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The Hollywood star, pictured arriving at the Houses of Parliament, said sexual violence was being used as a 'very effective weapon' by terror groups around the world

Following on from the summit they chaired last year on sexual violence in conflict, the actor and UN special envoy and former foreign secretary give evidence to a Lords committee

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The actor and UN special envoy for refugees Angelina Jolie and the former British foreign secretary William Hague are giving evidence to a parliamentary committee that examines Britain’s efforts to prevent sexual violence in conflict.
Hague and Jolie launched the UK’s preventing sexual violence initiative three years ago in a bid to tackle the culture of impunity surrounding the issue, to improve international cooperation and to bring perpetrators to justice.
Last year, they co-chaired a global summit on sexual violence in conflict that was intended to bring lasting change to global peacekeeping and war crimes prosecutions and to deter the use of mass rape as a weapon.
The summit saw the launch of an international protocol for dealing with rape and sexual violence in conflict, providing guidelines on the investigation of sex crimes and the collection of evidence for future prosecutions.
“I would hope that years down the line when war breaks out, people who are considering raping a man, woman or child would be very aware of the consequences of their actions, and that a woman crossing a checkpoint would be aware there was someone collecting evidence and that evidence would have a … result for her,” Jolie told the Guardian in March last year. “When that begins to happen en masse, then things will change.”
However, questions have been raised over the progress made by the initiative after it emerged that the money Britain spent hosting the summit was five times higher than the entire confirmed budget the UK has dedicated to tackling rape in war zones this year.
Emma Nicholson, who chairs the Lords sexual violence in conflict committee, has said the group will attempt to discover if “we are just flying a kite with lots of wind behind it”.
She added: “The Hague initiative was magnificent, a brilliant beginning, but what now? What has actually happened since the summit? What actually did it do? How do we move forward?”
Hague and Jolie will appear alongside Arminka Helic, the foreign policy expert who was Hague’s special adviser during his time at the Foreign Office.

Jolie in Lords talks

Actress to back war zone sexual violence programme before Committee

ANGELINA JOLIE jets into the Lords today – to champion a programme to stamp out sexual violence in war zones that she launched with William Hague.

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