Friday, October 21, 2016

Random Fuzzies

The DCFS has still not declared that the children are safe with Brad.  "The L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services is still investigating the airplane confrontation."   

They can't make a move until they're clear of the DCFS.

They were probably hoping the DCFS would close the case by Oct. 20.  It would have lined up perfectly with the 30 day period following her filing and if they were free to act, there would be no need for the convoluted explanations on TMZ

But the DCFS is being very cautious, and they must be cautious too.  Recall that the DCFS pushed back Brad's reunion with Maddox because they felt "the timing wasn't right."  The DCFS lined up family counseling to help the family work out their problems as a family.  But while she can move back in with him any time, without the DCFS' clearance, she can't take the children with her.  It wouldn't be prudent for her to be seen considering withdrawing her petition before the DCFS deems it safe

If the visits went well and he passed the drug and alcohol tests, it shouldn't take too much longer.

In the meantime, they are setting the stage so whatever comes won't be such a shock or surprise.

"Angelina could set the wheels in motion for a default judgment since Brad hasn't answered her petition, but we're told that is not going to happen. She agrees ... healing the family is the priority, not starting a war."

Again, "they agree... healing the family. "

"Our sources also say there's a chance the whole divorce case could settle privately without any dueling divorce docs. And, we're told, on that goal both Angelina and Brad agree

"the whole divorce case .... no response, no default judgement, no docs.... "

I think at this point they're already telegraphing their intentions.


They've apparently shut down communications with all sites and tabloids except for TMZ.  People has been hesitant to reprint all of TMZ's info, but Us is busy churning out reprints and outright fabrications.  They never had a relationship with Us so the magazine may feel it has nothing to loose but Bert Fields and Pierce O'Donnell are standing by, ready to act.

-- Fussy


  1. Brad did not respond to Angie`s petition because he does not want a divorce. Why can`t he just admitted? All this I`m not filling for the kid`s sake it`s so silly. And all of this fear of drawing the battle lines and sole physical custody it`s BS because on the same article it state that for Angelina``healing the family is the priority, not starting a war.`` He knows Angie wants what best for the kids and that`s share custody also in the state of CA is very difficult for a parent to get solo custody. So I don`t really believe that. Apparent what Brad wants its time so he can try to fix thing up with his wife. And going by this article Angie wants this too.

  2. why does TMZ call it an investigation? I would think the initially interviews with the children and mother = the investigation. they found something was off with Brad and that's why they have them in counseling and Brad was unable to see Maddox for so long. It's almost as if these publications are afraid to ruin their relationship with Brad so they are walking on egg shells when describing what is going on.


    Gossip Cop is exclusively told by an ACTUAL, RELIABLE Jolie source that it’s 100 percent “not true” she is “rethinking” the divorce. On the contrary, she is determined to move forward. Gossip Cop already pointed out how HollywoodLife is making up Pitt stories. It seems clear the bad blog is making up Jolie ones, too.

    1. What I wrote in the beginning was to be a question and not a statement ... sorry my mistake. Anyone know if GossipCop is reliable?

  4. I know many want a reconciliation but the kids are the priority here. I think her focus is first on their children and making sure they are safe. Not sure if people realize this but DCFS is serious, the children can be taken away so their protection needs to be the focus. If DCFS saw articles like what Hollywood Life and these other tabs sites are writing they may question if Jolie is actually protecting her kids or is she focused on her mate that is being investigated. They could then could go after and then what. I really now think it was a good idea she got counsel to go after these sites because this could affect her custody of their kids while dealing with DCFS.

    1. Not sure I buy this idea. First, it seems apparent that the children are safe with their mother. I can't see how that would be an issue for DCFS now as far as removing them from her care. And second, if they are still investigating after one month without a determination, doesn't that mean there are gray areas and so Brad could be given the benefit of the doubt, at least temporarily? It seems pretty universal that DCFS would prefer families stay together or intact if possible and there is no threat of danger, so why do some believe any concept or discussion of reconciliation would be viewed as a bad thing. Maybe I don't fully understand the process. Hangs head...

    2. Google non-offending parents regarding DCFS. It will shed light on how they operates towards the parent and its alarming to say the least.

    3. Thanks I google and find this:

      LA County DCFS Whistleblower Reveals how Parents are Losing Their Children to a Corrupt System

      My God is very delicate and worrying than I imagined.
      And with all that noise coming from gossip sites with lies .... now I understand even more Angelina Attorney letter to these gossip sites and Perez .... anything can influence, even as you demonstrate one feeling ....... and as the news says a lot of the decisions are taken by fear ... is a corrupt system, made of people (who have their mistakes).

      it just shows why the Angelina have sought so many lawyers and people to help navigate this whole process

    4. and here is another link

    5. Very scary, I hope she hired lawyers have assisted and prepared her to deal with DCFS. What complicated situation not knowing how to behave, because they will attend therapies together, separate ... and really know how the system works, you should be careful in talking, that everything can be later used against you, that is a hostile system ..... and think that children have to go through it .... it's sad to know that they are going through it ... to think that this could have a positive, because he thought that the therapies would be help to solve whatever problems they had, but now I think now as has the DCFS involved they have to avoid the maximum exposing. And apparently the priority of the two are children .... I think as they were aware of the implications of having the DCFs involved they must have been desperate. Angelina has to have a lot of strength to keep safe and united family