Monday, December 1, 2014

Random Thoughts

It's tough to be touted as the Awards frontrunner months before the start of Awards season.  Unbroken arrived carrying a huge load of expectations on its shoulders and was the last to be unveiled -- when the movie-writing community already identified their favorites and were preoccupied dissecting reasons why Unbroken was being "hidden".  The early reviews I've read seem to be fair, although its safe to say that Unbroken is not generating the level of awe and enthusiasm among critics that Selma did just a few weeks ago. But it has its share of strong supporters and no less than Anne Thompson, the dean of Oscar prognosticators, thinks its in line for several nods including BP and director.

The critical reaction is in sharp contrast to that of the SAG members who were much more enthusiastic and seemed to place Unbroken at the top.  The reaction of Academy members will likely mirror SAG's more than the critics' so member reaction and enthusiasm after screenings will be closely studied for clues as to how films relatively rank with them.

-- Fussy

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