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It's been less than a week since news of the divorce became public, but TMZ has clearly emerged as having the most reliable sources and most accurate reports.  Some people may say that's because Angelina's divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, has been accessible to the site in the past.  But it is notable that in this instance, she has not issued any statement relating to the divorce.  TMZ apparently had sources in Minnesota and in the DCFS -- as well as also access to Wasser and to Brad's "friends". 

People rushed out an issue purporting to explain Angelina's decision to file for divorce but even before it could hit the stands, TMZ broke news of the abuse investigation and it became apparent that everything People had written so far was based on information from sources who didn't really know what was happening with the couple.  Such as:

"Things built and built over time – it wasn't any one thing," a source close to the actress tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story, on newsstands Friday. "She's loved this man for several years, and [divorce] is not something you do impulsively."

Meanwhile, a Pitt source tells PEOPLE: "There was clearly a breaking point, where she'd just had enough," says the Pitt source. "He may have been broken himself and said he couldn't go on, and she reacted. This has been difficult for a while." 

Us was the first to accurately refer to what really triggered the filing:
"An incident took place and prompted [Angelina] to act and file.” and that it “affected the entire family."  
Lainey's sources then corroborated that it was a "very delicate, a really sensitive thing" before news of Brad's behavior emerged.  TMZ's Harvey Levin has been emphatic that the divorce was triggered solely by the plane incident.

 “Something happened last week where she (Jolie) reached a breaking point and that’s why on Thursday she separated from him, on Friday she went to a lawyer, on Monday they had filed for divorce, it happened like that,” Levin said in a Facebook video. “Something happened last week that pushed her over the line.”
He also said: “This is about Brad Pitt, weed, alcohol, his anger problems and how the combination of those things affect his interaction with their six kids.
“And that’s what this is about, it’s not about a third person, it’s not about another woman. It is about the kids and that’s why she did it, that’s why she did it abruptly.”

This line from a recent TMZ post seems to ring true and may have come from Wasser:
A source connected with Angelina says this is not about alcohol ... she would never leave Brad if it was just a substance abuse problem. The source says this is all about protecting their children.

Lainey has made the point that People is now Brad's preferred outlet while Angelina has TMZ.  But I don't detect any obvious bias from these outlets the way it was during the Depp-Heard divorce.  People also backed up TMZ's report on the abuse investigations and TMZ has had access to Brad's side on the divorce and the abuse allegations. 

It's not hard to imagine that Brad is "devastated" as he is now waking up all alone in their huge compound.  After the initial shock and anger, he is now finally having to deal with the consequences of his behavior.  Perhaps he didn't realize while he was venting and getting "physical" at Maddox that he was already crossing the line, having long been confident that she "would never leave" him.

Angelina so far has not asked any of her friends to give any explanation of recent events on her behalf.

On the other hand, there have been several reports quoting Brad's "friends" defending him and setting out to give his side of the story.  But then at this point, he has the most explaining to do.

While Brad has indicated his intention to contest custody, the rhetoric from his "friends" has become much more conciliatory.  Where initially friends lamented that "they are manipulating it to best suit their attempts to gain custody.”  The latest "friend" statement no longer directly targets Angelina or her team and possibly hints at his hopes for reconciliation; to again be a "solid family":

These claims are exaggerated and fabricated,' a friend of the actor tells 
'It's unfortunate for the whole family that people are insisting on continuing this endless smear campaign against Brad that hurts everyone. 
'They are a solid family with two caring parents and a normal share of verbal disagreements like major households . 
'Hopefully people can move on and leave them all alone to work this out.

Obviously, the abuse investigations are out of their hands.  They were reportedly interviewed by the DCFS as soon as their plane landed in LA which means Brad was interviewed while drunk and the incident was still raw for everyone.  There may be other federal rules involved as well concerning behavior and possible consumption and transport of weed on an aircraft.

Brad's defense so far has focused on denying any physical abuse and in clarifying the nature of any contact between him and Maddox ("He did not hit his child in the face").  But if he was yelling at Maddox (and possibly Angelina and other children)  for the better part of a very long transatlantic - transcontinental flight, the verbal abuse may have been much more significant.  Even the children who were not targeted in his tirades would have been traumatized being stuck in a plane for half a day with a drunk and ranting parent.

