Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Let’s turn it over to Brooks Barnes, our Hollywood reporter based in Los Angeles, for today’s introduction:

You could hear a collective gasp in Hollywood on Tuesday morning, as the show business capital awakened to word from its town crier, TMZ, that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from Brad Pitt.
There was an end-of-an-era feeling to it: As a couple, Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt were perhaps most important to Hollywood as a marketing tool, “proof that old-school movie star glamour and storybook romance had not yet faded away entirely,” said Janice Min, chief creative officer of The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group.
And then most of moviedom went normally about its day.

Contrary to the East Coast stereotype, Hollywood is not a place where people lounge around under palm trees. There are meetings to attend, numbers to crunch, emails to answer. Just like in the rest of America.
Divorce fallout speculation was largely confined to the machinery that pumped out that imagery of Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt as razzle-dazzle epitomized: “Extra,” “Entertainment Tonight,” People magazine and other celebrity news outlets.
Lisa Gregorisch, the senior executive producer for “Extra,” said that her team in Burbank was finishing a regularly scheduled 6:30 a.m. meeting when the news started to break. “We turned on a dime, with literally every single person here, 140 people, working an angle,” she said. “What went wrong. Their past loves. The kids. The custody. Angelina’s health. The social media response.”
There are also the questions of their precise worth — hundreds of millions, at least — and whether a prenuptial agreement governs the dividing of assets.
Ms. Gregorisch had been planning an Emmy Awards follow-up for her Tuesday night show. Not anymore. “Extra” devoted near-blanket coverage to the divorce. The main challenge, she said, was “walking a fine line in terms of respect for them in a painful time and the interests of our viewers.”
On the print side, Jess Cagle, editor in chief of People magazine, was scrambling on Tuesday to figure out how to race out a new cover. (The publication typically closes its weekly issue on Monday nights.) For People, which has landed numerous “Brangelina” scoops over the years, the divorce story “is absolutely one of the biggest” of the past couple of years, Mr. Cagle said in an email.
“On a 1-to-10 scale,” he said, “this is approximately 17.”

los feliz

Brad has been acquiring land and building on the two-acre property since 1994. He bought the main house at 5769 Blaircliff Road for $1.7 million in July 1994 (5,760 square feet). Then:  No 2,  5750 Valley Oak Drive for $380,000 in December 1996 (2,454 square feet); No 3, 5742 Valley Oak Drive for $475,000 in October 1998 (1,653 square feet); No 4,  5752 Valley Oak Drive for $1,287,500 in May 2008 (1,534-square-feet); No 5, 5756 Valley Oak Drive for $1.1 million in August 2009 (3,232 square feet). Total cost: $4,9425,000

Pitt began building his dream home in July 1994 when he purchased a six-bedroom, Craftsman-style house, for $1.7 million. 
Over the next 22 years - twelve years of which he spent with Jolie - the estate grew to encompass five adjoining properties.
Two years after Pitt's initial purchase he bought another small house for $380,000 at the back of his land. In 1998, he acquired another neighboring house for $475,000. 
And in 2008 the couple bought another small property in 2008 for $1,287,500. To top it all off they acquired a huge barn-structure - with a secret cave and its own bar - for $1.1 million in 2009. 
This was so they could build a huge playroom, kids' living quarters and den for their six children.

Although there’s a lot at stake in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce, which PEOPLE confirmed on Tuesday, one piece of property stands out from the rest of their real estate empire.
Chateau Miraval, a sprawling villa in Correns, France, has served as a family retreat since 2008, as well as hosting their wedding in 2014. In the aftermath of their split, it’s unclear what will become of the historical property.
The small agricultural community in which the chateau is located heard news of the divorce “on the morning news,” one villager tells PEOPLE. Another adds, “We heard about it last. Everyone knows — except their neighbors.” The town, which prides itself on being the first site for growing organic wine in France, didn’t see much of Jolie and Pitt, with one source saying “We don’t see Brad. From time to time, you’ll hear that he was here for the wine, or you see their helicopter, but theirs is a private life here and we respect that.”
Pitt, 52, has recently been spotted traveling to the chateau several times on his own, most recently in June after his appearance at the Le Mans auto race, where he waved the starting flag, and during the wine harvest in early September. Multiple sources tell PEOPLE there have been no sightings of Jolie, 41, this year, with one source suggesting she hasn’t since June 2015, when the former couple leased a classic car to tour around France.

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