Monday, October 24, 2016

Allied opens in 30 days.

A few questions:

What will he do to promote Allied?

Will he be ready for a primetime interview?

Will he attend the premiere?

Will he be alone?

Will he walk the red carpet?

Will he be available to answer questions from the assembled media?

Allied is a GK Films production.  Graham King also produced In the Land of Blood and Honey and World War Z.


  1. IMO - He will promote the movie. No personal question allowed and he will attend the premiere in LA. It`s a ``big`` movie so business as usual.

  2. At this moment I am not interested in seeing Allied, and I'm someone who has seen everything B&A has released in the last twelve years. As it stands today, if and how its promoted won't change my interest. Now if something changes...

    For me, given the current situation, seeing this poster invokes a negative feeling.

    Also, if I remember correctly GK tried to start 'buzz' when filming began on Allied with statements about Brad and Marion's chemistry. Anything for money but I not paying to see Brad Pitt's chemistry with MC.

  3. I saw the trailer and he looks way older than Marion and I just don't buy the love story between the two, but i don't plan on seeing the movie anyway. I hope it bombs because I read that he was cheating on Angelina during filming--- not with Marion but with some prostitutes. That + what he put his family through these last months makes me no longer a pitt fan and I hope Angelina does not reconnect with him. He's just like all of those other Hollywood losers now and I bet he'll start dating 20 year olds. Typical.

    The promo will probably be awkward with him just talking about the movie which will be boring.

    1. You may want to stop reading too many gossip sights. All those are rumors and speculations.

    2. Well I don't like the poster its very cold.

    3. Do you believe all this gossip? If Brad was this monster you are talking about Angelina wouldn't have stayed with him for almost 12 years.
      Brad is a nearly 53 year-old man and a human being like you and me who makes mistakes. We can not judge, we do not know what really happened. And such is life...we make mistakes, we learn, we grow. It's never too late to recognize a mistake, go back and ask for forgiveness. If he really put his family in this situation I'm sure it was not intentional for the only sake of breaking and hurting his wife and children. By his few words, can you see that he is sad and working on the family situation.
      Let's give it time.

  4. Brad never extensively promote his films.
    I think WWZ was what he most devoted, because of so much negative news and movie cost too much.

    But he do not do many interviews. I do not know how emotionally he will be this may be a factor.

  5. With WWZ he had Angelina help him too. but don't fear he will have his army of fans and his new fans that are dying to see him single ready to be seen with some young chick will come in droves to see this movie. His PR is working over time in sympathy for him and Paramount will play the him and Marion oh so sexy angle like they have since day one so people will go to see that too.

  6. Just want to add that I liked the trailer. I'm not sure about the domestic numbers but overseas I can see it reaching 200m. I know it`s a dream but I wish that Brad and Angie would reconcile by the time of the premiere and would attend it together. Just a dream I know.

    1. It can still become a reality... keep praying