Wednesday, March 4, 2015


In a recent trip to Hong Kong, Richard Leakey discussed the forthcoming film Africa with local jornalists:

"In this part of the world, superstars [such as Jolie and Pitt] still attract enormous interest. I believe this can change the attitudes of tens of millions of people."

"The average Chinese young person doesn't know who Richard Leakey is, but if a superstar like Brad Pitt plays the part and says these things, many people will believe what he says. The film will be sufficiently filled with luminaries that the Chinese public will go see it. The producers are very, very keen to make sure this film plays in Chinese theatres because they share my concerns about the market in China."

"People don't know that elephants don't shed their tusks once a year. People don't know the slaughter. People don't know that elephants could disappear forever. The creators certainly will go out of their way to promote it in China … The advertising budget will be very generous.

Leakey said moviegoers could expect a "certain amount of what Hollywood movies need … fire fights, car chases and pretty women getting in and out of beds."


Aside from Brad and Angelina, its interesting to speculate on who the other "luminaries" might be who could be drafted to help sell the film and its message in China:  Leo DiCaprio has been an environmental activist for some time.  Kathryn Bigelow recently made an animated short on elephant poaching.....

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