Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Random Fuzzies 2

Buried deep in the Us Weekly print story was this:  "... the Jolie pal says DCFS should wrap up their case before October 20 - "either the kids will be deemed safe or they will extend the order."

At the end of the TMZ report on the FBI agents' visit they wrote: "Sources tell us Angelina was cooperative but her endgame is for the whole thing to just go away."

I think Angelina is eager for both investigations/ inquiries to be officially closed.

I've speculated that once the DCFS decides that the children are no longer in any danger, one of the main reasons behind her filing will be lifted.

I know that in light of the Us report on the first visit, it seems healing could be very far away.  But that visit happened two weeks ago and in addition to therapy, they have individual and family counseling. I feel that unless Brad totally messes up the visits, they will help the healing because Maddox will be hearing from his siblings about his Dad.

So...what if the healing has continued and the DCFS decides the children can now be safe with Brad.

What would she decide to do?

-- Fussy


  1. While I sincerely hope for a reconciliation for these two, I suppose it may depend upon what happened to them. What caused her husband to self-medicate with alcohol and possibly weed to the point he's arguing with his wife in front of the children and one of them feels he needs to protect his mother.

    I stated once before that Brad had a shoulder injury a 2-3 months back as evidenced in photos. Could pain meds have been a dangerous contributor and altered his personality or perception of reality?

    But on the other hand, Angie had just come off of a UN trip prior to the plane incident, and I can't believe she would have left the children in Brad's care if she had any concerns for their welfare.

    Will Brad want to save his marriage and family enough to do what it takes? What happened to the man who by all appearances had it all?

    In the end, I don't think Angie will settle for less than what she had before with him.

    Ball is in his court. Make it right, Brad.

    1. Will Brad want to save his marriage and family enough to do what it takes? - Well if is true that they are not speaking to each other then I don`t think Brad wants to save anything. It`s been a month, his wife filled for divorce, one of his kids won`t speak with him, the other 5 weren't thrilled to see him. You would think that he would swallow his pride and try with all his heart and soul to try fix things and beg Angie to take him back. That doesn`t seems to be the case. I think they haven`t started to do family counseling yet because Maddox is not ready. Once they began family counseling then things may change.

  2. I keep thinking about his injured shoulder as well its been like that for a while now. Rotor cuff injuries can cause severe pain now combine that with pain meds in combination with alcohol and its a toxic mixture.

  3. Brad had to work to gain her trust and her love. He treated her like she was delicate and special. I never forget the Cannes awards when she wore the brown dress and he looked for her all night and walked up the steps to lead her down. He always seemed to treated her with love and honor. This last year hes been running here and there. Filming and in general being away. You don't solve issues by running away. The way he won her is the only way that he will keep her. Its not rocket science. Angelina Jolie is a goddess. If Brad wants a goddess as wife, he will always have to treat her like one. If its too much for him to commit to, he will surely find a very nice, ordinary mortal. But, he won't have Angelina.

  4. I think it depends on her kids. remember she married him because the kids wanted her to, if maddox no longer feels comfortable i can't imagine she would make him move back in with his dad.

  5. Entertainment tonight has an article on this and a quote about their options

    "Some of the options that they have at the end of this agreement are to extend the agreement, which is the most common thing to happen," criminal defense attorney Ambrosio Rodriguez tells ET. "They could modify it, so he has more time with the children, or if there's no agreement, [meaning] they can't agree, they could go to court and begin the lengthy legal process."

    They say Brad's second visit was monitored so not sure if that will impact their options.

  6. I am so baffled with this incident. On one hand, I would think that they have been arguing on and off that led to that final straw for her (if the statement that they still have not talked to each other for a month now is true). I know she said in the past that she's not the one to give up easily on marriage but what if she's been fighting for so long and that she's finally had it and is done?

    But on the other hand, I feel like that is the first time they had fought big time? I'm basing this on the reaction of their children. If they are deeply traumatized by the plane incident, then this is probably the first time the kids have seen them argue in front of them? Otherwise the kids would have probably gotten used to their parents yelling and fighting that it's not new to them and would not be this traumatized. If they're used to their parents fighting, for them it would be just another arguing episode with mom and dad. So I don't know? And maybe, just maybe, when Maddox tried to defend his mom, intoxicated and under influenced Brad said something hurtful to Mad about him just being adopted and not his biological/ real son that made him loathe him so much he doesn't want to see him not talk to him again? Or maybe he's just the typical teen who tells their parents they don't want to see them again nor talk to them ever again all the time when they are upset. But then again, he has every right to be mad and upset to his father if he tried to attack him.

    Forcing a child to talk to his dad two weeks after the incident is probably still to early for Maddox that's why he didn't go? But maybe that has changed after the next 2 weeks so who knows? I'm interested to see if they had any progress.

    I would hope Brad and Angie have started communicating and that she'll give him more time to come clean to his children and try to prove to them that he's changing.