Thursday, October 20, 2016

First Face-to-Face With Maddox Since Plane Incident

Brad Pitt had his first visit in more than a month with his 15-year-old son, Maddox ... since their confrontation last month on a private jet ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Angelina tell us the 2 met Wednesday afternoon with a therapist present. There had been a plan in place for Brad and Maddox to reunite a while back, but we're told the therapist felt the timing wasn't right.

The sources say Brad has had visits with his 5 other kids before Wednesday, but the face-to-face with Maddox is a turning point.

As we reported, Brad and Angelina agreed to a temporary custody plan which the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services created, in which Angelina gets temporary physical custody and Brad gets visitation.

As we reported, DCFS is still investigating the airplane incident and the FBI questioned Angelina and the kids Tuesday in a fact-finding mission. Our law enforcement sources stress there is no FBI investigation ... just fact-finding.

Our Angelina sources say, even though she's headed to divorce court, she still wants their family to function with a fully involved father and mother.


  1. So it was therapists decision to hold off on the meeting until now. Us weekly got caught making things up again. Anyway, great step that Brad and Maddox had their first visit. Hope Brad did things right.

    Our Angelina sources say, even though she's headed to divorce court - I don`t want to believe this but I think at some point I`ll have to accept it.

  2. It's a progress that Brad and Mad had finally talked. But I'm sure you cannot heal and patch things up in just one meeting. I wonder how did their meeting went? Would Mad want to do another visitation from Brad?

    The last statement is very sad if it's true. It means she doesn't want anything to do with him beside co-parenting. If the DCFS evaluation would end up seeing Brad as a non threat to the kids anymore, I am hoping she'll give him a chance. Basing on his previous statement, he sounded like he doesn't want a divorce and he wants to work it out. And she sounded like she wanted to make it work too until recently the statements from her have been really cold and so over him. I hope this is not true.

    1. To be honest there was never any talk of reconciliation anywhere. In any publication. Any reliable source. Mainly it`s just us fans hoping that they get back together.

  3. Its going to depend on whlhat the children want.
    Remember the marriage was for the family as a whole.
    Left to Angie they would probably never have married.
    Brad will have to address and over come his anger issues.
    You don't want your children to learn that anger is a way to deal with problems.
    Especially teenage boys.

  4. True. But I remember he issued a statement that he was willing to do what it takes for the marriage to work or something along the lines of that after the filing for divorce came out. But obviously she made up her mind. I am kind of over it now. At this point, I just want to know how their custody battle is going to be. If he's getting his act together, you know he'll fight for his right too and he'll fight for his kids custody. It's going to be tough because both of them travel and work a lot so it's interesting who gets to keep who and how it's going to work out.

  5. I dont believe there is going to be any custody battle.
    They will probably work everything out before a divorce if there is one.
    The children have been through enough already.
    I dont see them putting them through anymore trauma.
    Everything done here to my mind was done as an emergency due to the involvement of DFCS.

  6. Note to TMZ no there is NO "Our Angelina sources" STOP with this BS and shaming her.

  7. The thing that won't leave my mind is, "deal breaker". Did Brad have a pattern of suspicious behaviour (eg, indifference, withholding, passive aggressive etc.) that during this drunken incident he gave words to? Words that confirmed Angie's worst fears? Some words can be forgiven but some words in context can't. Maybe I'm projecting here but I have this suspicion/fear that this all centers around Maddox (I'm the oldest child of a now dead, alcoholic and abusive father).