Sunday, February 1, 2015

William Hague: It’s been great but time is right to go

The long hair may be gone, but the Yorkshire tones are still unmistakeable in William Hague.

Perhaps we will see him in the background as Angelina Jolie uses whatever advice he has given her.
“Ooh, I don’t share with anyone the advice I’ve given to Angelina Jolie,” he said.
“We’ve worked together and co-founded the global campaign to prevent sexual violence in conflict and I will continue that work after leaving Parliament.
“There are a couple of causes I want to continue with. I will continue to work with her on that, using all the contacts, all the reputation we’ve developed. We will keep on that vital work. I will keep trying to end the illegal wildlife trade.
“But Angelina Jolie doesn’t need advice from me. She knows how to present herself very well. Her integrity and knowledge of these issues is enormous. Sometimes people think a Hollywood celebrity is just a name. But really she has the huge commitment and knowledge of all the issues.”
He has no regrets about his time as party leader, but admits it may have been the wrong time for him personally. “It did come too soon in a narrow sense. In a career sense it came to soon. But somebody had to do it then. Somebody had to do the night shift, as I said once or twice before, and somebody had to hold the Conservative party together through that difficult time.
“Having done that I went on to be foreign secretary which is the job I wanted to do and did for four years. I’ve no regrets about that at all.
“My proudest moment is passing the Disability Discrimination Act in 1995. I designed that act.
That is my proudest achievement,” he said.

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