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Meet the winners and losers of the Sony hacking scandal

Fallout continues from the Sony hacking scandal, with the embattled studio vowing this weekend that their comedy “The Interview,” in which Seth Rogen and James Franco’s characters assassinate the leader of North Korea, will be released at some future date, somehow (despite zero cable companies offering to show it on demand). With every newly released bit of information from the (likely North Korean) hackers’ seemingly endless trove, the list of winners and losers in SonyGate continues. Here, our tally thus far:


Michael Fassbender

Fassebender was name-checked in emails between Sony heads and Aaron Sorkin (see losers, below), writer of the forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic, who initially dismissed the Irish actor as “I don’t know who [he] is, and the rest of the world isn’t going to care,” and eventually came around to “F - - k it. He’s a great actor whose time has come.” Sony producer Michael De Luca also remarked that the actor’s turn in the 2011 sex addiction film “Shame” “makes you feel bad to have normal sized genitalia.”

Channing Tatum

 The two main revelations about Tatum in the hacking scandal are: a) He really wanted to make a reboot of “Ghostbusters,” in which he and Chris Pratt play the Aykroyd and Murray parts (though additional Sony emails on this subject name Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence instead), and b) he writes amusingly excitable emails, the informality level of which suggests he’s corresponding with his former stripping bros and not the heads of Sony. In both cases: WIN.


 The president

 Slandered in racist emails between Sony heads Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin (see losers), President Obama released a straight-up rebuke to the studio on Friday, in which he suggested that they “made a mistake” in giving in to the hackers’ demands. (Also, in making racist jokes about the president.)
 Idris Elba

 The British actor is tapped as Sony’s top pick to fill the role of James Bond after Daniel Craig polishes off his last martini.


 George Clooney

The actor circulated a petition of support for Sony in the wake of the hackers’ releasing e-mails and personal information about employees. He says no studio head would touch the document, and accused the industry — and the media — of rank cowardice.

 Angelina Jolie

 The actress and director, who was repeatedly slammed in e-mails between Pascal and Rudin, who referred to her as “seriously out of her mind” and “a minimally talented spoiled brat,” comes off as nothing but polite in the e-mails — and gave the world an early Christmas present in the photo of the “Maleficent” star looking daggers at Pascal as the two met at an event shortly after the hack.


Racist producers

 An e-mail from a producer to Sony CEO Michael Lynton second-guessed the casting of Denzel Washington as the star of “The Equalizer,” saying “pictures with an African-American lead don’t play well overseas.” As pointed out, the movie actually ended up making nearly half its money outside the US.


 Salaries were among the sensitive info released by the hackers, including the not so flattering revelation that actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams didn’t make as much money as their male co-stars in 2013’s “American Hustle.” Also, other than Pascal’s top status, the documents also showed a similar gender pay gap between civilian employees of the studio.

 Aaron Sorkin

 The “Newsroom” creator was outed, to no one’s particular surprise, as a misogynist in e-mails. The writer, who has frequently been criticized for underwriting his female characters, said that actresses have a “lower bar” for winning Oscars than men do.

 Producer Scott Rudin

 Shocking to zero percent of the entertainment industry was the revelation that Rudin is a jerk of cartoonish proportions, known for his volcanic temper and his outsize ego. Added to those charges were racism, as he and Amy Pascal joked about President Obama liking “Django Unchained,” “12 Years a Slave” and Kevin Hart movies.

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