Monday, August 29, 2016



A beary sweet deal! There's a new member of the Pitt-Jolie family and this new member is rather large and bound to make an impression.
On Sunday, Angelina Jolie Pitt purchased an 8 1/2-foot teddy bear, called "Big Bear," from a few children selling it on the street.
The whole encounter couldn't have been sweeter.
According to TMZ, who has video of the encounter, the two twin boys, both 8 years old, were selling the bear for $50 on the side of the road in Toluca Lake, California. They were having little luck for an hour.
However, just then a white Cadillac pulled up and out popped Angie and her daughter Shiloh. Angie handed $50 to each of the young entrepreneurs, doubling their asking price and subsequently making their day.
Video shows several people trying desperately to shove the humongous teddy bear into the trunk of the car, which they finally do.
"You are so good at doing your job," Angelina can be heard telling one of the boys. "You are very good at doing your job, sweetie. You guys are so cool. It's so nice to meet you."
She shook hands with several of the parents, as well, introducing herself simply as "Angie."
The boys' father, Tim Alexander, told TMZ they had no idea who Angelina was during the encounter, only seeing her as a nice lady who doubled their price. But, after she drove away, he filled them in on who she was by referencing "Kung Fu Panda."
Of late, Angelina has become less and less involved in the movie-making business, but more involved in teaching and humanitarian work.


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