Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Richard Leakey had likewise earlier confirmed that Brad would be playing him.  Paramount may be distributing as well as producing.


DEVELOPING: There have rumors of a shakeup coming at Paramount, with Film Group president Adam Goodman in the cross hairs. Usually, where there is smoke there’s fire.  Inside sources close to the studio acknowledge that the current creative organization is being reviewed. Goodman has a year left on his contract, and if something is to happen, it will happen quick. I’ve also heard that the studio has been talking to people to potentially take the top production spot.

Ironically, all this happens at a time when Paramount was busy getting ready to make a bunch of movies. They include War Dogs with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Marco Polo, G.I. Joe 3, another installment of The Ring in 3D, The Big Short with Adam McKay and Brad Pitt, the Michael Bay-directed Benghazi pic 13 Hours and the Angelina Jolie-directed Africa, also with Pitt.

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