Friday, September 30, 2016

Random Fuzzy Thoughts

Based on what TMZ wrote, it looks like they are close to agreeing on terms governing a period of separation.

The first element, custody and visitation, seems to indicate that Angelina will continue to have custody while Brad will have visitation rights -- what she asked for in her petition.

The second element, temporary support for Angelina and the kids, is a bit of a surprise because she didn't ask for support, but then perhaps Brad insisted?

I am sure Brad is very remorseful about what happened on the plane and well-motivated to solve what caused it.  But he has had those habits for years and change will take time.

And I expect Angelina will try to help him through it, as she told the WSJ:

“So many times, people divorce very quickly. To me, if this film has a message, it’s that you have to try to weather the storm together no matter what. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

If somehow he isn't able to solve his problems, they would then presumably move on to the third and fourth elements:  permanent financial support and property split.  TMZ earlier wrote that they had a prenup so I am not sure what they mean by: "the 3rd and 4th elements have not been resolved."  Unless they mean that those discussions are being held in abeyance while they wait and see what Brad will do.  Still, with an "iron clad" prenup, there shouldn't be much to discuss.

Also, no mention of what the permanent custody arrangement will be if they do get to divorce.

But they all probably don't want to get to that point and if he puts his mind to it, I am sure Brad can successfully tame his demons.  But the question would be, how long will it take?

In the past, Angelina has been very open about her struggles: with drugs and cutting, and then with her risk for cancer.  She said she wanted to share what she had learned in the hope that it would help people in similar circumstances.  So I expect in time she will open up about how she dealt with this, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, problem of her life.

-- Fussy

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