Most fans of Angelina Jolie Pitt, as she has rechristened herself, will have to wait to see the actress’ latest big screen effort.

By the Sea,” a drama about marital dysfunction that Jolie Pitt directed, wrote and co-stars in opposite her real life husband Brad Pitt, will open this Friday in 10 theaters in a handful of major cities. The film cost $10 million to produce and Universal, the studio behind the project, insists that it was always intended to be an homage to European art films, not a commercial enterprise.

That’s a departure from the previous Bradgelina venture, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” which was one of the biggest hits of 2005, racking up nearly $480 million globally. Expectations are pretty low for this one and critics have been cool, knocking the picture for being a tad precious. But Universal is having a monster year at the box office and betting on Jolie Pitt paid off with “Unbroken,” which hauled $161.4 million at the global box office, so even if it losses money, the studio should be in good shape.

With the Jolie Pitts busy getting their Antonioni on, it’s looking like a sleepy weekend at the box office. “Spectre,” the latest James Bond adventure, should top charts for the second weekend in a row, but will likely drop significantly from its opening haul of $70.4 million. The picture scored an A- CinemaScore, but some reviews were dismissive and there have been a number of “think pieces” poking holes in the film’s plotting.