Monday, December 8, 2014


Unbroken Actor Recalls Meeting Angelina Jolie For the First Time: Kids Toys and a Trampoline

When Finn Wittrock met Angelina Jolie for the first time it was at her house to talk about him playing Mac in Unbroken.
"I remember waiting to meet her and I was sort of skittish, a little nervous and I had butterflies in my stomach, but in literally like 30 seconds, it was just all distilled and out the window," the American Horror Story actor tells me. "She was just sort of talking to you just as a person. You know, I think we put her on a pedestal, but she didn't build the pedestal. She's on there with grace, but she talks to you just like a person."
He added with a laugh, "She breaths. She's warm-blooded."
Wittrock actually auditioned for the lead role of Louis Zamperini.

"I got a call a few weeks later and Angelina wanted to meet at her house," he said. "So I went to her house and saw the trampoline and the kids toys. She then talked to me about the part of Mac…Not like she had to talk me into it, but she had these poster boards of her research and sort of a look book that she had actually used to pitch Universal because she kind of had to audition for it herself. She had to fight [to direct the movie]. And then she was like, 'I hope to see you starving on a raft in a few months.'"
Fast forward to the Australian set. Wittrock dropped to 129 pounds (he weighs 175 today) to play one of the three WW II airmen who were lost at sea after their plane crashed into the ocean.
His dad wasn't too pleased by the weight loss. "He really didn't like it," Wittrock said. "He was really concerned by it because I think you spend your whole life trying to make sure your kid has enough to eat and then there was this. He was like, 'Please, is this role done yet?'"

Unbroken has become an awards season favorite. Look for all sorts of nominations for Jolie's directing, the film for best picture and stars Jack O'Connell and Miyavi for acting kudos.
"Angie is hands-on, she's experimental, she wants to try it different ways," Wittrock said. "She's curious. She wants to know what you're thinking. She's eager for your thoughts and your input."
He also said, "She was under a lot of pressure for this. She herself had something to prove. She didn't have it all figured out. As sprawling and epic and big as it is, it's a personal film for her."

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