Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Random Thoughts

Unbroken is, as almost everyone agrees, a beautiful film. Those who loved the book, including Christians most interested in the depiction of Zamperini's Faith, should be pleased with this adaptation.  Fans of Angelina will have reason to be proud because she tackled very difficult material displaying impressive skill and confidence on the level of much more experienced and acclaimed directors. I agree with Anne Thompson's assessment that while the film is at times a hard sit, the brutality shown was just enough for you to understand what Zamperini went through and is depicted with restraint.

As they were introduced, Angelina, O'Connell and Miyavi received thunderous applause accompanied by cheers from the crowd, and there was also warm applause for Hedlund and Wittrock.  I've attended many festival and other screenings with the director and/or actors present and while some polite applause is expected, the level of enthusiastic applause and cheers they received is much rarer.

The Q & A touched on some of the same ground that has been covered before with additional insights on select scenes and each actor's thoughts on the characters they played and their psychology.

I think quality-wise the film is a bonafide contender.  I've seen most of the others except Selma and Imitation Game.  I think Unbroken would have wider appeal among voters than Boyhood or Birdman.  They are also likely to appreciate the sheer magnitude and difficultly of the task Angelina took on, noting that for half a century many others before her found it too daunting.  That she was able to wrestle a sprawling story into a fine feature film and finish it in time for Zamperini to view a rough cut is a feel-good and inspiring story in itself.  The combination of Zamperini's amazing life and what she and everyone on her team were able to achieve gives voters reason to acknowledge them.  And I believe they likely will.

-- Fussy

From a movie writer who was at the same screening, seated in front and to the right.

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