought that the DCFS would close the investigation in the next couple days. I wonder if Brad and his son have had others visits and if they already start family counseling. I believe that the family therapy will be a great step in the healing process for them. But overall I can`t wait for this investigation to be over with.

    1. DCFS will require he have a few more visits with Maddox. They just won't close a case with 1 or 2 visits. The children have to be safe. The services they are involved in will probably continue for a few more weeks which isn't a bad thing since counseling in involved.

    2. For sure. But TMZ is sensationalizing dcfs's standard operation procedures. If they're not making this up they can seriously get DCFS sued for leaks.

  2. Can substance problems be dealt with in a few days/weeks? Serious question. May not have been full-blown, but was close to the edge of it. So, I wonder if the problem can be managed in so short a time.

    Apparently, Brad will be on the red carpet in 2 weeks per an entertainment show, seems an ill advised situation to me for someone dealing with health issues. Crowds, reporters, questions, the eyes of the world...too stressful. His health should supersede any contractual obligation.

  3. Fussy I really don't know why you'd give tmz all the credence. They were the one who pretended that the divorce deadline was the 20th and what not. And then they said they had conflicting sources and misleading information. Even you said not all of tmz is to be trusted, but you've been trusting them a lot lately. Do you really believe Angelina's sources will leak this to TMZ? It could be use against her if they're fighting for custody, for attempts to tarnish the spouse's reputation against the kids etc. I personally don't buy this article.

  4. Thank you, Fussy
    And please, tell, what it means?

    In the face of all this, I don't think there is any question that the DCFS would have taken the children if Angelina had not filed for divorce and asked for sole physical custody.=

    1. Refer to my previous post: https://fussyeye.blogspot.com/2016/10/random-fuzzy-2-i-speculated-previously.html

  5. Brad's issues will take more than a few weeks to work on but the goal here is to make sure the kids are comfortable being with him when their mother or anyone else is not around. I agree that they will eventually stay together nothing from her side indicates she's completely done with him like in her past relationships. Yeah she filed but she did that to make sure the kids stays with her.