Wednesday, May 13, 2015

With "Pitch Perfect 2" out this weekend, Rebel Wilson was on "Live with Kelly and Michael" today and told an amazing story about the time she met Brad Pitt.
Wilson was doing a table reading for a new movie when Pitt leaned over and told her the most flattering thing.
"'I've seen your movie like 20 times,'" Wilson recalled Pitt teller her. "'My kids love it.'"
In a spot-on impersonation, Wilson said he added, "Angelina watches it as well."
Wilson said she couldn't believe Pitt was talking to her about her 2012 hit. She said her response was just to hug the actor.
"For a really long, extended time. To the point where he's moving back," she joked.
"Pitch Perfect 2" is out in theaters on Friday.

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