Thursday, December 11, 2014

Random Thoughts

The disappointment of Unbroken's surprise shutout at the Golden Globes could end up being a blessing in disguise for Angelina as it can spur her to work on the areas where she needs to improve as a director -- and it's not the technical aspects or working with CGI which she has clearly easily mastered.  She can benefit from understanding why, despite its intended inspirational message, the film didn't resonate enough with the HFPA -- a group that generally likes her. 

The fact is, even if Unbroken had scored well at the Globes, it is still not as critically acclaimed as most of the other nominees. There is evidently room for improvement.  She is very eloquent in her interviews about her intended message, but she also needs to help viewers understand the manner in which she has chosen to deliver that message onscreen. 

As she prepares to edit By the Sea, she can be more mindful of what she needs to work on as a storyteller so that audiences will better understand and more easily appreciate her intentions. 

And this time next year, if all goes well, she can be back in the Awards conversation with a more universally acclaimed film.

-- Fussy

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