Friday, September 30, 2016

Random Fuzzy 2

The 2nd to last line in TMZ's post was edited from the original "We're told Angelina is happy with the agreement and her focus is to "heal" her family." to  "We're told Angelina agreed with recommendation because her focus is to "heal" her family and her children."

I guess her reps felt they didn't want her to sound gleeful.  The new sentence acknowledges that the family as a unit needs healing and that the children as individuals also need healing.  It is also in line with her rep's statement that she will "do what's in the best interest of taking care of her family"

She may not want to gloat but it is clear that the DCFS agreed with her on the all the key issues: custody, substance abuse, and Brad's interaction with the children.  They gave gave her full custody, required random drug testing and I think most tellingly, required a therapist to be present for at least Brad's first visit. 

You'll recall that Brad was confident of being cleared of abuse and a friend said he wanted to be cleared before he reunites with his children.  He complained that the allegations were "exaggerations and fabrications."  But judging from the DCFS's recommendations, they obviously found his behavior towards his kids that day abusive and/or threatening enough that they thought a therapist should be present to reassure the children during the first visit.  Brad apparently was still in denial.  But he shouldn't be anymore.

While I found Brad's versions of events already disturbing even with his spin on them, seeing the way the DCFS reacted makes me think that it is lot worse than he has admitted.  They would only require the presence of a therapist if they felt that at least some of the children might still feel uncomfortable, uneasy or threatened by Brad even two weeks after the plane incident and that the visit might be less than cordial. Harvey Levnin of TMZ, who is a lawyer, said the DCFS must have had reason to believe that is not entirely a one-off event.

The requirement that he submit to random drug and alcohol testing also indicated that the DCFS believes he may have a recurrent substance abuse problem. 

It is notable that they will undergo individual as well as family counseling with their children. 
And that is in line with Angelina's "focus to heal her family and her children." 

From what I gathered from watching TMZ live with Levin, Angelina was perplexed at what was happening to Brad these past few months -- which is consistent with the rumors that they had been having frequent fights during the period.  But despite what she witnessed on the plane and however angry she may be, she apparently is still willing to try to stay true to the message of By the Sea: "weather the storm and stay together".  

But what really was happening with Brad?  Was he smoking a new kind of weed?  There has never been any hint that they were having strong disagreements over Brad's parenting style before.  If I were Brad and I want to repair my relationship with my family, I would want to know because it's hard to find a cure if you don't know the cause.

On a slightly different note, some other reports say the recommendations of the DCFS were not mandatory, but if the choice for them was accept or go to court, it isn't fully voluntary either.

I also wonder how much progress Brad will be able make in three weeks.


On another front I'm glad she's considering starring in Shoot Like a Girl.  The role sounds like a perfect fit for her.

-- Fussy


  1. First of all, thanks for your insights and your posts. I truly enjoy reading it. I hope you'll continue to post regardless the outcome of this marriage problem.

    I agree with your assessment. I really do think they are trying to work this out. Or maybe I'm just hopeful. It seems like they are taking it slow. Brad agreeing with Angie's requests. If he really wants to kick off his alcohol problem and his family back, he will need to go to rehab and maybe anger management. I feel like it's totally up to him if he wants to change and if he actually do it, I do think Angie is going to take him back in a heartbeat. Right now, I will only believe that they are really over if their divorce has been finalized and done.

    Remember when Angie took the role in Wanted movie to distract her from her depression over her mother's death? Maybe this new film will distract her for while as she waits for Brad's progress.

  2. Hi Bianca,
    True, Shoot like a Girl is also an action role.
    I'm trying to go where the evidence will lead me and so far all the hints seem to point to her wanting the family to remain intact.
    Beyond her feelings for him, there are also her children's wishes and fears. They were the ones who pushed for them to get married and I think she said it gave them a sense of security. Unless Brad refuses to change, I think she will do everything to keep the family together. She knows what its like to have divorced parents.

    1. Fuzzy

      You've taken the time to be so thorough in providing info that I feel it only right that I not skim it over and as such this is where I am on the page. I haven't any idea whats in the news re: B-A and so I'm a month+ behind and as such, I'm a bit slow in dropping thoughts. Not looking for a response so much as an opportunity to express my thoughts. Don't worry, this will probably be the only long winded one lol.

      In this particular thread a plethora of info I never knew regarding Angelina's words about she and Brad being a human couple who argue and are imperfect like the rest of us.

      Regarding the infamous alleged plane behavior, I believe Brad was off the chain drunk/high and seemingly w/o inhibition for all to see (I believe he did try to urinate on the tarmac and I think he did try to hijack a refueling truck and I do wonder if he peed himself and his children knew it.) I believe Angelina confronted him and it was on to the point that Maddox may have felt if he didn't step in something worse may have ensued (still wonder why any other adults didn't intervene first....or maybe they did.)

      I've wondered about it hard and I've concluded in my own mind that Brad was so w/o control of his emotional faculties that he said and did things to his son so hurtful that although Maddox may forgive him for the pain it caused, he won't ever forget how it made him feel. I think it was at this point Angelina made the only move she believed could be made in placing an immediate physical distance between she, their children and Brad.

      No matter how much I may want them to survive this as a stronger couple.......its really love with these two....., I'm not so sure they'll reconcile and so I really hope they heal enough to continue as a family and find a way to be strong in that.