Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Cinematographer Roger Deakins Takes Visceral Approach To His Craft

Assistant Managing Editor, Features
If Roger Deakins were cast in a movie, he might play a big game hunter, or a celebrated explorer — he has that kind of physical presence. He’s a manly man. Yet there’s sensitivity behind the virility. His nature is calm; his manner soft-spoken; his sartorial style consistent: white cotton Oxford shirt, casual windbreaker and scruffy boots. The outward simplicity reflects an approach he applies to the craft of cinematography. But the result is anything but.

As the Coens suggested, once a filmmaker manages to land Deakins with the right material (for Deakins, it’s all about the script and his visceral reaction to it), they tend not to let go. Villenueve will be working with Deakins again on a sequel, of sorts, to “Blade Runner,” which will start shooting next year. And Angelina Jolie will follow her work with Deakins on “Unbroken” with “Africa,” about Richard Leakey’s battle with ivory poachers in the ’80s. In the meantime, his latest collaboration with the Coens, “Hail Caesar!” another satire on Hollywood, is in the can and scheduled for release early next year.

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