Thursday, December 11, 2014

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Can Unbroken Recover From Its Golden Globes Shut-Out?

The ever-capricious Hollywood Foreign Press Association snub Angelina, love Wes Anderson, and find room for two Julianne Moore nominations. What gives?

Mike Hogan:
...And what about the movies that aren't on this illustrious list, despite our expectations. Speaking to Matt Lauer on The Today Show right before the nominations were announced, awards watcher and all-around good dude Dave Karger predicted big things for The Imitation Game, and sure, it scored nominations for best actor, drama, best supporting actress, and best motion picture, drama—but director Morten Tyldum was nowhere to be found. And Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken suffered a complete shut-out—which is frankly shocking given the H.F.P.A.’s historic friendliness toward globe-trotting A-list celebrities.

Richard Lawson:
.....You’re right, Mike, that not nominating Angelina Jolie is just about the most foreign thing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has ever done. It’s just so not like them. They nominated her for The Tourist for god’s sake. I think the problem is that Unbroken is too staid, too stiff. It feels more like an audition for the studio directing system than it does like Angelina Jolie’s movie. Maybe the HFPA picked up on that. Still, it’s weird that they wouldn’t give her the "we want to hang out with you" thumbs-up that they usually do.
But that’s the Golden Globes for you. Confusing and strange as ever.

 Katey Rich:
 ....As for the actual shutout of the morning— and of the SAG Awards as well— it might be time to admit defeat on Unbroken, the Oscar movie that looked so perfect on paper but just doesn't seem to be able to make the landing. If anyone was going to nominate Angelina Jolie for best director it would have been these guys, right? I still wonder if the Academy might not swoop back in somehow and embrace the film, either tempted by the prospect of having two female best director nominees or genuinely moved by the Greatest Generation saga in the film. The Globes and the Oscars often diverge, though I admit, it's rare to expect the Academy to be the one to go out of its way to embrace a big movie star.

12/11/2014 AT 12:35 PM EST
Commentators instantly noticed the absence of Angelina Jolie, described this week in The New York Times as entering the awards season "like a queen" and being borne "on a tsunami of expectation."

Her attendants will have to carry her sedan chair a little longer: Jolie failed to secure a directing nomination for her inspiring and well-regarded new movie, Unbroken, which earlier this year was buzzed about – sight unseen – as the movie to beat at the Oscars.

There were a few surprise omissions, as well. No mention of two forthcoming war-related films: “Unbroken” and its director, Angelina Jolie, were left out, as was “American Sniper” and its director, Clint Eastwood.


Snub/Surprise: Unbroken goes un-nominated
If there;s an Oscar-baity movie this season, it's Angelina Jolie's Olympian-plane-crash-survivor-WWII-prisoner-of-war epic "Unbroken." So a Golden Globes shutout feels particularly snubbish — this is the HFPA, lover of stars and easy-to-digest drama. Reception to film hasn’t been great, but something is seriously wrong when the Globes aren’t chasing Jolie for her front-seat attendance at the show. Surprise! Everything we knew is wrong. And maybe the most unexpected on that score…

Snub/Surprise: The HFPA didn't take to Angelina Jolie or Clint Eastwood as directors
Give the Globes credit: With Wes Anderson, Ava DuVernay, and David Fincher in their Best Director line-up, they may wind up looking a little more adventurous than the Academy voters by the end of the season. Known for bowing at the alter of legacy figures, HFPA opted out of nominating Jolie for "Unbroken" and Eastwood for "American Sniper." Both movies wait in the wings for release and missing out on awards publicity won't do either any favors at the box office.

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