Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Well, Angelina Jolie Pitt must have plenty of frequent-flier miles. Only days after returning to Los Angeles with her brood, the mother of six is back up in the skies wearing one of her signature all-black ensembles. As usual, it’s Mrs. Pitt’s accessories that often steal the show. From her barely there Chloé nude ballet skimmers to her fancy flats at a reasonable price from Everlane, Jolie Pitt’s penchant for the little details is what gives her the edge in the TSA line. And the latest addition to the actress and director’s repertoire is Louis Vuitton’s City Steamer bag, which takes its design cues from old-world travel bags and counts Alicia Vikander and Selena Gomez as fans.


Angelina Jolie is just as well known for her humanitarian work as her blockbuster movies.
But as the star jetted out of LAX on Monday, it was her nine-year-old daughter Shiloh who wore her politics on her sleeve, as she sported an 'Einstein was a refugee' sweater.  
Angelina, 40, dressed in all black as she led Shiloh, her 11-year-old daughter Zahara and son Pax, 12, into the Los Angeles airport.








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