So where do they go from here?  I think a lot will depend on Brad receiving effective counseling and rehab for anger management and substance abuse.   People reported that he was already receiving counseling but TMZ reports that as far anyone knows, he has no plans of entering rehab.  But the hard reality of being separated from his family may already be the most effective shock therapy to bring about meaningful and lasting change.



...Angelina reached her breaking point last week over Brad's consumption of weed and alcohol, and combined with what she says are Brad's anger issues ... his interactions with the kids created a deal breaking problem for her.
We're also told as far as anyone involved knows ... there's no plan for Brad to go to rehab, at least as of now.


Before Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, Brad Pitt tried to face the problems in his ailing marriage, and entered counseling to try to figure out how to improve the situation. "He was willing to do anything, change any habit, change any lifestyle, to do what had to be done to make this work," a source close to Pitt told PEOPLE. "And by 'make this work,' that means doing what has to be done to make even a split one that is amicable and in the best interests of the children."

“He is beside himself and has been crying. He was completely caught off guard and blindsided and had no idea she would do this,” the source tells Us of Pitt’s fragile emotional state after Jolie filed divorce documents on Monday, September 19.
The source adds: “He is completely devastated and beside himself. He is a shattered man."
"He’s extremely upset," another source tells Us. "But he is totally focused on just being helpful and making sure his kids are doing as well as possible."


According to ET's source, Pitt thinks Jolie is a "great mom," and "he only has positive things to say about her as a mother," and he refuses to disparage her.
"He will only say positive things about [the] mother [of his children]," the source added. "He has also made it clear to friends to not say anything negative about her. He continues to hope that there is an amicable resolution in the interest of the kids."
Pitt found out his wife wanted a divorce one or two days prior to her filing the dissolution of marriage, according to the source, adding that he was hoping to work things through, and was willing to "figure it out together" in order to resolve their differences.
"They are a pretty normal family that has family issues from time to time," the source said. "It’s sad that people are exaggerating things that hurt everyone." 
"People have verbal arguments -- that’s what happens when you have a family," our source continued, emphasizing, "both are really good parents and both really care about the kids."

Sources tell ET that there are images being shopped around of Pitt on the tarmac at the Falls International Airport in Minnesota, where their jet stopped to refuel. Pitt can allegedly be seen in the video "looking drunk" and "yelling." ET has reached out to confirm the authenticity of this video.
Airport manager Thor Einarson tells us that the U.S. Privacy Act prohibits airport staff from disclosing any information about people using the airport.
"The Falls International Airport values the privacy of our customers," Einarson told ET in a statement. "So our only comment on the event that allegedly occurred recently is to say that in the last 10 days, there have been no incidents, accidents or out-of-the-ordinary events." 

East Coast Deputy News Editor Mary Green, who has led PEOPLE's coverage since 2005, remembers her own relationship with the couple.

When news broke on Tuesday that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, I was shocked, anxiety-filled, and saddened. This is a couple I've had the privilege of covering for over 11 years, from Mr. and Mrs. Smith to the births and adoptions of their kids, their wedding and her health battles. Despite trying times, they'd always relied on each other, and come out stronger for it.

 In one of my first conversations with Angelina, we talked about international adoption and the importance of making sure each of her children was knowledgeable about his or her heritage.
"Brad and I want them to know all about where they were born. So they can be proud," she told me. "We want them to be citizens of the world." Each child had a teacher from his or her birth country, to teach them about the language, history and culture. Jolie said that Shiloh, who was only a few months old at the time, would learn about Namibia, where she was born. From the start, I could see that both parents only wanted to do what was best for their kids.

When criticism would be lobbed against one partner, the other would always stick up for them. I remember one time when I was talking to Brad about his work in New Orleans. At the end of the conversation, he said, "Hey, I hear the tabloids are going crazy about my mom hating Angie. That couldn't be less true. My mom loves Angie." Years later I asked Angelina about Brad, who was about to turn 50, and his many looks through the years, including his regrettable Grizzly Adams beard. She laughed and said, "I love it. But I love him every way, always."

While emotions are running high, and the hurt from this split is considerable, both sides are doing their best to temper reactions and not play the media game, despite all of our appetite for it. Once things settle down, I think we'll see a new chapter of the Brad and Angelina story. They'll continue to make movies, to work on charitable causes and issues that are personal to each of them and most of all to put their children first.

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